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Note: the references to diagrams have been included, but the photocopies provided are illegible, and are therefore not included in this document.

Extract from 'Soviet and Czechoslovakian Parapsychological Research'

Authors: Mr Louis F. Maire III

Major J. D. LaMothe, MSC


September 1975

Part II


Psychotronic generators (also called Pavlita generators after the inventor) are small devices said to be capable of drawing biological energy from humans: the energy is accumulated and stored for future use. Once charged with human energy, the generators can do some of the things a psychic subject can do, but, according too the inventor, Robert Pavlita, can be charged by individuals possessing no psychic ability.

The concept of man as a source of unusual energy dates back to at least as far as ancient Chinese and Hindu teachings, in which it was called 'vital energy' or 'prana' Between the 18th and 20th centuries it was called various things (animal magnetism, odic force, motor force, n-rays, etheric force, etc.) by rediscoverers of its existence. In contemporary Soviet and Czechoslovakian parapsychology this energy is called bioplasmic or psychotronic energy. The Czechoslovakian rediscovery of biological energy is credited to Robert Pavlita, an inventor and businessman from Prague who began work on his devices over thirty years ago.

Some representative examples of Pavlita generators are shown in figures 3 through 7. No details of their construction have ever been made available to Western observers, possibly because Pavlita eventually plans to seek foreign patents. It has been reported, however, that the devices are fabricated from various metals (steel, bronze, copper, iron, gold) and that their effects are a result of their form.

Pavlita's generators can be charged by direct contact (e.g., rubbing or touching to the temporal region of the head) or by visually directing mental concentration from them at a distance. The nature of the energy stored is still not understood, but over the years a number of observations about it effects have been reported. It can be reflected, refracted, polarized, and combined with other forms of energy. It creates effects similar to magnetism, heat, electricity, and luminous radiation, but is itself none of these. The energy apparently can be conducted by paper, wood, silk, and other substances normally considered to be good insulators. The devices have been tested by commissions of experts from the Czechoslovakian Academy of Sciences and the University of Hradec Kralove in Prague. Static electricity, air currents, temperature changes, and magnetism, were eliminated as possible explanations for the observed effects. In addition, the energy exerted its effect through glass, water, wood, cardboard, or any type of metal and was not diminished.

According to both Soviet and Czech researchers, one major advantage of studying psychotronic generators is the reproducibility of their effects; in addition, they can be activated by nearly anyone, with or without any special psychic abilities. The devices may have other practical applications not related to parapsychology. The Czechs claim that irradiation of seeds with the energy enhances plant growth, and that industrial pollutants have been precipitated out of water by its action (Figure 7). These claims may be open to question, since in 1972, Zdenek Kejdak, head of the Psychotronic Research Section of the Czechoslovakian Society for Science and Technology, termed the experiments with plants and water 'ineffective'.

A recent newspaper article, quoting Pavlita, reported that his generators could serve as weapons; no further details were given. No information is available on Czech efforts to develop psychotronic weapons, but Pavlita has stated that some of forms of his devices can exert both favourable and unfavourable effects on living organisms, including man. In experiments with snails exposed to the energy from a generator, a state similar to hibernation resulted. When flies were placed in the gap of a circular generator they died instantly. In another test, Pavlita aimed a generator at his daughter's head from a distance of several yards. Her electroencephalogram (EEG) changed, she became dizzy, and her equilibrium was disrupted.

In their present form and size, Pavlita's device could probably exert an effect on humans at only relatively short range. It is possible that their size could be enlarged or their energy amplified, thereby extending their range. If the Czech claims for these devices are valid, biological energy might be an effective antipersonnel weapon. It would be difficult to defend against, since it apparently penetrates the most common forms of insulation and its reported effects (changes in brain wave characteristics, disturbance of equilibrium, dizziness) could result in personality changes or physical discomfort which might alter combat effectiveness.

