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Treffpunkt Ettlingen (Meeting Point Ettlingen) 4 th European Symposium on Non-Lethal Weapons


Please post this as well to the mail list or others you know, I cannot reach the mail list because of mail address and computer I think, I have the same problem with yahoo groups as well.

Dear friends, in attachment a proposition for a general meeting point I just received from Germany, to pass the info further on, a big public place, very near to the conference hall, middle in the centre of Ettlingen, were many people can meet. Name is "Zum Sternen", address Leopoldstraße Ettlingen centre.

I will translate a little (freely and shortened): Mister Croissant writes: Dear all according to the information that more groups and individuals, concerned with the problem of mind control, will go direction of Ettlingen, we propose a general meeting point to find all each other the first day and the days after.

This could be a good opportunity to get to know each other better to do something about this problem as well the days in Ettlingen, as well in the future.

Further there is written, that the manipulation of the brain is a new way of complete control of a human being, towards that humans cannot defend themselves in any way. It makes us look for proves that this technology not only exists, but as well is being used on ordinary defenceless people every day around the world. This is against any kind of democratical principle, or human rights principle. That is why taking some action against that, is an emergency, in Germany many people claim to be victims of this technology, and are being considered mentally ill, while in reality they are victims of cruel crimes, human testing and mind control.

This was a free and shortened translation, in attachment [ //tinyurl.com/2tqbuq ] you find the original invitation, in German. As well a map, and a picture of how the place looks and the front of the conference hall.

Most important is the fact there is a big public place.

Treffpunkt (Meeting Point) Ettlingen 21- 23 may //www.mindcontrol-victims.eu/meeting_point_trefpunkt.htm

Monika Stoces


Deadly Electronic Weapons

Radio Show The Edge A.M.


They seem to have an interest in this topic.

Gerry Duffett
Toronto / Ontario / Canada

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