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Ethical Aspects of ICT Implants - Petition critical of 7th European research programm

Petition critical of 7th European research programm (for those interested it has to be signed quite soon) by the European Science Social Forum network and Fondation Sciences Citoyennes.

Some Non profit organisations and Organisations of scientists are currently getting organised to discuss the objectives of the 7th research programms in Europe (ie militarisation, security solution, serving the industry more than civil society). And nanotechnologies and ICT implants are now surfacing in ethicists reports that claim they could be used for surveillance and manipulation (see the press release:

Ethical aspects of ICT implants in the human body: opinion presented to the Commission by the European Group on Ethics )

Below a link to the website of the European Science Social Forum Network, where a critical petition regarding this programm can be signed:

EXCERPT of the presentation:

The Framework Programs (FP) of the European Union (EU) are documents that set the guidelines ruling the budgetary distribution between the different research areas over periods of 4 to 6 years. They set the prioritary thematics and key technologies that will be preferentially financed by the EU. At present, the EU is defining the FP7 which will be effective from 2007 to 2013. The FP7 is not yet ready, but apparently it will follow the spirit of the FP6, being largely influenced by industrial competitiveness and buissness grouping interests. Besides, the new conception of 'European security' reflects militar interests also influencing the FP7.

The ESSF thinks that Europe deserves better, and that another research agenda is possible. Thus, we propose a set of guidelines standing for another model of scientific and technological progres, oriented to fulfill societal well-beeing, enviromental sustainability and global justice.

EXCERPT of the petition :

Nanotechnology was prominent in FP6 and is likely to be even more prominent in FP7 in convergence with bio- and info- technologies and cognitive neurosciences. Although it may offer exciting new vistas in e.g. medicine, it is likely to be of little use in creating an appropriate technology that will help the majority of the world's inhabitants. The sinister applications of nanotechnology to uses such as controlling individuals and armaments have to be regulated by international agreements - again an example where public control of research is important.

Besides, the report by the UK organisation "Scientists for Global Responsibility" against militarisation of research is quoted: Chris Langley, 2005. Soldiers in the Laboratory, Scientists for Global Responsibility, London. Jan 2005.




How this written question to the Minister of Research did come into existence

I would like to clarify how this written question to the Minister of Research (it's not being discussed yet in the Parliament) did come into existence because for one it was the result of some efforts by our group (CAPT) which is of course based on and thanks to the huge amount of work which is done and has been done for many years on the lists by all the individual victims (mcactivism, before and also Star.Mail from Omega CI) and with the support of the documentation on the various websites, this is therefore of course a collective effort and it was acknowledged and clearly indicated on the leaflet given out to the the Member of Parliament Mr. Claude Goasguen, which quotes and refers to the various groups and individuals in the US and in Europe. (as can be seen here: - it's not perfect but it's a concrete approach)

So this is not to put some sort of copyright on this written question but to show that the question was received because for one the right people at the right time were there (this you can never know) but also because it puts up front collective efforts, achievements, knowledge (reference to people-with scientific knowledge- or to literature) and also asking the people in charge something that comes within their scope of power or activity.

The leaflet above asks victims or people to sign a card (that BTW quotes the Initiative Report by the European Committee on foreign affairs, environment and security from Maj Britt Theorin) and to send it to the French Minister of research.

This is what the Member of Parliament has done: Send a written question to the Minister of Research (it is not yet being debatted in Parliament, even though we have received one more message of support by another MP, after sending out a Powerpoint Show with again references and the name of groups and individual activists.
It might be because it's the right time, but we are quoting you so please remember that this is the results of victims efforts.

This postcard/leaflet was given out at two demonstrations - in November 2004 for a free and independent press - in December 2004 on the International Protest against Violence toward Women Day, and sent to some members and victims.

This is of course a general approach without going much into details but the aim is to have investigations, hearings so that the different stories, accounts can be heard. It's not to give one unique interpretation.

Because it sometimes seems that there is a tendency among victims not to valorize their own and other groups and victims efforts, and sometimes to be overly critic and destructive with other victims, this is probably a consequence of torture and harassment.

Of course this is not true for everybody, and I hope my quick reply and my broken English will not create more misunderstandings.

