Sony Corporation United States Patent 6,729,337

colonel_yuri wrote:

"When a voltage potential is established across a human neural cell membrane, it causes the cell to fire, sending a signal down its axon.

A voltage potential can be established in three-dimensional space using a radio wave."

While the above assertion is probably true for the higher frequencies of the EM spectrum, the same can be said and proven with ultrasound frequencies as demonstrated by the May 4, 2004 Thomas P. Dawson United States Patent 6,729,337 assigned to the Sony Corporation.

As correctly speculated in previous discussions, the psychotronic carrier is indeed generated, steered and focused with a phased array type device: a dual transducer acoustical system.

This system achieves probably for the first time the remote generation of multiple sens within the neural cortex: visual, audio, taste, smell and touch.

Unfortunately, there is no mention of a way for a feedback or remote monitoring of the neural cortex.

Finally, the exact mechanism leading from the acoustic pulse to the neural firing is not precisely explained, with only mentions of alterations of the neural firing timing in the cortex.

Ultrasounds are not long range carriers and certainly unable to pass through walls and ground.

This patent constitutes without any doubt a major breakthrough. Can one extrapolate that this mechanism also works with metal penetrating carriers like neutrinos and muons? This will be the next important step.

Below is an interesting excerpt:

The present invention solves the foregoing drawbacks by providing a non-invasive system and process for generating/projecting sensory data (visual, audio, taste, smell or touch) within/onto the human neural cortex.

One embodiment of the system comprises a primary transducer array and a secondary transducer array. The primary transducer array acts as a coherent or nearly-coherent signal source. The secondary transducer array acts as a controllable, acoustical diffraction pattern that shapes, focuses and modulates energy from the primary transducer onto the neural cortex in a desired pattern. The secondary transducer emits acoustical energy that may be shifted in phase and amplitude relative to the primary array emissions.

The pattern of energy is constructed such that each portion of the pattern projected into the neural cortex may be individually pulsed at low frequency. The system produces low frequency pulsing by controlling the phase differences between the emitted energy of the primary and secondary transducer array elements. The pulsed ultrasonic signal alters the neural timing in the cortex.

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Sony Corporation United States Patent 6,729,337.

Here is the story if anyone is still interested:

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