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I will be dead soon if you don't shield me somehow

Here is a copy of an email I sent both the Phila,PA FBI and Homeland Security back in July of 2004. It is April 26, 2005 and I am still being tortured and deformed. This crime is not stopping. I have moved 4 times since it began and I am still being stalked with this equipment and physically and very painfully tortured. The damage is irreversible. I will be dead soon if you don't shield me somehow with either EMF (Electromagnetic Frequency) resisters and jammers or either an EMF-shielded space (a room). Read the letter below please.

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Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2004 15:20:40 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Customer Service Feedback

Thank you for your inquiry. The following information has been submitted.

Security Threats

Letter already sent to Phila, PA FBI today 7/19/04

Now that EM (Electromagnetic Weapons) are being sold illegally throughout the U.S.A. it is only a matter of time before a person in a Security Position in the Government has it put on them by a Terrorist Group. When that happens any government "top secret" information will be easy for them to gather and use against the American People.

How do I know? They are using this equipment on me and have been for the last 4 1/2 years. Of course I am NOT in a position of power. I am a mere artist. My life isn't important to you. I know that. I've emailed you numerous times and you do nothing to protect me.

So, I thought I'd help you to do your job. Imagine this: there is electromagnetic equipment being sold which allows a neighbor to "hear" your thoughts. There is a type of sub-vocal speech which scientists refer to as "throat talking" which all people do when they read or think in words. This gives off an electrical impulse which can be read and interpreted by this electromagnetic technology.

That means that if this equipment is put on a target who has any type of "security-sensitive" information all that info will become known by the people who put this equipment on the target. They won't have to bribe them with money or torture them to get the info. This equipment has that capability. It also can be used to cut off blood flow to various parts of the body in order to inflict pain and to deform and destroy the body.

You may not want to believe this but that doesn't change the fact that it's true and that it has been sold all over the U.S.A. for the last 5 years that I know of.

This ability to extract secret info can end up endangering many people in this country. The people who put it on me were my middle-eastern neighbors in 2000. I tried to file complaints against them in 2000. I don't even know if they still live there. They have paid my neighbors to gain access to my neighbors apartments to charge up this equipment. I am being slowly deformed and tortured each and every day. Any attempt to tell people this is really happening only makes me seem crazy.

There are many other people in the U.S. and the U.K. who are being assaulted in the same way and none of us is getting anyone to believe us.

Since the U.S. government is aware of the capabilities of EM (Electromagnetic) Equipment it seems that you should be able to see how potentially dangerous this can be in the hands of terrorists. I want these people arrested for assaulting me. If you won't care that I am being assaulted then at least understand that since they will sell this to anyone who can afford it the terrorists have to have it by now.

You don't have the luxury of laughing this off as the imaginings of a nut. Many people will be hurt by this. Here are some websites to look at and talk to your scientists too.

This first site is about Resolution 27 which was passed in 1999 by the European Parliament concerning Electromagnetic Weapons.

The second site is my page about this crime and the cover-up used to allow them to demonstrate the equipment on a target while they sell it to anyone who can afford it.

This is true.



Date and Time of message: 07/19/2004 03:20:40 PM


Today's email to Homeland Security & the FBI

I am the person who lived in Phila Pa and was tortured with EMF (electromagnetic frequency) weapons/equipment since 2000. I have contacted both Homeland Security and you since February 2004 with websites documenting this crime. (my site) (a German doctors' site) (another targeted individual--from Canada, I believe) (a target from California)

I am being tortured with this equipment by a couple of sadistic torturers who are also selling this equipment and use me to demonstrate this on.

The 2 men who put it on me in M., PA (Upper Darby) were xxx and xxx of xxx. The only reason this was done to me is because I just happened to live next door to them from March 1993 until Sept. 2004. They apparently made a business using me as their demonstrator guinea pig much of the time I was there. You may note that they are Middle-easterners and this began a year prior to 9/11. I also filed complaints against them in 2000 so this is documented. I made repeated complaints to the police of harassment until, after 6 months of it, I moved out. I visited your Phila, Pa office which was located across the street from City Hall at the time and reported that these people harassed me out of my home of 7 1/2 years and were still stalking me. You probably will find that on file. Though your representative listened he didn't do anything. I did not mention the technology at that time since I didn't know how to describe it without sounding insane. I know it still sounds crazy but I now know that all governments are aware of this technology. In Russia they call it "Psychotronics". There was a book written about it called "Pschotronic Golgotha" which I have only read a little review on and could not locate here at all. Maybe you can get a copy.