Soviet or Czech perfection of psychotronic weapons would pose a severe threat to enemy military, embassy, or security functions. The emitted energy would be silent and difficult to detect electronically (although the Soviets claim to have developed effective biological energy sensors) and the only power source required would be the human operator.

Source: http://www.rvscience.com/crystal/dst.htm (excerpt)

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EDOM : Electronic Desolution Of Memory

These things such as EDOM, (Electronic Desolution Of Memory) and pulsed micro which can put voices in a persons head from a distance, have been around for some time. And have been doing damage for some time. In fact they have created the unseen Great American Gulag. It costs around 30,000 a year to house a person in a prison (or concentration camp). It costs half, between ten and 15 thousand a year (including the 'perks' such a state medical insurance), to make the person a legal nut and put them on welfare.

An old book, (if 20 years is old) by Ron McCray, Mind Wars states that it is almost impossible to tell a crazy person from one made to be crazy. It is hard to get any figures on just how many people, problems to the government in one form or another, (mostly whistleblowers), are in this Great American Gulag. But there are some things that can give you a hint. In 1990 there was a convention of an organization called Wounded Eagle in Dallas. Over 600 members attended the convention. These are all military men who claim that psychiatry had been used wrongly against them. Here almost all were whistleblowers. Now perhaps a few might be really nuts, but on the whole it means that most military psychiatrists will, upon 'command' suggestion, find any trouble maker whacked and medicate the guy to Marrakech. (Very much like the film Blue Sky, if anyone has seen it.)

But wait, is this not the same 'misuse of psychiatry' that we were told went on in the Soviet Union? It is going on here massively but we are simply not told by 'media' so it does not exist. It is a case where the victim dare not say how they are being victimized or they loose even more credibility!!! That is why the establishment loves 'rumors' of concentrations camps coming at some 'future time'. They are already in full operation. Right in front of you. And a prisoner of the 'new American Gulag might well be some guy who sits with a zoned out look sipping a coke at the snack counter at the local Wal Mart. It is so clever and based on such 'little things'. For example, there is some book used in the United States as a standard of mental disorders. (Something like SMD III, at any rate some letters followed by a Roman numeral.) It has been pointed out by one noted writer on mind control issues that the book is wholly a political document because it has no category for government harassment. And that this is unlike, for example, Germany wherein the condition is called Stazi Syndrome. Though this was named after the old East German secret police it is recognized that it has happened and continues to happen in Germany. Government harrassment does not exist as it cannot be 'billed for'.

Go and start surfing through the Mind Control Forum in the Internet to get an idea of how big this is. What is being discussed as 'news' below is at least 20 years behind the times. This is such a major issue that the former head government doctor in Finland, (equivilant to 'Surgeon General' here), stated that these mind control devices and operations are now the biggest threat to democracy that there is. And again what the biggest threat is, by major media, does not even exist. In fact to even broach the subject creates a knee jerk reaction of thinking the person nuts. A pyschatrist spoke recently about something but said off hand, "I even had someone say they had a tracking implant in them", implying that 'of course' they are nuts.

And this said even though you can go out today and buy the same devices to be put in your pet or that Mexico has about 20,000 criminals with implanted tracking devices in their bodies. Let me mention just one case of a person saying he had a tracking device implanted in him by the FBI. This was 'Rifleman Femmi' who with Whitey Bugler not only ran most of the underworld in Boston and Mass but was an FBI informant as well. He complained, in all seriousness, to the court about having such an implant. Femmi was a very together guy. Or at least someone who with Whitey could control most all loan sharking, bookmaking, prostitution etc. for much of an entire state. Sociopath perhaps, but delusional he was not. After making the accusation all the US Attorney had to do to counter the charge was to go before the judge with a grin and say, "It was not the FBI, it was aliens that implanted him." So the automatic reation is 'nuts' so we need not deal with that issue. 'Fine' you say, Femmi was a guy who killed many, so what? So it can be done to you. And these things happen (and much much worse) to people who talk about the government, (most particularly if they know what they are really talking about).

