Mass Control: Engineering Human Consciousness

Auszug aus dem Buch “Mass Control. Engineering Human Consciousness“ von Jim Keith. ISBN 1-931882-21-5:

By the mid﷓1970s full﷓scale electromagnetic warfare was in progress between the United States and die Soviet Union, although füll detailsof that war would not leak out until years later. On October 30, 1976, the New York Times published a report revealing that a broadband shortwave radio signal was being broadcast from the Soviet Union that disrupted radio and other electronic communica tions worldwide. The radio signal, varying in frequency between about 3.26 and 17.54 megahertz, was initiated on July 4, 1976, the date of the U.S. bicentennial, and continued to be broadcast in the years to follow. The signal came from a high power transmitter located near Kiev in the Ukraine. Due to pulse modulation die radio signal produced a unique woodpecker﷓like chatter on radio receivers, hence its infor﷓ mal name, the "Russian Woodpecker. According to electromagnetics expert Robert Beck "The signal is so strong it drowns out anything else on its wavelength. It first appeared on die UN International Tele﷓ communications channels, including the emergency frequen﷓ cies for aircraft on transoceanic flights. Now the woodpecker leaves "holes"; it skips the crucial frequencies as it moves up and down the spectrum. The signal is maintained at enor﷓ mous expense from a current total of seven nations, the seven most powerful radio transmitters in the world. Since the first broadcasts of the Russian Woodpecker, at least thirty similar transmission centers have been set up by die Russians, sending signals in the same dangerous frequency range. Shortly after the Russian Woodpecker began broadcast ing, complaints were heard from numerous locations in the United States and Canada, but mostly centered in Oregon, of people experiencing headaches, anxiety lack of body coordination, and other symptoms. 1

Dr. Andrija Puharich, who had been researching electromagnetics at the fringes of spookdom since the early 1950s, commented on the Soviet signal in 1983: "When the Soviets went on die air in July 4, 1976 with their 100 megawatt transmissions of extremely low frequency waves (ELF), the intelligence community of the U.S. was caught unaware of this new technology. The Soviet's ELF pulses covered the frequency range of the human brain. No one knew what the purpose of this new technology was. I had a hypothesis that this was a new mind control weapon that could entrain a human being's EEG. Bob Beck and 1 designed an experiment diat conclusively proved that die Soviet Trans missions could indeed entrain the human brain, and diereby induce behavioral modification. 1 reported this finding to the intelligence community in the U.S. and my paper was promptly classified. A CIA commission of inquiry reported to President Carter that there was no substance to our find ings. Today, five years later, all of our findings have been confirmed by various agencies of the U.S. government. However, they went one step beyond our findings, and proved diat a certain ELF frequency (Classified) will cause cancer. I have repeated these experiments and found this to be true. A single ELF frequency can produce cancer." 2

Elsewhere Puharich said: "The U.S. Air Force identified five different frequen cies in this compound harmonic the Russians were sending dirough the earth and the atmosphere. The intention was to affect a change of consciousness in mankind. The extremely low frequency waves will penetrate anything and everything, the specially shielded Faraday cage, the ocean. Nothing stops or weakens these signals." Referring to himself in third person, he said, "Dr. Puharich and Robert Beck designed receiving equip ment which could measure these waves and their effect on die human brain. Their experiments proved that a signal of 6 Hertz easily penetrated the copper walls of a Faraday cage. So could a rate of 6.6﷓of the rates being used by the Russians. This caused depression.

"7.83 Hertz could make a person feel good. This is the so﷓called Schumann Resonance, the earth's pulse rate.
"10.80 Hertz could cause riotous behavior. As far as he could determine, die Soviets never sent out a signal in the 8 Hertz range that would be beneficial to people.
"When Dr. Puharich presented this information to certain U.S. military leaders they would not believe him! He then made up a secret report and had it hand delivered to President Carter, to the head of the French Intelligence Service, to Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada, and to certain dignitaries of other Western nations.
"Heavy action was then taken by our government to shut him up. His home in Ossining, New York, containing the results of much of his research work, was burned to the ground. He fled for his lief to Mexico. From there he continued to monitor the Russian ELF wave signals and the higher harmonics in the Megahertz range (5.340 MHz).
"Through his Washington contacts a group meeting was arranged with the CIA. A showdown ensued, an agreement reached, since then no trouble with die CIA﷓except for the publication of his books! The government program is now called the ELF (for Extreme Low Frequency) and the Navy set up a research program on it, two years late!

"Puharich's secret report was expanded into a book, under contract to Dell publishing company, but publication has been blocked for the past four years; meanwhile die Russian attack goes on, unknown to the general public.

"Whole populations can be controlled by ELF waves. Intensive research on such 'behavior modification' is now being conducted by the United States government, to find out just what such waves do to people. This electromagnetic research is similar to the secret drug experiments conducted on the unsuspecting populace in the 1950s. Dr. Puharich did identify one ELF wave as a cancer﷓causing agent in mice....

"These waves cannot be jammed. The lower frequency Hertz waves are as long as 300,000 miles. The government has built huge transmitters in South Africa, Australia and other places to beam ELF waves back at Russia. There is no shield that will stop these signals." 3

At a conference on Electromagnetism in September of 1987, Puharich said:
"...In 1981, the U.S. government went into full scale ELF warfare and set up all their big transmitters down under in Australia and Africa so on and now they're in business and everything's classified and you can't say a goddamned thing about it, a tough situation. And you can't get any real information out of any government agency. And 1 know all of them, that they do the work. I know the people who head the projects, etc. When they're in trouble, they usually come and ask me. And they classify what 1 tell them. Insanity. " 4
Although the United States government did not officially acknowledge that the country was under electromagnetic assault from a foreign power, they apparently did respond in kind, beyond what Puharich documented. Stefan Rednip, a journalist living in England, reported that he had gotten access to secret documents about an American electromagnetics program called Operation Pique, that involved firing electromagnetic signals off the ionosphere, to ricochet down on Eastern Europe, with a particular focus being Eastern European nuclear installations. [Beck]

What is apparently the most recent and largest escalation in the beam war is the construction of the HAARP project in the Alaskan wilderness.

