Law-Enforcement Technology

Is SWAT Responsible?

I received an email stating that the people behind my harassment are members of SWAT misusing classified technology against innocent civilians.

The Email:
Subj: law-enforcement technology
Date: 11/22/2004 7:24:11 PM Eastern Standard Time

You are being misled, probably by corrupt police officers misusing technology against you.

I am in a situation similar to yours in which corrupt law- enforcement officers misusing law-enforcement technology against me. At first I did not know what the technology was and just like you I thought it was some type of sound technology.

If you want to find out who is misusing law-enforcement technology against you, first you need to find out the names of the special operations squad or SWAT team of the Police Department that the corrupt law-enforcement officer that is harassing you work at. I can almost guaranteed those of the officers misusing law-enforcement technology against you.

The technology is most probably classified millimeter wave bio radar used for hostage terrorist situations. The technology became available to law-enforcement in 1987 when President Reagan put together The Justice Department program in which military technology would be brought to law-enforcement to flight crime. It is unfortunate that many corrupt law-enforcement officers in various law-enforcement agencies, always the special operations squad and SWAT team of the various law-enforcement agencies are misusing classified millimeterwave bioradar against innocent citizens for their own illegal purposes. The FBI is not involved except that they have not control of the millimeterwave technology and how is being used by the special operations squad and SWAT teams of the various law-enforcement agencies.

There is no secret police except for the special operations squad and SWAT teams that sometimes keep their name secret and many are misusing millimeterwave bioradar. The ones that keep their name secret from the public are most probably once misusing millimeterwave technology.

The millimeterwave technology that the law-enforcement agencies have is embedded in a SUN UltraSPARC dual processor computer with a passive millimeterwave camera such as Millivision's (but not necessarily Millivision's) to scan in a persons naturally emitted electromagnetic energy at about 95GHz. Electromagnetic energy which is converted to electric currents is processed into the millimeterwave analysis of passive signature (MAPS). The millimeterwave technology then uses horn and antenna arrays and active millimeterwave radar to interact with your nervous system. They can communicate directly to you through your nervous system without others knowing and that is what you thought was sound technology.

A similar technology was used by the FBI in a Lima Peru hostage terrorist situation. Look it up on the Internet. You will find that a few of the hostages were warned electronically without anyone else knowing when a strike by the military was coming in what to do. They were using the same capabilities of millimeterwave radar that you thought was sound technology.

Go on the Internet and see if you can find the law-enforcement agency that the corrupt law-enforcement officer that harassing you worked for. If you can, download as many pictures and information as you can about the agency. Then try to get the names off the special operations squad officers or SWAT team members and you will have been names of the officers misusing technology against you. I am much more information but I am in the process of prenatal law-enforcement officers that are misusing against me to Justice. Only when you have enough information will the FBI assist you. The FBI is not in a hurry to make the technology public and the special operations squad officers or SWAT team members are aware of that and think that they can get away with violating federal law by misusing the technology against innocent citizens. The technology will be in every doctor's office in the future. It is designed to manipulate electrical systems of humans from as far away as 2500 mi. plus. It is my guess that the person who previously gave you information and misled you is possibly one of the corrupt officers misusing millimeterwave technology against you.

Do not use my name or e-mail name in any information you put on the web because I am trying to take care my own situation right now.

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