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Telepathic Torture

Every human being has natural telepathic and psychic abilities that have, over many, many generations, atrophied. Most of us never consider what it would be like to become telepathic all of a sudden, or start having to process information that does not come from our five senses. I think when most people consider these abilities, they imagine connections to higher frequencies, spirit guides, angels or God, as these abilities were designed in us to connect us to universal knowledge and guide us through our lives.

So what if someone found a way to open people up to these abilities suddenly, and then overwhelm these psychic connections with people around you with negativity? What if there were people who voluntarily became a part of a telepathic network and chose certain people to attack in this way?

The laws of the telepathic realms are simple. You hear what thought forms are directed at you, and everything is translated into language your ego can understand. This was designed so people wouldn’t be bothered with things that weren’t directed at them and break the language barrier. When you are being tortured by people around you who mean to overwhelm you with negativity, it is truly the only way to torture a person spiritually.

Who would do this? Many people know about Serial Ritual Abuse and Satanic torture. Most everything I’ve read has been about people who hand their children over to this kind of abuse, which creates Dissociative Identity Disorder brought on through triggering etc. This coming from the Satanists themselves, who are genetically dissociative and can be completely possessed by subconscious entities. From my experiences, people who voluntarily (are paid) to become involved in these telepathic torture campaigns become so dissociative about what they are involved in that, they too become possessed and their conciousness is used to project thought forms to people who are targeted, which could be described only as subhuman.

After decades of experimentation, how this is achieved is simply a matter of knowing what part of the brain would open people up to telepathic and psychic information. Whether it is nanotechnology or neurotoxins really doesn’t matter. What does matter is that it is possible and happening all over the world.

In January 2002, the National Association of Mental Illness’ website stated that in order to be diagnosed with schizophrenia a person had to experience a complete break with reality for 6 months or more. In May 2002, this information was changed to say that a person only had to hear voices and be paranoid in order to be diagnosed. This information was posted with a grant from Eli Lilly, who, it is no coincidence, manufactures medications that supposedly treat schizophrenia.

N.A.M.I., who is supposed to be an advocacy group for people with mental illness, broaden their diagnoses definitions, thus marginalizing thousands of people who are not mentally ill in the least.

George Bush and the Republicans are making plenty of money off the spiritual torture of people all over the world. If you are being tortured and cannot figure out why, think about this…by choosing people they feel are genetically incapable of the kind of possession they are and bringing your experience of reality down to it’s lowest common denominator, which is them, they keep you from carrying higher, conscious frequencies, which humans were designed to carry. If, by definition, a human being is capable of feeling love, compassion and empathy, they could not be human. Certainly their behavior and way of life is subhuman. It seems absurd to me that the human race is afraid of a few thousand ‘people’ with genetic D.I.D. that would like nothing more than to rid the earth of anyone who can think consciously about the things they do in their lives. Subconsciously, their spirit energies are scary, but how their energy translates to consciousness is pure stupidity. It doesn’t really matter if it is they themselves or any of the people that they get involved in a program of their conception, they seem of one subconscious mind. Absurd, moronic and ridiculous insults that mean nothing except to damage your spirit and take up every ounce of your mental energy so you have nothing left for yourself.

Love and strength to all of you being tortured. Don’t lose sight of the fact that there is a reason, and it is spiritual. There is a spirit energy that is meant to be for everyone that they are stealing through us with this and other programs.

Jennifer Erin Barber

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