HAARP is the world's largest electromagnetic broadcasting station, composed of 180 high frequency broadcast antennae, with power estimated at 72,000 times more than the next most powerful radio transmitter. The project is the creation of die U.S. Air Force Phillips Lab, the Naval Research Laboratory, and the Office of Naval Research. Although announced as a facility for ionospheric research, HAARP seems to have a number of other potential uses, including weather control and electromagnetic sweeps that can be used for mind control of large populations.

Of odd note, is the observation of a civilian who was monitoring the output of the HAARP transmissions at precisely the times that the recent mass murder in Littleton, Colorado took place. According to Kent Steadman, "A peak in HAARP transmission occurred between 10:40 PDT and 1:20 PDT. The shootings began between 11:00 and 11:30 PDT.'


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Dr. Michael Persinger, a psychologist and neuroscientist employed at Laurentian University in Ontario, Canada, lives at the cutting edge of research into the effects of electromagnetics on the mind. Persinger, on the Board of Advisors of die False Memory Syndrome Foundation, has been funded by the Navy and, reportedly, the National Security Agency, and "did research on the effects of electromagnetic radiation on the brain for a pentagon weapons project according to researcher Daniel Brandt. Persinger says, "My research has not been funded by U.S. interests.' All of the money for our human research for the last 30 years has been from my personal income as a professor. The only funding ($10,000) we ever obtained from die U.S. was from die U.S. Navy."

Among Persinger's accomplishments is the ability to cause subjects to think that they have been abducted by aliens, or have had an encounter with angels or God through the use of a modified motorcycle helmet equipped with solenoids to send electromagnetic pulses through the frontal lobes of their brains. "Ultimately," Persinger says, "human experience is determined by what is happening in the brain. And the experience of God can be generated by a process that has nothing to do with whether God exists or not. "

In 1993 British joumalist lanCottonputonthe "Persinger helmet" in the course of research on a book on evangelical Christianity. Persinger's team rang temple bells while Cotton's brain was being irradiated and, he said, "I was act in a line of solemn Tibetan monks, grave eyed, brown cowls around their heads. I too was a Tibetan monk, and what I realized was that I always had been. " 1

Persinger's article "On the Possibility of Directly Accessing Every Human Brain by Electromagnetic Induction of Fundamental Algorithms, " published in Perceptual and Motor Skills in June 1995, delves into even more farreaching mind control possibilities. Concealed within scientific jargon that may be purposefully daunting in its complexity, are keys to understanding just how far mind monitoring and influence has progressed in current years.

The article states that contemporary neuroscience has discovered that diere are "fundamental algorithms" and specific codes through which the brain operates. Persinger says that these codes can be stimulated through "contemporary communication networks" and "A process which is coupled to the narrow band of brain temperature could allow all normal human brains to be affected by a subharmonic whose frequency range at about 10 Hz would only vary by 0. 1 Hz. " These codes "would be deterinined by the human genome, i.e. be species﷓specific, and would contribute to or would serve as a substrate upon which all phenomena that affect neurobehavioral measures are superimposed. "

Persinger says that "One logical extrapolation to a neurophysical basis of consciousness" is that "random variations of "noise" within the matrices could potentially differentiate between individual brains. " In other words, individuals could be identified by the specific characteristics of their brain output. "Identification of these sequences could also allow direct access to the most complex neurocognitive processes associated with the sense of self, human consciousness and the aggregate of experiential representations (episodic memory) that define the individual within die brain. " In other words, using the techniques that Persinger outlines, a person's memory, consciousness, and sense of self can be fully accessed and modified by electromagnetic means. This is essentially the same as saying that a person's personality can be completely shaped by electromagnetic means, in a sentiment that hearkens back to the research and statements of Dr. Ewen Cameron, who employed far more primitive means of erasing consciousness.

Persinger states that he has been studying "Application of weak electromagnetic fields whose intensities are usually less than 10 milligrams (1 microT). The purpose of this research ... is to identify the basic codes for die language of the representational systems within the human brain. "

Using the inforination thus obtained, brain processes can be "circumvented by direct introduction of this information within the brain... The basic premise is that synthetic duplication of the neuroelectrical correlates generated by sensors to an actual stimulus should produce identical experiences without die presence of that stimulus. "

Persinger is saying that experiences, feelings, memories, virtually any mental state can be artificially injected into a human brain from an exterior source. The most frightening thing is that the means for doing this already exist in a fully operational form on a worldwide basis.

Persinger says, "The power levels for these amplitudes are similar to those associated with the signals (generated globally by radio and communication systems)... Within the last two decades a potential has emerged which was improbable but which is now marginally feasible. This potential is the technical capability to influence directly the major portion of the approximately six billion brains of the human species ... by generating neural information within a physical medium within which all members of the species are immersed. "

Within all of the jargon, most of which 1 have eliminated in this paraphrase, Persinger's message is that the entire human race can be mind controlled dirough the use of television and radio networks .2


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Persinger, Michael, "On the Possibility of Directly Accessing Every Human Brain by Elektromagnetic Induction of Fundamental


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