Possible use of E.M.'s at the Al Grhaib prison in Baghdad

Thank you for your mailings on events in your part of the world. It presents to us other viewpoints of "same problems" shared by all of us as Human Beings.

I noted in mailing before last, a reference to the possible use of E.M.'s at the Al Grhaib prison in Baghdad. Can you please, Sir, send me as much detail as you can on the "hissing" white sound, used there? Plus any other verified reports of use of Voices or Interrogation via remote electronics reported by the prisoners themselves? I understand their need for Anonymity under circumstance (and yes, as you concluded, anyone who has been tortured by the E.M.'s KNOWS instantly what a white hissing noise that irritates and keeps somebody awake means).

Here, "detail" can help victims enlighten Congress and Senate that this is going on IN AMERICA as well as outside of it, and perhaps assist in getting laws passed preventing much abuse of technology.

What happened in Baghdad genuinely sickens and disgusts most of America and we, her citizens...But what happened there can also serve as the wedge we need into the "wall of Silence" surrounding international use of E.M. weapons and non-lethal supposed "riot and crowd" control devices which scar the human mind more than the body.

The Baghdad Torture was completely unnecessary. There exists a group of technologies now called "brain fingerprinting" which can interrogate a suspected Terrorist on that issue alone -- involvement in Terrorist Acts--that is 100% accurate. The technologies are under the research of "Dr. Larry Farwell" (a web search will give you details). These "interrogations" (we, here, are more than aware of potential for misuse --a form of mind interrogation has been used on me but are not necessarily those associated with the Farwell lab-- and Sir, I have NO terrorist connections. I don't even own a gun). The technologies can also vindicate a suspect, in less than a day, of accusation of SPECIFIC crime, with consent of accused to use the 300P mermer tests ONLY ON THE ACCUSATIONS INVOLVED....(and on nothing else).

What is head-shaking in disgust here is that my government knows of the existence of the brain fingerprinting technologies. It therefore KNEW, torture and humiliation were unnecessary for purposes of interrogating prisoners in violation of the Geneva Convention. In the future perhaps, these can be used in situations where guilt or "innocent of charges" of accusation of Terrorist-related crime can be obtained swiftly, and those innocent, released at once.

These technologies are a double-edged sword, true, but with positive applications on exonerating the innocent where nothing else can prove them innocent. Rules and Regs have not yet been set in stone on the brain fingerprinting, but American Constitutional 5th Amendment protections clearly state no one can be cohersed to be interrogated at levels involving use of "force", or self-incrimination.

Again Thank you for all of your efforts of behalf of Human Rights.


J. Carey

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