Again, I'm not trying to prevent people from doing activism with this information ! Eventhough (it might be a coincidence) a communique is being sent out here, but it's impossible even for a group to reach all and everybody so other initiatives and approaches or even point of views are important and add some weight, strength to the subject.

The point is not to negate that others exist and besides the local knowledge to approach the right people can be important too, it's not a competition about who will be first.

I'm not even for a too organised approach, creative but collaborative efforts with all the individual knowledges and sensitivities as is done on the list can be effective too.

Progress has been made in France because there are victims there too, doing somewhat organised (collective letter writing) or just individual activism, because here like anywhere people only care about what is of concern to them. (eg the WTC was full of people from allover the world and it has changed world politics).

Until now the US has the most literature and documentaries on the subject, there's been progress lately with articles in the UK too, Russia has a law thanks to the Russian victims...)

Mojmir Babacek had done an International appeal when the Space preservation Law (HR2977) was being discussed. Victims on the lists helped send it to various newspapers. I had helped translate and send out the document in France, I learned recently because the newspaper didn't contact us that this critical newspaper (that already had published one victim's account) had published a very short version of this communique, (2 years later by another victim, who had saved the article).

Thanks for your attention and comprehension, I'd be interested to know approximatively what is being sent out in France and perhaps follow it up, I'll also be happy to support any effort but there's no obligation (because it does take a lot of time).

Best regards



I am about to put in my file your quotes - in the original three languages of the mail.

It is important to send as soon as possible your agreement or disagreement since the drafts of the book which mirrors the site is just today in the ultimate correctiona at the pages of the chapter "Links Europei contro la Pedofilia, il Settarismo e gli Abusi Strutturati e/o Rituali "

http.// : mostly since "it sometimes seems that there is a tendency among victims not to valorize their own and other groups and victims efforts, and sometimes to be overly critic and destructive with other victims". Victims or helpers no matter. But this is quite inevitable - even if very bothersome and damaging - considering the so DIFFERENT cultural basis of them, the so DIFFERENT knowledge: for someone direct also political awareness and for some others only a not otherwise explained subjective sufferings.



Petition against "Abuses by Directed Energy systems"


Petition against "Abuses by Directed Energy systems"

October 2003 a petition against "Abuses by Directed Energy systems" was sent to the President of the European Parliament and registered at the end of the year: (in French but from there you can click on the flags for English and German). Below is a copy of the message by the former President of the Petition Committee declaring that it is admissible and will be discussed by various parliamentary committees.

Now because nothing has happened we are contacting MEP's, some have just received a file with documents presenting the subject and asking for support regarding this petition (the last answer was in fact incomplete and not all signatures had been taken into account, apparently some documents were not transmitted). It might help if some people write a note asking for an examination and discussion of the petition since the answer of the Committee on petition was incomplete. Besides, in 2004 some of the MEP and President of Committees have changed, may be feeling less concerned by something they had not followed up.

The petition had to come within the fields of activity of the European Union to be declared admissible but the European Parliament itself has a power of codecision regarding some of the activities and less power regarding other issues. Just FYI since breaches of the fields of activity of the EP might as well be mentioned if it's the case. Fields where the EP can discuss, make initiatives are apparently: freedom of movement, civil liberties, (cooperation in the field of justice and home affairs is more delicate but is being discussed), health protection, environment. Science and research has been added...

MEP Marcin Libicki, Poland, is President of the Committee on Petition:

We modified the sign @ with a point into the e-mail address of the President of the Committee on petition in order to avoid too much spamming.

The MEP's can be found with the form below, just by choosing in one of the lists the country or the Committee, it will list all the names


Dear Signatories,


Please find enclosed the transcription of the reply by the European Parliament which gives an indication of the next steps and the names of the various Committees that received the petition:

I have the honour to inform you that the “Committee on Petitions” examined your petition and judged that the questions raised are admissible according to European Parliament Regulations, since the subject of the petition comes within the European Union’s fields of activity.

The Committee has therefore started the examination of your petition and decided to invite the European Commission to give its opinion on the various aspects of the problem. It will pursue the examination of your petition as soon as it has collected sufficient relevant information.

Moreover your petition will be passed on to the parliamentary committee of foreign affairs, human rights, public safety and defence politics and to the committee on civil liberties.

I will let you know the results of the action taken.

