Announcing Citizens Against Technological and Covert Harassment

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Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2004 14:23:11 -0400
Subject: Announcing Citizens Against Technological and Covert Harassment

Hi -

Below is an announcement from Toronto target Liza Parker, who has formed a LOCAL activism group, named CATCH, or Citizens Against Technological and Covert Harassment. This is not like the similar-sounding CAHRA group which was international, rather, it is one of (hopefully many) LOCAL victims' groups in various stages of forming. CATCH is for, basically, Southern Ontario, centered in Toronto.

[For media addressees, "technological and covert harassment" encompasses a wide range of electronic harassment and gang stalking crimes which have become epidemic along with the corruption of government and private organizations, and plaguing us all since the late 20th century. It includes but is NOT limited to current day "mind control".]

People who have an interest in forming these local groups have been posting their contact information on local group pages of these two web sites:


Liza's eharassment.ca site includes United States group names too.

Here is Liza's announcement, which is *very* significant in that her group has support from a long-established organization. This is probably a FIRST for those of us fighting this covert war. My personal BRAVO to Liza for setting this group up, and to Glenda for making support by the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre possible!

Liza Parker speaking: Hi All

I thought it wouldn't be right for me to not announce this project to the mailing list, even though I said I was not doing mailings any more.

Although you have been aware of my involvement in the Houston events, I have also been working with a woman at the Toronto Rape Crisis Centre who has agreed to advocate on our behalf. This is entirely due to the persistence and dedication of Glenda Whiteman (a TI from Toronto), who, for 2 years, kept calling women's crisis lines despite the fact that she would encounter disbelief at times.

Her persistence paid off, because after 2 years she began to hear from some of the crisis line workers that they had heard of the same things happening to other people.

The group involves Glenda, Eleanor White, Therese (from Quebec) and myself.

We've met twice now and have come up with a name for ourselves (Citizens Against Technological and Covert Harassment - CATCH). CATCH is an ACTIVISM group, which will develop and carry out ideas for Toronto area activism (that's Toronto, Canada). Initially it will start as a women-only group, with monthly meetings. Once we have a viable group, we will consider opening the group to men also. However, we will be advocating for all targets, not just women.

Karlene, from the TRCC, offered to help us become "active". In our 3 hours of deliberation, Karlene has already helped us immeasurably. She helped us design a flyer which contains exactly what is on our website (in fact I transfered everything from the flyer to create the website). It's amazing how much fits on a flyer! The flyer is also online at:


I would encourage others to use it as a template for activism in their own area. (NOTE: It won't print out correctly from the browser). If you're really interested in using the flyer, email me and I can send you my word processor copy of it in a format that suits you. The flyer is currently undergoing some final revisions, so I wouldn't say it is at it's final stage yet - for one, I don't have the catch website listed on it yet! I'm also awaiting feedback from the TRCC workers on it.

Thanks to Therese, we will have a french canadian version of the website soon!

In future, I will probably be adding the "literature" we plan to hand out at the meetings to the website so others can also use it. We will also try to create a page that offers some of the things we are learning as we go along about activism.


C.A.T.C.H.: http://www.c-a-t-c-h.ca
Electronic Harassment: http://www.eharassment.ca
Gang Stalking: http://www.gangstalking.ca
Previous Mailings: http://www.eharassment.ca/mailings.htm
Victim's Network: http://www.eharassment.ca/network.htm
Meetings: http://www.eharassment.ca/meeting.htm

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