I never blamed the government for this crime but some of the targeted individuals on the Mind Control Forum do. The reason some have blamed the government is because you are not responding and policing the crime so they think you don't care and therefore may be the actual perpetrators. I don't believe this but I do know that you are not protecting citizens who are unfortunate enough to become victimized by these criminals.

Unfortunately, the reason they wanted me to move was so they could continue using this equipment to physically assault me without worrying about me murdering them (since they lived right next door).

If you understand this equipment you know they are non-stop torturing me.

I am not the only one. This is happening to people all over the U.S. and other countries as well. In 1999 the European Parliament passed a resolution that was introduced by the Greenpeace Party calling for a Global ban on the development and deployment of EMF weapons, calling them too inhumane to be used even on the enemy during times of war. This was Resolution 27.

I looked up all this documentation while I was being tortured and no one believed me. I have been going through this for 5 years. Right now, as I type this, they are cutting off the blood flow to my fingers to make it harder to type this.

You have been investigating this since about June or July of 2004. I know this because you have sent planes and helicopters around and though I have no proof I know you are investigating. That's not good enough. You are focused on finding the perpetrators and figuring out how they are doing this but you are leaving the targets (me) in an EMF TORTURE CHAMBER. I have no privacy and am being physically assaulted every minute of every day while being framed to look like a nut or loser at the same time. This is EVIL and beyond any human beings ability to endure and yet if a person is strong enough to survive it and tell you about it and convince you that it is happening instead of being rescued I get to remain in this EMF TORTURE CHAMBER without any regard for my pain and suffering.




Today's email to Homeland Security & FBI tipline

I am the Phila, Pa Target of over 5 years of hi-tech assault with EMF (electromagnetic frequency) weapons and equipment by a criminal group who put this on me in Millbourne, PA in 2000 and have stalked me ever since with this extremely invasive equipment.

Like I wrote you yesterday, I am now living in ____. I still work here in Philly part-time so I will stay over in Philly once a week or so. While I am with my family I try to put on a happy face since this whole ordeal has depressed them both for the last 5 years. So, if you see me looking okay it doesn't mean I actually am okay--just trying to spare them.

I need this off of me now. I am being tortured by sadistic torturers who are deforming my face by cutting off the blood flow in my neck. They are binding me tighter and tighter around my neck and chest and are trying to disfigure me and eventually KILL ME.

They have to kill off their victims so that 2 people can't testify against them at the same time.

I worry about other peoples safety too.

I know you are investigating for the last 9 months or so but I need this frequency off of me now.

The reason I contacted you was so you could save my life as well as the lives of the other targets of this horrible crime.

They make your life a living hell with this. They bathe your apartment with EMF in order to "charge you up" so that they can torture you. They make an Electromagnetic Torture Chamber on your person that no one can see and that you can't get away from.

I don't know why you haven't shielded me from this yet. I guess you are using my victimization as an opportunity to figure out how they do this and who they are. I need this off me NOW. I really can't take this anymore. My life has been destroyed. My body has been disfigured along with my face. I can't have friends or a lover.

I want my life and reputation as a normal, sane human being back.

Are you going to rescue me and the other suffering targets or are you just going to watch us being torn apart?

Like I said before, my brother - is a Marine and in the Secret Service. Does that make me worth rescueing? Or do I have to defend myself? I thought that was your job. I need shielding or jammers or resisters TODAY.

t. --


Today's email to Homeland Security & FBI tipline

I am the Phila, PA target of Hi-tech assault with EMF (electromagnetic frequency) weapons. I am now living in ___ and am still being stalked via this equipment and am in constant pain (as usual).

