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Psycho acoustics, I AM NOW ABOUT 110 LBS. I live now with osteoporosis, my hands, feet are not only numb, but white and at times blue, with no feeling what so-ever. With constant pulsation, I try to remember what life was like before the dirt pulsed it's into my life. I now think the only freedom will be tomorrow when they no longer are able to eat, like I no longer am able most of the time. Perhaps instead of a rant I may pass these sights along regarding pulse imagery, psycho acoustics, or synthetic telepathy. Be well, remember you are better than the dirt which puts themselves above GOD.



A Potential Target

Times Record

Tuesday, Feb. 8, 2005

Cause Of Inmate's Death Unknown

by Terry Groover


("LeFlore County officials say it could be up to 10 days before they know how an inmate in the country jail dies Saturday.

Deputy Claudie Higgins said the body of Bobby Gene Willis, 49, has been sent to the Oklahoma State Medical Examiner's Office in Tulsa for an autopsy.

The initial indication from the medical examiner is that Willis died of natural causes.

'The medical examiner said there are no visible signs of trauma. The only reason it is listed as undetermined is that they have drawn blood and sent it to the Oklahoma City lab. It will take several days before the results are returned,' said Higgins.

Higgins is the investigating officer.

According to Higgins, Willis was last seen alive shortly after breakfast Saturday.

Higgins said Willis, like most inmates, returned to his bunk and apparently fell asleep.

'One inmate (who was) bunked next to him heard him making a snoring or snorting type noise. He thought he was sleeping,' said Higgins.

Another inmate found that Willis was not breathing and contacted jail officials.

'There had been no indications he wasn't feeling well, and there were no confrontations between him and anyone in the cell,' said Higgins.

Willis did not list any injuries or medical problems when he was booked into the jail Wednesday, according to the deputy.

'All he listed was that he had a sore back. There was nothing indicating any other medical problems,' he said.

Willis was one of 13 people sharing the same cell block.

He was arrested Wednesday when officials from the LeFlore County Drug Task Force raided a Smithville home and found more than 70 pounds of suspected marijuana. He was being held without bond on charges of possession of marijuana.

Jail officials said Saturday's death was the first in the LeFlore County Jail in at least eight years.")

I am seeing more and more of these kinds of inmate deaths, almost routinely. Does anyone else see this kind of thing happening in your areas?

What caught my attention about the above article is they said the inmate was making "snoring," "snorting" types of sounds. This suggest to me that the inmate might have been a mc target. The perps routinely hit me with the same kinds of projected snoring, snorting types of sounds. I have been fully awake at times and have heard these projected sounds for myself. The perps have a way of feeding back to the target, the sound effect, of delayed, out of phase, breathing. The effects of this is that it really confuses the target's mind and respiratory system. The target can be asleep and breathing normally, but what the target's unconscious, and maybe even the conscious, mind "hears" is breathing sounds that are 180 degrees out of phase with the expected norm. In other words, during projected delayed breathing, the target's brain hears the sound of breathing in when the normal expected sound is that of exhalation, or breathing out. After a short time of this, the target's brain detects that something is wrong, not consistent, and wakes the target. If you combine the projected snoring and snorting sounds (high energy pulses) with projected delayed breathing, the effects, I feel, could be catastrophic. Especially if the target's brain is, somehow, not allowed to wake the target to consciousness. It would appear to be death by heart or respiratory failure.

In my opinion

Bob D.

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