Yours sincerely;

Nino Gemelli
President of the Committee on Petitions

Many thanks to all of you for signing (currently 183) and for your support, which made it possible to send this strong signal to the European Deputies. This first investigation is the direct result of this action. And it is not over yet, now we hope that measures will be taken in order to avoid and stop these criminal wrongdoings.

This e-mail is being sent to those, who have typed their e-mail address on the electronic form. Sorry if you have received this information twice but please pass it on to people you know who might have signed or might be interested but have no e-mail.

Best regards.

=====DEUTSCH / GERMAN===========

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,
liebe Unterzeichner,


Es folgt der Inhalt der Antwort des Europäischen Parlaments, mit Angabe der verschiedenen Ausschüsse, denen die Petition zugeschickt worden ist:

Wir freuen uns Ihnen mitteilen zu können, dass der Petitionsausschuß Ihre Petition untersucht und sich entschlossen hat die aufgeworfenen Fragen für gültig und gemäß der Verordnung des europäischen Parlaments zu erklären, da der Gegenstand dieser Fragen, dem Tätigkeitsbereich der Europäischen Union entspricht.

Der Ausschuss hat folglich mit der Prüfung Ihrer Petition begonnen und hat bei dieser Gelegenheit beschlossen, die Europäische Kommission dazu einzuladen, Stellung zu den verschiedenen Aspekten der Probleme zu nehmen. Die Prüfung Ihrer Petition wird sobald der Ausschuss über die nötigen Informationen verfügt fortgesetzt.

Ihre Petition wird darüber hinaus den Ausschüssen für auswärtige Angelegenheiten, für Menschenrechte, für gemeinsame Sicherheit und Verteidigungspolitik und für öffentliche Freiheiten übermittelt.

Ich werde es nicht versäumen, Sie über jegliche Weiterentwicklung / Folgen Ihrer Petition auf dem Laufenden zu halten.

Nino Gemelli
Präsident des Kommissionsausschuss

Vielen Dank für Ihre Unterschriften (160 zur Zeit) und Unterstützung. Dadurch konnte den Abgeordneten dieses starke Signal vermittelt werden, der folglich diese erste Untersuchung ermöglichte. Und es geht weiter, nun hoffen wir auf Maßnahmen, um diese Kriminellen Taten zu vermeiden und zu stoppen.

Diese Nachricht wird den Unterzeichnern, die ihre E-mail Adresse auf das Formular eingetragen haben, zugeschickt. Bitte leiten Sie diese Information weiter an denen die unterzeichnet oder Interesse hätten, aber keine E-mail Adresse angegeben haben.

Bitte nicht beachten falls schon andersseitig erhalten.

Herzliche Grüße.

Thank you for letting me know if you will resend or post this.

Best wishes


Letter from the Electronics Surveillence Project to the director of the FBI


What kind of measures does the Government intend to take against technologies used to manipulate with psychotechnologies?

For your information, since at the time of the first message there was only the hard copy of the letter which was sent to the lady who spoke to him, please find now hereafter the link to find the question on the website of the French Parliament and in the "Journal Officiel", ie the Official Publications, : if you type "psychotechnologies" in the first field, only this question will come up. It's Question N° : 53689

Best Regards



Site Internet :
Mail :


"L'autonomie de la technique se manifeste à l'égard de la morale et des valeurs spirituelles. La technique ne supporte aucun jugement, n'accepte aucune limitation." Jacques Ellul

Sujet : written question officially transmitted
Date : 22/12/2004
CC :

Dear All,

The past month was marked by a success and prominent support, a Member of Parliament has decided to submit a written question (or "question on notice"? -part of the parliamentary procedure and functioning) asking what kind of measures the Government intends to take against technologies used to manipulate (psychotechnologies after which our group is named since they are mentioned in several sources: the "Revolution in Military Affairs" 1995 p.35 and also in Russian documents, Dr Smirnov's website and articles a.s.o.).

As said in the previous mail, your websites were mentioned and some of the articles translated (with reference) and included in the documents given out.

Below a short account :

On the occasion of the demonstration for a free and qualitative press organised by "l'Observatoire Français des Médias" a leaflet was realised and given out based on the resolution voted by the European Parliament in January 99.