My face is being deformed by these sadistic torturers. They are Middle-eastern and after living next door to them from 1993 til 2000 (7 years) they put this equipment on me and then harassed me out of the neighborhood. I didn't know they had this technology on me until I moved out and found they continued stalking me in this most invasive way.

It is now 2005 and this is still going on. I now have been disfigured facially and on my body. I have been athletic and healthy all my life and looked like a healthy toned person and they are spending every day deforming me.

My family have been depressed seeing me go downhill physically and financially for the last 5 years after being a strong, independent person all of my life. I know you are investigating but you have to SAVE ME NOW.

A cop told me you could get your scientists to devise jammers and resisters that are 1 degree higher than whatever frequency they are using on me now. That would stop this and free me. I am not a technically-knowledgable person. I am a painter--an artist. I can draw a portrait that looks like you but I don't know how to make a jammer or resister. I don't know how to make EMF Shielding to protect myself.

I am a civilian with limited knowledge of hi-tech weapons and equipment. I need you to protect me as you will have to protect any citizen who has this done to them. I need you to do your job. SAVE ME.

I think they are setting up next door to me again. I don't have X-ray vision but the sounds they make lifting the equipment up against the wall has a distinctive sound.



Today's email to FBI tipline and Homeland Security

I am the Phila., PA target of hi-tech assault with EMF (electromagnetic frequency) equipment. I have moved to ____ .

I have listed this under Security Threat since this equipment/weapon can be used to get info if used on a government employee. I am not one but I am being used to demonstrate this equipment in order for a criminal group to sell it illegally. The people who put it on me 5 years ago were my middle-eastern neighbors K. P. and S. P.

I am still being physically tortured with this technology by middle- eastern sadists who have deformed my face and body over the last 5 years. The cartilage in my ears has been deprived of blood flow and this is how they deformed them. This sounds crazy but I know you are aware of this equipment. I have a problem which is that I know you are investigating but I don't know why you have not shielded me from this yet. I am in intense pain every day. They wake me up in the night and I can barely move my neck as they have wrapped this frequency around my spine, especially my neck area. This is not only painful but they are seriously trying to break my neck. Please rescue me NOW.

My family--especially my sister and mother--have been hurt by watching me being tortured. My sister has cried over this the last 5 years. She has known me all my life to be a strong, athletic, intelligent person but this crime has made me look bad in every possible way. My mother has also been depressed the last 5 years. I have lost jobs over this too. Screaming out in pain is enough to get you fired from any job.

My sister owns this apartment and is letting me stay here rent-free. She works hard at 2 jobs but knows I am going downhill more and more each day. She is in constant heart-ache over this.

My brother is a Marine and went into the Secret Service after 9/11. I tried to tell him about this once or twice since he's an electronics engineer but he didn't know anything to tell me about this. Everything is "TOP SECRET" and he can't talk about any of this.

I know you are investigating but my face is destroyed, my life is destroyed and my family is suffering and I wonder if you ever are caring to SAVE MY LIFE. I began contacting the Phila. PA FBI back in Feb. 2004. I contacted Homeland Security around May 2004 and have continued emailing you both for the last year. Please contact me and let me know if you intend to save me or if I am on my own with this.

t.c. I am the Phila., PA target of hi-tech assault with EMF (electromagnetic frequency) equipment.


Email to Homeland Security & FBI

I am the Phila PA hi-tech assault with EMF (Electromagnetic Frequency) target/victim. Please rescue me from this constant pain and torture. If you construct an EMF-shielded cubicle you could easily save me and all the other targets who are being tortured right now in this country. We have no way out of this but through your intervention.

Please stop leaving me in this position like a decoy so that you can investigate this crime. I need a rescue NOW.

T. Ghostgirl

The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.

-Albert Einstein



Category: Security Threats

I am a victim of Hi-tech assault. I live at Walnut St., Phila., PA and this has been ongoing since Feb. 2000. I need Electromagnetic Shielding in the form of either a lead lined cubicle that can be built to cut off this frequency that is on my person. The perpetrators of this crime only need to charge up their target from a few angles through the walls of adjoining apartments for a while to "charge up" a victim for sadistic torture.

