The technology is used for broadcasts to the entire population

This is a brief summary of my experience and observations as a target of directed energy weapons and remote influencing technology. The attacks began in late April 2001 in my condo in a suburban city west of Boston. The technology was used in conjunction with gang stalking techniques. It started as ordinary noise harassment from an adjacent unit. Within a few days I was experiencing voice to skull at night as I tried to sleep. It was mostly music, often sung without instruments. I was also blasted with pulses of energy; sometimes they were so strong I would see brilliant white flashes while my eyes were closed. They also used infrasonic energy; it felt like a building had collapsed silently. They only let me sleep 3 or 4 hours a night. I often awoke with an elevated body temperature of about 100.6 degrees.

During the day (I worked from home), I was regularly assaulted with strong waves of energy. I often felt nauseous and dizzy. The voice to skull occurred regularly, sometimes as chanting or singing, sometimes threats and name-calling. The harassment became unrelenting 24 hours a day. My life turned into a living hell.

The sleep deprivation became more intense to the point that I would pass out from fatigue. At some point I was aware that my mind was being read and I could engage with the perps through synthetic telepathy.

Regarding voice to skull: it has a piercing quality that cuts through and adjusts to the background noise. Also, I could not detect a source. It seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere.

Regarding the mind reading technology: It seems to work extraordinarily well. Once I was trying to read the newspaper and they started reading it back to me a fraction of a second after I read it to myself. This makes reading impossible. It was as if they could actually see what I was seeing.

Regarding the perps: they seem to be trained actors. They would often speak in a manner that was so volatile and emotionally charged that it was almost comical. They are masters of disinformation and manipulation.

Regarding sleep deprivation: I found this to be particularly debilitating. I could barely function. It seemed like the energy pulses at night would cause my adrenal glands to fire, making sleep impossible. I also wonder if there is some relation to the mind reading. I suspect the mind reading equipment has to be "tuned" to the individual and somehow the induced stress facilitates this process.

In September of 2001 I learned about the mind control sites and read everything I could. It was a relief to learn that I was not alone. It was shattering to understand the implications for our world. I decided that I was up against something that I did not have the resources to fight. I believed the source of the harassment was in the unit directly below mine and so I sold my condo and moved into a single family dwelling with relatives much further away from Boston.

Over the last 2 years the frequency and duration of the attacks has diminished greatly.

Early in 2003 I read an article about MK Ultra on a financial web site. I emailed the author and asked if he had any knowledge of directed energy weapons. He referred me to a friend of his, a former CIA operative, who I communicated with by email and once by phone. He seemed to be genuine in that he had a web site that posted commentary on the Intelligence community. He is also a target and says that his life has been destroyed.

He told me many interesting things. He states that Russia and the US are engaged in a conflict with this technology. Furthermore, the technology is used for broadcasts to the entire population. According to him, those of us who are being targeted have exhibited behaviors that indicate we are aware of the broadcasts on a subconscious level. He said the goal is to turn the world into a beehive.

He told me he was given a demonstration of the brain reading technology at a CIA debriefing. He was told the CIA takes no responsibility for actions of targets of the technology, that people are responsible for their own behavior. He said that the perps would cycle people through all of Anna Freud's ego defense mechanisms. He also said that having strong moral values is critically important.

A few months after I spoke with him on the phone no new articles were posted on his site. I've emailed him a few times but never received a response. I have his number in DC but have not tried calling him.

Some observations and conjectures:

I believe I was targeted because I won a dispute with the condo association over a satellite antenna on my balcony that many residents believed would negatively impact real estate values. Someone with strong political connections made this happen. It was about real estate and money. Also, an individual could not be allowed to triumph over the collective. I give this theory a probability of 80%. It appears other residents were involved. A neighbor who agreed to serve as a witness to ordinary "noise events" that were emanating from the unit below me backed down stating that she feared retribution. On weekends a carload of individuals would stay in the unit below and engage in various harassment activities.

I spoke with the local police who suggested that I was physically or mentally ill. I could also list 25 or so other plausible theories.

Being a target of this weapon has been personally devastating. I now live in a room in a basement. I rarely venture out and keep a low profile. I am struggling to earn a living. Long time friends who I have communicated with regarding my situation now shun me. The perps' objectives seem to be to impoverish, isolation and discredit.

I have written to my congressman, large newspapers, a member of the senate intelligence committee, the senate judiciary committee and Libertarian authors. I have only received a response from one Libertarian who knows enough about the government to take me seriously.

The technology is immensely powerful. Those who control it (I call them the ruling elite) no doubt have control over any person in power - judges, politicians, and law enforcement. It would also seem reasonable that anyone involved in illegal activities such as drugs, prostitution, pornography etc. would be required to pay tribute to them.

They seem to have control over major news outlets as well. For example, a story in the Australian press about the "go pills" pilot incident quoted a Pentagon spokeswoman who referenced an electronic device that pilots could use to maintain a state of wakefulness in lieu of the pills. The same story in the NY Times made no reference to such a device.

I agree with Kevin Alexander that the overall goal is to move the world to a socialist state; however, I believe it will be social fascism. That is, the means of production will not be owned by the state but will continue to be held privately. In a fascist state the government manipulates the markets to the benefit of those who are politically connected who in turn pay tribute to the politicians. In this way the façade of freedom and free markets is maintained.

Various welfare programs appease the masses while enslaving them in a state of dependence. Civil liberties are curtailed to benefit the state's pursuit of its enemies. The ruling elite continue to consolidate and expand their power, influence and wealth. Our country morphs into a police state.

I am receptive to messages from other victims and serious researchers, either on or off list. Thank you for taking the time to read my story. Keep in mind that the truth always comes out in the long run.


A Survivor’s Story of Mind Control

Book review by Elana Freeland

Unshackled: A Survivor’s Story of Mind Control

by Kathleen Sullivan

Tempe AZ: Dandelion Books, 2003


Informant: Mark Marks

Forget Bluetooth and WLANs, here's HANs

Check out this link:

Looks like we are getting a lot closer to seeing into how the perps do what they do.


Forget Bluetooth and WLANs, here's HANs

Versagt die Demoskopie wegen elektronischer Meinungsmanipulation?


US Army's Voice to Skull (V2K) Devices


Mind Control


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