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Stop Mind Control and Electromagnetic weapons torturing and harassing

After 2 months hard working, my blogs has more than 8300 viewers. 19% of them would like to give us a support voices. Only 0.6% people disagree with us (they said that we have mental problems or no such weapons, etc.) around 10%, they agree with us but dare not stand up to give us support voices (because most government still covert these crinimals).

We have 600-1000 victims all over the world. At the end of this year, at least each one of us would have 25000 viewers, totally we will have 15,000,000-25,000,000 viewers. and we will have 4,440,000-7,400,000 people who would agree with our hard working to stop Mind Control and Electromagnetic weapons torturing and harassing.



We must stand up and awake as many people as we can and never give up

Why are we tortured and harassed, come to read

They are terrorists or corrupt ones who had turned themselves to terrorism. They surveillance victims by mind reading technologies, but they would not allow victims to study hard and work hard to have success in their life. They only want victims to be their cat's-paw. This was the reason they tortured and harassed victims and wanted control victim¡'s life. Most victims are innocent citizens, and anyone can be a mind reading citizens. Tortures can surveillance public through those innocent victims. And those torturers also said if those victims had success in their future, they would harm the country's safe. So I thought no victims would have high position in the government, especially they thought the government secret will be lost. Maybe this is the reason why government would like to cover their torturing and harassing. Of course, there are also some other citizens who are surveillance by torturers but they don't know, maybe torturers think those citizens would not have a future engage government secrets. As a victim, when the first time I knew that I was a victim of mind reading, I also feel sad. But later, I changed my opinion; in this world, there were a lot of people wished to contribute them and did something good for the whole earth; they were responsibility and they were righteousness. I thought if those righteous people who also can surveillance me, I also can contribute myself to work hard with them, and we could help those who needed help; we could stop those who were harming our earth.

But unfortunately, we met such a group terrorists, they tortured and harassed us terribly, and they even had the ability to make government to cover their torturing and harassing.

I used to peace talk with these torturers for many years. I even promised them if they would drop their weapons before 12 Dec 2004, I would like forgive them. But they never dropped their weapons. I think that if all government cooperate together and search everyone who possible owns these kinds of weapons, they will easily find out who are torturing and harassing us until today.

I set up my blog and //

Everyday I tried to talk as many people as I can about these mind control and electromagnetic weapons torturing and harassing.

Now almost 7000 visiters have come to my blog. And among these 7000 visiters, there are only 6-7 have said that" She has mental problems." Most people believe such weapons are do exist, but these weapons are coverted by government. My goal is if everyone who can talk to 20000 people, then there will be at least 500x20000=10,000,000 people who will know our suffering.


Torturers threaten to kill me

I have been working very hard to expose torturers and looking for help to sentence them to Jail. And I tell everyone that I will never give up. The torturers who have been using their weapons to torture and harass me for such a long time are illegal according to many country's law and The Declaration of Human Rights. Even now I did not win, and no one come to sentence torturers to Jail, but maybe 10 years or 20 years or even 30 years. I will keep doing hard to looking for help to sentence them to Jail.

Torturers threaten to kill me. I leave my blogs here just wish that in the future, even I will die, but people may help me to continue to work hard to finally sentence them to Jail.



A young girl was terribly tortured and harassed by their weapons

I heard this story from other people.

(The reason that such a sad and love story could happen because there were a group people who had been torturing and harassing citizens using their high and advanced technologies, such as mind control and Directed Energy Weapons and they did not be caught and stopped according to law.)

A young girl was terribly tortured and harassed by their weapons and she was almost dying. A young boy who was employed by torturers saw the girl¡'s terrible suffering. He never tortured and harassed anyone yet, and he tried but would not able to stop torturers. The young boy took a very acute action. He kidnapped and raped that girl and asked the girl to go to police office. The boy thought, if he was caught by police and he would able to drop out of torturers organization. And the jail was a safer place for him and he also wished the police would find those torturers through him. But unfortunately, the girl did not want the boy go to jail, she did not report to the police. As a result, the boy died unknown; and the girl also died unknown.


Expose Mind Control and Directed Energy Weapons Torturing and Harassing

The good news are-:

(1) until today, there are around 5000 viewers to visit my websites. and only 4-5 of them said that I had mental problem.

(2) There are around 10 victims in China has already stand up and set websites to expose mind control and directed energy weapons torturing and harassing. And all victims are working hard to let more people to know these kind or fascist actions. And they also working hard to try to let United Nations to understand these fascist actions.

Bad News:-

(1) Some victims could not work properly and even could not work hard to support themselves.

(2) I had open some business and wish that they would have some business coooperation together. But no victims could able to do any business with me yet.



Electronic weapons have been used to torture and harass innocent people

Electronic weapons have been used to torture and harass innocent, legal, unarmed and defenseless people.

Please read the full story

Mind Control


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