The leaflet includes a "postcard" which can be sent to the French Minister for Research.

Many thanks to Kelly T for her drawing, which has been used for the card, It really seems that it did help get some attention on the subject (it was given out also at the: International Protest against Violence towards Women day)

Another booklet with a selection of articles from the various websites was given out that day.

This month, Catherine C. (victim of electronic sound and voice harassment, who worked for the press but in the printing sector) participated in a public meeting of the district where she lives in Paris and asked what was done against this type of electronic criminality (she also gave one of the leaflets), the message was heard by the attending Member of Parliament, who told her he would look into it.

A few days later he sent her a letter with a written question which has been officialy transmitted to the Minister of Research.

Please find below the French Version and a translation of this QUESTION.

Just for your information, during his term of office he had already looked into the question of mobile phone radiation.


Mr Claude GOASGUEN draws the attention of the Minister of State for Research on the subject of research and development in the field of psychotechnologies.

These technologies have their basis in the knowledge of the functioning processes of the human brain as well as in the field of chemical, electrical, and sound waves processes. Psychotechnologies can thus be the subject of military as well as civilian research and development, to be used as non lethal weapons. The manipulation of human beings, which was previously a subject for science fiction turns out nowadays to be scientifically feasible. Progress in the field of science, forces us therefore to redefine the ethics and the moral. It is important to implement on one hand, at the national level, bodies of expertise and control of these technologies. On the other hand, this question should also be supervised by European legal devices, since these technologies used as weapons are not respecting borders.

Therefore he wishes to know what measures does the Government consider taking to guarantee the strict control of psychotechnologies.

General Secretariat of the Presidency - Division of the questions

===Originally in FRENCH=============

Monsieur Claude GOASGUEN attire l'attention du Ministre délégué à la Recherche sur la recherche et le développement des psychotechnologies.

Ces technologies sont basées sur les connaissances des processus de fonctionnement du cerveau humain et sur celles dans les domaines chimique, électrique, et des ondes sonores. Les psychotechnologies peuvent donc faire l'objet de recherche et de développement, tant militaire que civile, pour être utilisées comme armes non létales. Les manipulations de l'Homme qui autrefois relevaient de la littérature de science-fiction s'avèrent aujourd'hui scientifiquement réalisables. Le progrès, dans les domaines de la science, nous oblige donc à redéfinir l'éthique et la morale. Il est important d'une part de mettre en œuvre, au niveau national, des organismes d'expertise et de contrôle de ces technologies. D'autre part, cette question devrait également être encadrée par des dispositifs juridiques communautaires, ces technologies utilisées comme armes ne respectant pas les frontières.

C'est pourquoi il souhaite savoir quelles sont les mesures envisagées par le Gouvernement pour garantir le strict contrôle des psychotechnologies.

Secrétariat général de la Présidence Division des questions


I'll keep you updated about the results.

Wishing you all a safe and healthy Holiday aswell as Christmas.

Best regards




European petition against Directed Energy Weapons (DEW)

Between September and October 2003, this list has been informed that a European petition against abuses of Directed Energy Weapons, which lists different documented suggestions about the devices used, the risks and wrongdoings, the difficulties encountered by people afflicted by these crimes and which asks that measures be taken, was being sent to the President of the European Parliament.

The petition has in fact been signed by 135 people between late summer 2003 and March 2004. In March a new file with some pictures and the text of the new Michigan State law 4513 and 4514 against electronic terrorism has been added to the documents supporting the petition.

Now we are glad to announce that end of May the President of the Petition Commission has declared this petition admissible. Examination has begun, various questions were sent to the European Commission and the petition itself to several commissions of the European Parliament, ie the Commission of Foreign Affairs, the Commission of Human rights, security and defense politics, and finally to the Commission of public liberties.

LINK TO THE PETITION (in French but with links to the English or German version)

Thank you to all who signed the petition (or any other type of support like various publicity for this action)!

Please don't stop, signatures can still be taken into account and will be added to the signatories table and faxed. Signatures came mostly from France, Germany, UK and various other European countries.

The German group supported it, as well as Dr Rauni Kilde MD. (Names are neither uploaded on the Internet nor published, nor used anywhere else).

Best regards

Member of CAPT 95103 Argenteuil - France (other Citizen Initiative)

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