(Another note, I have a long article up on Kent Stedman's Orbit site, The Fall Of Norfolk) http://www.cyberspaceorbit.com/TheFall5.htm

A company called Astronics created something called 'the paranoia inducer'. (See the book above, Mind Wars). It is not a drug but an electronic device which simply separates the synapses. In light doses it is a bit like marijuana. That light dose effect had even been demonstrated on Tip O'Neal and a few other members of Congress. But in heavier zaps it will put you on an LSD like experience that can last a week and totally freak out anyone. And that was the devise used on me after an interrogation on Groton Naval Sub Base the night of April 13th 1984, more than 20 years ago.

That interrogation concerned mathematics and the work of a Czech inventor, Robert Pavlita, whose work slipped behind the Iron Curtain after the tanks rolled into Prague. The work of Koserev and CW Cho (Tetrahedral Physics) were also discussed. At that point two Senators, Moynihan of the Senate Intel Committee and Kennedy were involved in the issues. The person handling the interrogation got a call. He looked surprised and concerned. Two guys came and said that the interrogation was over and I was to come with them. They dumped me at an all night diner (now a Dunken Donuts) with a U shaped counter. There was just me and the waitress. I sat with coffee. Then two military types came in, they were dressed down and had an old car. Still, you can see they were at least CID types. One sat across the U and the other sat on the stool next to me and leaned against me. I was scared, did not move, and thought a bullet may be coming. (Why make it messy or more painful?). I froze.

About two or three full minutes seemed to pass. The guy across the U suddenly asked the guy leaning against me, "Are you done?" Quickly they threw a few bucks on the counter and rushed out. Nothing happened? What? The bus came and I was on the way back to Martha's Vineyard. The bus stopped at Buzzards Bay and I went in to have coffee, suddenly it hit me, like an LSD trip. (It works at first 'rest' or relaxation). I was tripping for days ! And terrified. But also knew that if I told a soul it would simply take credibility away form me. About three weeks later, (some of you may remember), there was an article about a Soviet mathematician who was visiting U of Cal at Pasadena. He had the same experience I had !!!! At one point he was at Dullas airport being visited by shrinks as he screamed what was done to him. Same story. They I saw the name, 'Koslov'. I had written information about Pavlita and Cho, but none about Koserev. I must have slurred the name Koserev and they took it as Koslov. The interrogation was taped with my knowledge and consent. TASS, the Soviet news agency formally accused the US of using mind control devices.

That was the first and only time I have heard of a case of a major power accusing another of this beyond Korean 'brainwashing'. With this I went to the State Police. Long story, but they believed me. And I received much assistance from the head of the Mass State Police, Colonel Trobucco, and his successor, Colonel Henderson. The Commonwealth of Mass is the first state to attempt to have laws on the books on the use of psycotronic generators. At least the law went to committee. But still, the media will not touch this issue. They knowingly stay 20 years behind which allows 'secret government' or 'forces racketeering inside of government' full play with these devices.

Forgive my rant.

Michael Donovan

Informant: norgesen

Passing MC cards out


Date sent: Sat, 21 Aug 2004 13:55:28 -0600

Hi all I'm heading out to talk with folks and pass out my cards to them I have been getting a better response with the cards also I get ten cards to a sheet on the back of my cards I print URL's and my E-mail addy. I let the folks know to please check them out and please think about it. It may be going on with someone they know. I also tell them that if they don't go for it at least they have learned and will have a head start if anyone they know comes up with the effects. If any of you want a card I am sure it will cover most areas of MC I can E-mail it to you and all you'll need to do print them and add what you would like on the back. Let me know talk at you all later. kelly

That is HEROIC!

Where do you do this? In malls? On sidewalks?

What do you actually say as you walk up to someone holding out a card?




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