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Respond to Sharon Weinberger's article: take advantage now that a slight door has opened

Respond to Sharon Weinberger's article/Take advantage now that a slight door has opened

Read a Copy of Sharon Weinberger's Washington Post magazine article here:

Ms. Weinberger will be hosting an Internet discussion on Tuesday, January 16 at 11:00 am Eastern time, 8:00 am Pacific time. Go to: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/discussion/2007/01/12/DI2007011201368.html

Post a question to Sharon Prior to her Internet discussion at: http://discuss.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/zforum/content/submit_wpmag.htm

My feeling is that many of us are not happy with the light that the article has shed us in, so we have a chance to set things straight. We should respond to the Washington Post and the magazine with supporting evidence to prove what we are saying is happening.

We should-

1) Thank Sharon Weinberger for bringing these crimes to a large mainstream publication.

2) Do not attack or rip her apart. We are in no position to burn any bridges.

3) Systematically take what you did not like about the article and forward supporting documentation to contradict what she wrote.

4) Offer more information, evidence, websites, medical records etc..

5) Keep it brief and to the point. Place yourself in the skeptics shoes and prove your points with out putting too much emotion into it.

Post your comments to the Washington Post Magazine at:

Send your letters to the Editor at:
Letters to the Editor The Washington Post
1150 15 St. NW Washington, DC 20071
and by e-mail at: letters@washpost.com

We must write the Washington Post in high numbers to show that this story merits a follow up. We must get our side of the story out, before the perps start inundating them with letters that we are crazy. Please take part in this to give the accurate side of what is really happening and remember to forward any supporting evidence.

One day of Torture is one day too long!

Stop Organized Stalking and Direct Energy Weapons !

Aaron Avalos


To: Washington Post - letters to the editor for publication


Dear Sirs/ Mesdames,

The Washington Post and Ms Weinberger herself are to be thanked and congratulated heartily that Sharon Weinberger [Mind Games, Washington Post Magazine, Sunday, January 14, 2007; Page W22] has given further maintream media coverage to the international movement against weapons capable of the manipulation of human beings, concerning which the call for such weapons to be banned worldwide, in European Parliament Resolution A4-0005/99 Paragraph 27 [ http://www.raven1.net/europar.htm ], is only one of many initiatives over the past few decades, which elected politicians have taken. This generous coverage will be a source of considerable rejoicing to the thousands upon thousands of people who, over the past few decades, have contacted me and colleagues of mine active within the international movement against these weapons, people from every continent of the world except for Antarctica, more than half of those making contact alleging that they too are being targeted remotely, to their detriment, by objectively unidentified assailants armed with weapons of this class.

It is a pity therefore that I am obliged to try to correct a few small details of misinformation, in what was generally a well-researched and well-written piece, on a subject that has been distressingly poorly publicised hitherto, considering its grave importance. I'm not being pernickety. The misinformation may appear superficially only only to be slight, but its affect upon the casual reader to whom the subject matter is novel would likely be to cause them to suspect our entire community of testifying untruthfully, perhaps because of some supposed "mental illness" we all shared. That is certainly what anybody in his right mind would want to be the case, so it is best that I should set out a few of the omitted facts, to make it a little less easy for the readers of the Washington Post to retreat into comforting incredulity of our claims, and to improve the quality of the information upon which they will base their future attitudes.

Ms Weinberger focusses upon the hypthosesis, as though it were the only hypothesis that "held water" (apart from the depressingly predicable so-called "mental illness" conjecture), that the abuse documented by the victims is universally perpetrated by elements within the USA's public sector, acting in an official capacity. The article mentions an earlier public sector so-called "mind control" programme with a similarly amoral ethos, albeit deploying different, less effective and far more primitive technology, namely the CIA's now long-abandoned MKULTRA programme, for which programme of non-consensual human-subject experimentation a former President of the United States did publicly apologise in 1997, at the time ordering all the surviving MKULTRA files to be declassified and published. A colleague of mine who does scientific research for our community, has purchased a copy of the relevant CIA compact disk, which contains around 30,000 surviving MKULTRA documents. Alas, so far, he hasn't come across therein any new primary source material he considers it worthwhile referencing in his published literature review papers, addressing contemporary issues.

Whilst the cruel MKULTRA fiasco lends some limited credibility to the guess that the present abuses might also be being perpetrated by the public sector, there is a peril in allowing this guess, however plausible, to crystalise into an unshakeable belief that public perpetration of the abuses is the true explanation in every instance. There would have to be either (at best) a severe deficit in the accountability of the USA's intelligence services to elected politicians, or (at worst) active complicity, on the part of elected politicians, in the human rights abuses alleged. Such an assumption would therefore unnecessarily render the entire movement against "manipulation" weapons politically controversial, if we "wed" the entire movement to a subjective suspicion of public sector complicity, however plausible.

