Unethical and involuntary human conducted by the U.S. Federal Government for research into behavioral control


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CIA Mind Control

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Mind control is not only possible, but has been done before and is still continuing on unsuspecting people all over the United States of America. Through various behavior modifying techniques, including hypnosis and powerful drugs, the ancient desire to control people with magical potions had come alive again in the 1940’s. The US government, by ignoring fundamental ethical codes throughout their programs aimed at controlling human behavior, rival the Nazis in cruel and unusual research.

Since World War II, the United States government, mainly the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), has secretly and, at times, inhumanely, sought a way to control human behavior. The CIA mind control programs were not only a continuation of the Office of Strategic Services’ (OSS, America’s W.W.II intelligence agency) quest for a truth drug, but also the beginnings of a drug culture in America.

As far as we can tell by documented evidence, modern day mind control started in Nazi Germany, was continued by the US military, then the CIA sunk into it. The CIA expanded mind control projects more than ever before, testing on thousands of subjects all over the country, thus violating a basic principle of the CIA.

The CIA barged into the mind control research field shortly after its creation and has ever since been involved in one way or another in mind control. The Agency began its research with experiments in hypnosis. Hypnosis, generally speaking, can not make someone do something that they normally would not do. However, if you can change their beliefs in a situation while they are hypnotized, you can get the subject to murder or do almost anything else.

Murder is not the only anti-social act that people can be forced to do with the use of hypnosis and post hypnotic suggestions. (Post hypnotic suggestion, or PHS, is a hypnotically implanted suggestion that is cued by a specific word, sound, etc., that would trigger the programmed act.) When drugs are added, PHS is much easier and the right subject could be programmed to do anything.

In case the subject ever remembered being hypnotized and programmed, the “doctors” would install false memories to cover up what really happened. This way, even if the subject began to remember things related to his programming, he would remember it incorrectly. The method of retrieving covered or forgotten, painful, traumatizing memories is called regression therapy. Regression therapy has brought forth many forgotten abuses, mind control experiments and other troubling experiences.

The CIA’s mind control programs went unnoticed by the public and most of the federal government until Nelson Rockefeller headed a commission to investigate CIA abuses [in 1975]. Among the long list of abuses mentioned was Frank Olson’s death. It interested many people how an unnamed Army employee had jumped out a hotel window to his death after CIA men had given him LSD without his knowledge. This interest led to hearings on the CIA’s unethical research.

Unwitting testing was not only done on adults, but also on children. Dr. Martin Orne, a founding member of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, conducted CIA funded mind control experiments on children in the 1950’s. Two former patients of CIA-connected studies testified before the Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments. The two women say the experiment sessions occurred when they were about eight years old and involved electroshock, hypnosis, shots (drugs), sexual abuse and intelligence tradecraft training.

More evidence of child mind control came to light in 1995 during the President’s Advisory Committee on Radiation Experiments (Clinton’s apology).

To rob a child of his or her innocence by making them perform sexual acts, altering their behavior by electronic means or any of the other tactics used by the CIA is inexcusable and disheartening.1

Some of the children subjected to the experimentation, according to New Orleans psychologist Valerie Wolf, were fragmented by trauma-based programming into a spate of alternate personalities. “Most of these patients responded to certain sounds,” Wolf reported in testimony to the President’s Advisory Committee on Radiation Experiments on March 15, 1995, “clickers, metronomes or just clicking the tongue or hand clapping. Patients would vacillate from calm to robotically asking, ‘Who do you want me to kill?’“

They were triggered to attempt suicide and attack the therapist, or march out of the office in a fugue state to assassinate somebody. Claudia Mullens, a survivor of the experiments, testified at the Advisory Committee hearings about a trip in 1959 to the Deer Creek camp in Maryland, then used to train child prostitutes for sexual blackmail operations. At the camp, she was the “guest” of a Mr. Sheiber, an alias of the CIA’s notorious LSD meister Dr. Sidney Gottleib:

Most of the men I came to know well were either there as observers or volunteer targets. We were taught different ways to please men and at the same time ask questions to get them to talk about themselves. Then we had to recall everything about them.

After this trip, I mainly went to hospitals, Army or Air Force bases or universities or the hotels in New Orleans and a place called the TRIMS facility in Texas.

The sole CIA official not briefed on the cabin and Dr. Gottlieb’s child prostitution ring was John McCone, a former director who might have objected to the use of seven year-old girls to gather information and ply their training in sexually “coercive techniques.”

