Gangstalking Sesitizations: How it happens


Be careful of assuming that people are perps. Familiarize yourself with the concept of "sensitization" because this is how they condition you.

It is like a row of dominoes, where you only have to push the first domino down and the rest fall by themselves. These people are capitalizing on human psychology. Here is an example.

For a period of time, perhaps 1 month, they send many perps around you with laptops. They do some obvious things like stare at you for very long periods of time, or smile mockingly to get your attention, or even do bizarre hand movements - something out of the ordinary to grab your attention. As a result of this "blitz" campaign, the laptops then become associated with perps in your mind. This is the intention of the perps. You are now "sensitized". (Or the first domino has been pushed down by the perps).

After this, they can reduce the number of people around you who are carrying laptops to the point where they may stop altogether. This is because now you ASSUME that anyone carrying a laptop is a perp. (The rest of the dominos fall by themselves). The problem is that a certain part of the population naturally carries laptops with them. However, if they have conditioned you so well that you forget that, you are going to be anxious everytime you see a stranger with a laptop. The more laptops you see, the higher your anxiety (and anger) will climb. If you are very stressed, then they can have the added benefit of watching you attack someone carrying a laptop, and maybe even get you charged with something. In the end, it doesn't matter if that person is a perp or not - you are conditioned to think he is.

This applies to any kind of conditioning. It could be white vans that they condition you to. It could be red t-shirts that they sensitize you to. It doesn't matter because once you are sensitized, YOU will be your own worst enemy.

On the other hand, there are activites that are designed specifically to let you know that someone is a perp. They need to do this in order for you to know that you are being stalked. For example, let's say that for a period of time you saw people with compasses everywhere, and then it stopped. This is not sensitization because virtually no portion of the population carries compasses with them and uses them randomly in public (you are not in a campground or at a Scout meeting when this happens). So when you see someone using a compass, it is to let you know that the person is a perp. It would be a rare case indeed if someone was using a compass who was not a perp.

Similarly, someone who gives me the finger is 99.9% likely to be a perp, since I am not doing any behaviors that would cause someone to give me the finger, such as driving aggressively or even looking disapprovingly at someone (that's stretching it a bit, but just to illustrate that it is not a "provoked" finger).

We have to be constantly vigilant to distinguish between a sensitizing attempt and a blatant statement that someone is a perp. The two are not the same.

HOW WE CAN FIGHT THIS http://www.gangstalking.ca/

The only way to fight this is by getting together and supporting one another. By keeping the victims isolated, the perpetrators have little fear of their activities being discovered. But together we have strength. Little by little we can raise the awareness in the public that this is happening. In therapeutic circles this is called "normalizing". That is what happens when someone says, "It's OK for you to say you are being gang stalked because it is taking place". In other words, something considered "abnormal" by a skeptical public is made "normal" by the weight of our testimonies. Like women who once were too ashamed to tell people that they had been raped because it carried a serious social stigma, people who are gang stalked are seen as immediately crazy without being given the benefit of the doubt. What will give us the credibility and acknowedgement that we have a right to is the "normalization" of the idea that gang stalking happens.

There is a risk in networking because of the nature of the perpetrators to overwhelm victims, but we can't let that stop us. Otherwise, we may wait a very long time to be believed, if ever.

There is an online forum created by Eleanor White http://www.multistalkervictims.org . Eleanor is a dedicated activist who works relentessly to get the word out to people that this is happening. Please see her site for the instructions to join the forum. On my other site Electronic Harassment: http://www.eharassment.ca , I have created a victim's network to help people network with one another. Almost all victims of electronic harassment are also victims of gang stalking. I'm not sure how much the reverse is true. I've spoken to many victims of both.

If you would like to email me your comments, suggestions, etc., send email to: liza@gangstalking.ca.

Informant: Mark Marks

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