CORE CONCEPTS for Radioactivity and Mind Control

Yet another file from Clare L. Wehrle before she was killed by car hit....after being rendered homeless in Florida. She was adamant about leaving her files behind... Hopefully there is not a pattern in "taking us out"?


c copyright 2005 by Clare L. Wehrle


As announced, the first draft of this file was erased by a torturer/hacker. I must now re-post 2 hours work with a teenage torturer (running the cybercafe) present. I have been offline so long, I forgot the golden rule of backing everything up multiply at frequent intervals. Presumably the hackers (controlled by CIA have my original copied, which I must reconstruct after hours of torture. The CIA's goal is to give me permanent brain damage after obliterating my writing which they have repeatedly confiscated for almost 30 years, starting with the seizing of my Ph.d pre-dissertation research "Public Information on Radiation" by Swedish police on July 8th,1980. July 8th and Halloween are their favorite holidays to celebrate with ritual abuse and satanic electromagnetism etc. The main ritual to which I have been subjected is book-burning. I may be psychotic by the end of the year due to increased use of long half-lives. This file will deal with the core concepts of radioactivity as apllied to so-called mind control. In the case of radioactivity, one is dealing with neurotoxins acting internally when possible and more damaging to tissue than are NLWs. OUTLINE in this article, which has been requested by a number of colleagues, I'll attempt to cover the core concepts of radioactivity in mc applications. I recommend the use of the NRC glossary listed on the links page for basic terms. In the second section, I'll review perception and its importance as one form of evidence planned to conduct formal perceptual research on radioactivity at one point, but was too heavily targetted. In part 3, I'll cover sources of radioactive material and regulation or lack of it. In 4, I'll present ideas for independant testing of covert operations with radiation, especially the use of statistical indicators of possible mass experimentation.


1) The concept of the wave versus particle theory is a central one in physics. Both models are considered to have some validity. It is particularly relevant in the comparison of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation. Nuclear or radioactive substances are particles which emit energy in the form of ionizing radiation. See the NRC glossary for alpha and beta particles,and x-rays and gamma rays both of which can be emitted by nuclear material. The effectiveness of countermeasures depends on the use of the correct model. For example, water or washing is effective to some extent to decrease the presence of radioactive material, although a long half-life will still be persistent. This would not be true if only non-ionizing radiation is present. Alpha and beta particles can be blocked with paper (alpha) or cardboard or plastic (beta). Even though less shielding is required, the paradox is that they are more damaging than gamma or other rays, at least when acting internally. In this case, the particles emit energy under pressure in a closed system. Note that sexual targetting, a term used in mind control circles to mean remote stimulation or penetration of the sex organs by electromagnetic energy, may be relieved by using the particle model (water immediately, rather than the "Microwave Pantihose" being sold by charlatans). (Microwave sexual targetting MAY be possible, but radioactive material is used as a contaminant in, among other things, underwear and on toilets and chairs widely, and acts like a tracer to mark the organs for targetting). There can also be cross-contamination when wiping to the sex organs if the hand is contaminated. The hand is the major carrier of contamination, be it radiological or microbial. Sex organ cancers are common. For example 1 man in 6 gets prostate cancer. Do not assume that sexual targetting is nonlethal. Sexual targetting is one dimension of mind control, even when there is no direct brain stimulation.

2) Radioactive particles enter bloodstream, even more readily (remotely or ingested) than chemicals, and can have a neurotoxic effect, as well as carcinogenic, etc. Non-ionizing radiation, such as microwave radiation, does not enter the bloodstream and is considered less lethal, although many factors such as dosage level are relevant. Microwaves, at high power densities, can cause cardiac arrest, for example.

3) Economic factors are important. Nuclear substances are gold (health effects aside) as a quasi-infinite source of power. A long half-life can generate energy for 1000s of years. Given the cybernetic age, any task - including torture - can be automated and repeated given an adequate energy source. In a society of continuous war, such an energy source is critical. NLWs are big and expensive compared to nuclear material. Of course, some important functions such as mind-reading are apparently only performed by non-ionizing frequencies such as ELF. Nuclear substances are in fact used with mind-reading and other NLWs to inflict more severe brain damage. Mind-reading can apparently be done without any brain damage being inflicted by this energy and may even be universal at this stage. The Infernal Machine may need nuclear power to create permanent hells.

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