They bathe your apartment in electromagnetic frequency in order to be able to create an invisable torture chamber on their target.

I was originally targeted by my middle eastern neighbors K. P. and S. P. in 2000. I had lived in Millbourne at 47 Marion Ct., Millbourne,(Upper Darby), PA since March of 1993 without a problem until they began harassing me in Feb of 2000.

They have stalked me ever since by paying off neighbors to access their apartments in order to "charge me up" over and over again in the next 2 apartments I lived in.

This is an electromagnetic torture chamber and I am being tortured 24/7 and it is deforming and disfiguring my face and body while putting me in extreme pain every day. I scream and holler since the pain is so intense.

There are other targets on the site.

My website is

Here are a few other sites.

Please understand this is seriously dangerous and painful and is destroying people's lives. I am sure many people subjected to this are committing suicide and murdering their neighbors as a direct result of this torture.

They are a criminal group who cater to sadists--providing them with this equipment and a victim to torture. They are also selling this equipment to terrorists and anyone who has a personal vendetta and the money to buy this service.




I am the Phila Pa Target of Hi-tech Assault with EMF (Electromagnetic Frequency) weapons. These weapons are able to do physical damage. Maybe I am not the only target in Phila., PA.

A young black male boxer in great physical shape and on his way to fame and fortune commits suicide and no one can understand why.

I am living only 9 or 10 blocks from where he lived. He lived in the projects. I saw tons of helicopters and planes flying around after I contacted Homeland Security and the FBI about 7 months ago. When I walked by those projects there were always helicopters there too. I figured they were watching drug dealers. Maybe they picked up this frequency on the "contender".

What if the criminal group that is doing this to me and is in a hurry to wrap this up so they can go to a fresh new target had this put on him. My Hi-tech stalkers kept talking about picking me because they are jealous of "the healthy animal". They enjoy picking a healthy human apart over a long period of time with this EMF (Electromagnetic Frequency) equipment. I wonder if they decided to put it on a healthy male after I called them a bunch of faggots for deforming me. Maybe the latent-boys decided to hurt a male in order to keep from getting the reputation of being woman-haters.

Maybe they turned up the volumn on him and let him know they were going to destroy his life. I could be wrong about this. But it's a

This equipment has been known to drive many people to suicide. Perhaps that is what happened to the "contender".



Hi-Tech Home Invasion Alert

This was also sent to Homeland Security & Phila FBI & Phila Greenpeace & Andrew Vachss today:

This is an email answer I made to another target of Hi-tech Electromagnetic Frequency Assault on the McForums site. I send you this to give you an idea of how this Assault is set up by bribing neighbors to gain access to a target to "charge" them up for Electromagnetic Torture.

This torture chamber allows sadists, who pay alot of money, to deform, mutilate, torture, humiliate, torment with voice to skull transmission and ultimately to kill a victim FOR PLEASURE. Please read:

The reason I say "charging me up" is because when I leave THAT ROOM I am still receiving the electromagnetic frequency. I believe it goes something like this: The "charge is done in your apartment/home and the location of that residence is known to the sadists who send their frequency to receivers placed around your residence. This "guides" their frequency toward you and the "charging up" magnetically attracts their frequency and once it is "on" you they wrap it around your spine. Sounds so weird but you can feel it vibrating up your spinal column especially at the lower part.

Is this happening to you? Are you having this same type of assault with electromagnetic frequency? The reason I ask is because if you are then you need to understand that in order to put this on you they needed to "bathe" your residence in electromagnetic frequency. The only way to do this is to have access to your adjoining walls -- or at least your next door neighbors nearest homes. You said before you have wonderful neighbors but when this first was put on you there had to be some betrayal by your neighbors and that most likely was based on the profit motive. Your neighbors had to sell you out.

A German doctor explains the electromagnetic frequency and how a target' residence is "bathed" in this frequency. This is what I mean by "charging me up".


PS (This could be used on children and in fact does reduce all targets to the helpless and defenseless position of a child and is sneaky and cowardly).

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