“Most patients,” Wolf testified at the Advisory Committee hearings, “reported neo-Nazi alter personalities who believed in the coming of the next Reich.” Other symptoms of survivors include grand mal epileptic seizures with a temporary cessation of breathing. Doctors managed to strap one survivor to an EEG machine in the midst of a seizure — his brain waves registered normal. The fit was not a true grand mal, but a body memory of electric shocks. ECT, the invention of Dr. Ugo Cerletti, another Spanish fascist, was often used on various parts of the body, Wolf says, “usually the physical places that do not readily show or in tissue that heals quickly.” High technology was combined with drugs, hypnosis and torture to create alter personalities. Years before Silicon Valley introduced virtual-reality computerware, children by the score told psychotherapists they’d been forced to wear goggles that flashed 3-D images of horror and death.2

Since a number of people who were brainwashed, tortured and drugged in these experiments try to resolve their experiences in therapy, psychiatrists and other professional therapists are hearing these stories. They are told, for example, that CIA controllers sometimes dressed up in Satanic costumes to further traumatize the children, also providing a cover that wouldn't be believed if the children ever talked.

It is worth noting that there is a movement to discredit these “recovered” memories, and the most prominent group, the False Memory Syndrome Foundation (FMSF), has several board members with CIA or military-intelligence connections — including the notorious Dr. Louis “Jolly” West of UCLA, who tried to establish a center for “the study of violence” at the university in the 1970s. This center’s specialty would have been psychosurgery, a horrendous melting of brain connections, supposedly to curb people’s “violent tendencies.”

FMSF maintains that a person always remembers abuse done to him or her, and therefore any new recovery of it in therapy is false and must have been fabricated through misleading suggestions by the therapist. While it is certainly true that such inducement happens in therapy, the blanket statement that all recovered memory is invented is unsubstantiated.3

An accidental product of [mind control] programs was the “crazies” that were roaming all over the country. Dr. Hackney, a psychiatrist who did…experiments for the CIA around 1970-1975, describes when he began to figure out that these people perhaps really were not insane. Most of the patients’ flashbacks involved the military in some way, they were in various rooms, and being tortured or taught things — like how to kill or something like that. After becoming more involved in the flashback issue, going to conventions with people from all over the world, it was apparent that the patients’ “stories were all very consistent” (Hackney, Gary. Interview 15 Sept. 1998). Studies showed that these people were very conditioned and brainwashed when they were between 18 and 21, and it worked great, except that it tended to unravel when the victim was about forty. Repressed memory syndrome was offered as the answer, but the mainstream said these people were not brainwashed by the government and that their shrinks had convinced them they were brainwashed.

CIA mind control research damaged hundreds of people — some damage was evident at the time of experimentation while other damage took years to manifest.

Mind control is swiftly becoming one of the big conspiracies of the day, and hopefully because of this, more information will be released and discovered on this topic. The general public does not believe that mind control is possible, but the frightening truth is that mind control is possible, has been done before, and is still continuing on unwitting subjects. Nowadays, a person could be experimented on without their permission or knowledge and they may not even realize they are being controlled.

There are currently numerous associations and groups of people who claim that the government is not only continuing mind control, but conducting it on them and the government is ignoring their pleas to stop. Within these groups of “victims” it is hard to distinguish between who is lying and who is genuinely telling the truth. The reason for this is that the purpose of some mind control research was to induce insanity. Anyone who claims to be a victim is saying that their brain and memory has been tampered with, and therefore may not be reliable in the first place. A fine example of a catch-22.4

While public debate about so-called false memories has been raging for years, increasing numbers of trial and appellate court decisions involving this issue are just now being issued. These decisions reflect significant lack of uniformity among the courts, not only in the results but also in the reasoning and even in the context within which the memory issues are analyzed.

The typical defense strategy in these cases is to file pre-trial motions challenging the reliability, and hence admissibility, of expert testimony regarding recovered memories. In some cases, these motions are filed as early as the preliminary injunction stage. Reliability issues are also raised in motions to dismiss and for summary judgment.

Usually, the defense also seeks to offer its own “expert” testimony to counter the plaintiff’s scientific evidence that the mind can avoid or repress traumatic information and then recall it years later.

The plaintiff’s best approach is to anticipate this defense strategy and take the first step by filing a motion to exclude the defendant’s evidence. Plaintiffs should file this motion early to persuade the court that the defendant’s assets should be attached because the claim has merit.

While there is not yet a reported court ruling on this type of motion, this strategy will likely work as a preemptive strike against inevitable attacks on the plaintiff’s experts. It will also provide judges with accurate information about the scientific reliability of traumatic memory evidence.

Another common defense tactic is to try to have the case dismissed on statute of limitations grounds. Under state laws, the statute of limitations may or may not be tolled in recovered memory cases. Most states have some flexibility, if not in the common law, then by statute.5


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