Television Mind Control

You watch T.V. if so your being programmed. You pay people to think for you and reprogram your mind with repetion of messages !!!


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Brain chip allows quadriplegic man to send email by thought alone

Thank you for the URL. The second article was very interesting. It said " Neural Signals, based in Atlanta, has patented a conductive skull screw that sits outside the brain, just under the skull: http://www.newstarget.com/002420.html

It is my impression and opinion right now that the criminal org. who is using this technology has curcumvented the AMA rules on testing techniques and procedures by testing on us instead of guinea pigs, etc... It gives them ability to push extemely questionable technology beyond what the AMA "would" approve. It's my opinion that the AMA would probably approve of almost anything if the "rights" activists would allow it.

I believe initially, they have used other metal including the screw in my feet for a signal conductor. But, over years they have probably mapped my brain using retina procedures so the metal conductor is, more than likely, no longer needed.

Thanks again for the URL, as for the microchipping of animals I am just noting that it is much cheaper in Texas. It costs $35 in California, but the Shelters don't do it automatically. Nevertheless, I have the ability to distinguish between the needs of a dog, and a human. Obvious to most people we can speak for ourselves.


Torture, A Precision Effect

Early this morning, I had an unusual interaction with my perps. The perps had just woken me with these sharp loud clicks in my right ear, like someone banging on the floor with a broom-handle. I asked the perp if he was having a good time tormenting me? The pecking and banging continued. During a pause, I told the perp to do it one time. He did. I changed positions in bed where my left arm was now resting where the right side of my face had been against my pillow and mattress. I said, do it one more time. He/she did. I could literally feel these pulses of sound energy hitting very specific areas of my arm. These pulses of energy was that focused. Then I said, do it once more. He/she did. I then said, very good, continue as you were. The sound effects stopped all together. By using reverse psychology, I was in effect taking control of the perp's actions away from him/her. I believe that my response confused the perp, or AI system, because there was no further response or effect from him/her. Control is of primary importance to the perps. It has been my experience that if the perp senses that he/she is losing control of the situation, they will abandon that particular action in favor of another time or effect.

It seems to me that even the best of conventional technologies such as through the wall imaging, focused projected sound, implants, and satellite tracking systems could not have the resolution necessary to deliver precision pulses of energy that the perps are able to do. Thus, it seems to me that the perps must be using some sort of inter-dimensional technology to transverse time and space or they are using a form of ESP class technology such as entanglement. To get the very high degree of precision affect, and personal interaction, they would very nearly have to be working with a very accurate and reliable model of the target and perhaps even the target's immediate environment. Entanglement is the only force that can, in my opinion, fill the bill. Entanglement could account for creating the model of the target; could account for effects in real time; could account for the appearance that the perps are operating from a position and location of comfort; it might even account for the appearance of reading the target's mind and hearing what the target hears and sees. Requiring a conventional feedback component so that data can be communicated by entanglement, that would explain the apparent use of conventional signals such as VLF and microwave signal emissions. The VLF and microwave signals are the feedback component necessary for less than speed of light operation of entangled systems. The force of entanglement is the delivery system while the conventional technology carries the perp effects to the target. It seems to me that if we could block out "all" conventional signals, we eliminate the necessary feedback; thus, the perps entanglement system breaks down. Without the conventional feedback, there can be no information or effects communicated by way of entanglement. A shield would have to be developed that would effectively block all radio waves from ELF to beyond the highest frequencies in the microwave regions of the spectrum. Such a shield, if one could be developed, would be very complex, bulky, and costly to construct, test, and maintain. The perps know that these are elements and factors way beyond the means of most targets or groups of targets.

Bob D.

Hi Bob,

Very interesting. This morning I had an unusual experience that is much different than yours but equally significant to me. I started hearing a repeating phrase in my head that I have heard since day one of my being targeted. This time however, I reacted differently.

After reading quite a bit about how intelligently adaptive the brain is, and by utilizing some techniques I learned when I went through hypnotherapy to heal cancer, I decided in that moment to use this knowledge.

So I just laid there and called up the 'consciousness' of my whole body. I then asked it to be aware of this phrase that seems to be able to command the attention of my whole existence for no good reason. I 'asked' my whole body consciousness to please recognize the futility and nonsense that pertains to this endless repeating phrase that has no positive function in my life. I asked my whole body consciousness to recognize this repeating phrase as an intrusion in the harmony of my whole body system, and asked my body consciousness to work on eliminating it.

I instucted my whole body consciousness to realize that if the phrase this intruder is saying has any merit, it will come to pass without our having to listen to it and react to it. So it is best to completely negate this nonsense and cancel its effect on anything going on in my body/mind system.

I am sharing this because I feel quite satisfied that my whole body consciousness seemed to respond very positively to my taking command in this way. I am learning better how to master the crap that invades my brain without having to do external things, and this is the most efficient way to go.

When I first began doing imaging techniques I remember that it felt like fantasy and make believe and I felt sort of stupid doing it. But it is like developing faith in God, at first it is foreign and strange and superficial, but after you open the door to this new dimension of yourself, it becomes more and more real and rich and meaningful. I think that since we have so little with which to defend ourselves against this targeting, we need to develop these self mastery techniques within our own mind/body systems.


I agree completely. If only the conscious mind didn't respond to the pulsing, but it does. No matter how out of it the mind is, it will recognize those pulsed forms of energy as foreign and threatening. I remember when I first started taking tranquilizers to help me sleep. They worked really well, and the perps would do their thing and I would be vaguely aware of it but would then drift right back into deep sleep. The perps got wise to it and started hitting me with not one sharp powerful pulse of energy, but many in a series of 3 or 4 pulses. Not even tranquilizers could block the affect. There is nothing that I know of that can stop that kind of attack. The only defense that one has is in how they manage the after effects, such as keeping one's sense of humor about them.

I do believe that these perps operate by way of a protocol, least mine seem to. They initiate a specific effect and expect a certain kind of response. It seems to me that if the response falls out side the range of the expected, the perp pauses and seems uncertain as to how to proceed. I have seen this time and again. This suggests that there are many levels of perps, or that the perp is an AI system not programmed to handle inappropriate responses to stimuli.

Your suggestion is well taken and I'll give it some thought.

Bob D.





GANGSTALKING perpetrator stalking gangs

THE PERPETRATORS (who wald wount this job?)

US Vice President Dick Cheney and Secretary of Defence Donald Rumsfeld Linked to "Murder of CIA Scientist"

I am pretty speechless


"Mind Control" and Electromagnetic Weapons


Informant: Susan

Mind Control


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