Whilst it might remain the least incredible conspiracy theory amongst targeted individuals (TIs), it would be quite wrong to define it as a conspiracy theory that was of the essence of the complaint. There are plenty of TIs and supportive fellow-activists who take the same view as the European Parliament and others, but who favour other conspiracy theories, and still more (perhaps a majority worlwide) who simply don't have the temperement, the talent, or the motivation to construct any plausible conspiracy theory at all, remaining content to testify to the abuses they and others experience, and to draw attention to the scientific proof of feasibility of those abuses, which proof is more abundant than the poor press coverage today of the issue would tend to suggest, without pointing the finger at government at all, let alone at any specific agaency.

Another piece of misinformation I am sure nobody will mind my correcting, is Ms Weinberger's insinuation that the subclass of "manipulation" weapons which the USA Army calls V2K weapons might not yet exist, or might only have been developed recently. I myself made creative use of a declassified-technology, comparatively innocuous ultrasound-based device of this type, when I was an Alliance For Change candidate in the 2005 British general election. (The press releases on the Alliance For Change website document the relevant escapades - see http://www.AllianceForChange.co.uk ). The entry about V2K weapons in the Military Thesaurus published by the Center for Army Lessons Learned at Fort Leavenworth explicitly mentions the somewhat more threatening microwave-based V2K devices, which, the entry says, are capable of subliminal deployment, in addition to the consciously audible deployment that would cause targeted individuals to complain of hearing sounds with no obvious proximate origin, and of which others nearby were unaware. Microwave-based V2K weapons can be deployed "through the wall". The suggestion that Aluminium can block such weapons is easy to refute. One need only wrap a cellphone in Aluminium foil and dial it's number and listen to the phone ringing in order to refure that item of misinformation.

The relevant thesaurus entry defining V2K weapons was at http://call.army.mil/products/thesaur/00016275.htm last time I checked. If it has been moved yet again, as it tends to be whenever the press publish anything that cites its most recent URL, a saved copy of the thesaurus entry is available on the Christians Against Mental Slavery website, http://www.slavery.org.uk .

The microwave hearing effect which microwave-based V2K weapons could easily be exploiting was known anecdotally amongst radar technicians during World War II. It was demonstrated rigorously in an experiment conducted by Sharp and Grove, and publicised in an American Psychologist edition during 1975. Shortly before Christmas, I was mentioned by name in two separate items of correspondence signed by the British Home Secretary in person, the second of which, far from denying the existence of V2K weapons (a futile denial for The Rt Hon Dr Reid MP to have attempted, because any such denial would be readily refuted by the extensive evidence of the weapons' feasibility and actual deployment, in the available unclassified literature), set out the British government's position: my question as to whether the British public sector had access to V2K weapons was a question the minister was refusing to answer, "in the interest of national security". This outcome fulfilled a prediction that I had been emailed a few days beforehand by the Team Leader of the Covert Investigatory Policy Team, within the Intelligence and Security Liaison Unit at the British Home Office.

Ms Weinberger correctly identifies a congruence of symptoms between known bio-effects that can be inflicted using electromagnetic weapons and the symptoms of schizophrenia. Directly relevant to this observation is the copiously referenced literature review paper by my colleague John McMurtrey, Microwave Bio-effect Congruence With Schizophrenia. The conclusion of that paper informed another paper by an Australian psychotherapist who practises in London England, entitled, On the Need for New Criteria for Diagnosing Psychosis in the Light of Mind-Invasive Technology. These and other papers, one of which refutes the scepticism expressed in Ms Weinberger's article as to whether target-tracking technology is yet advanced enough continually to target individuals on the move, plus a very long feasibility study produced for the USA's Department of Defense in 1975, the result of three years of well-funded post-doctoral research, may be found at http://www.slavery.org.uk/science.htm.

There are several not-for-profit trust funds in existence amongst whose beneficiaries are those who claim to be targeted individuals. The one with which I am associated is called The Harassment and Torture Charity, and the website, which is still in the early stages of development, but which nevertheless provides the interested reader with valuable resources for further private self-education, is http://www.thatfund.org .

The telephone conference in which Ms Weinberger participated was not the largest ever. In October, there was an international telephone conference in which over fifty people participated, of eight different nationalities, from addresses as far afield as Australia and Alaska. Details of that conference are published on the Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance website.

All this activity, and all the other activity there isn't time to mention in a letter short enough for to be likely to be published, represent a well-organised, multi-faceted campaign. The community of which I am just one member takes this work very seriously. That is because we do not consider that we are addressing a problem aptly described "Mind Games", but rather one that it would not be in the least melodramatic to describe as nothing short of Mind Wars.

Yours sincerely,

John Allman
15 Regent Court, Albert Street, Fleet, Hampshire, GU51 3YA.
+44 7930 519793


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