NAME CALLING AND MIND CONTROL: The effects of verbal abuse

The abuser trys to define the victim’s reality and feelings about herself.

The Perpetrators often use VOICES technology to apply Verbal Abuse techniques on targets.

Verbal aggression, defined as an attack on another's self-concept, takes many forms, comments like "you're stupid" or "you're lazy" are examples of verbal aggression. But sarcasm and teasing can also be forms of verbal aggression.

The stress caused by verbal aggression can also make a person physically ill, stress, has long been known to weaken people's immune systems. "If you're parents abuse you, the potential exists for you to form physical ailments." And "If you think the world is a hostile place, you're going to start acting that way !!!

It is known that any negative label or insult has the potential to hurt a child's feelings. Children who are frequently insulted by their siblings often remember the experience with pain even in adulthood. Children who have been insulted by their parents (i.e. being called "stupid," "careless," "sloppy," bad" etc.) also often remember the pain throughout adulthood.

However, remembered pain is not the worse consequence of name-calling. Far worse is the impact name-calling can have on personality development. Even fully grown adults who are subjected to regular insults (verbal abuse) are eventually affected by it: they come to feel less adequate, less competent and less loveable the more they experience being insulted. This effect is much much more powerful in childhood when a youngster's sense of self is not yet fully formed. At this point, being called names can leave the child truly believing that he or she is damaged, worthless, useless, bad and defective, as well as unlovable. Once a child entertains such notions about him/herself, the child tends to act in ways that are consistent with that poor self-image. So a child who is regularly called "stupid" for example, comes to believe that he can't do things like other people and then he stops trying to succeed. The label can be crippling. Of course the negative labels used regularly by parents tend to be much more damaging than those used only by siblings, but the effects of sibling-abuse must not be underestimated.

I thank name calling is a importent part of what the perps do to control who we become. The victim gradually loses self-esteem and confidence without realizing it. And is also likely to becomes more verbal and a abuser himself.

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Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" is an old saying that one University researcher has found to be false. MDO - U researcher speaks out on verbal abuse - 07/03/1996

Verbal Abuse: The effects of verbal abuse


Name Calling Emotional Abuse: The Effects on Children -- Pediatric Advisor

Electronic weapons could endanger national security

The article below is a fair account of what happened in Washinton last week. I haven't had a chance to read Cheryl's letter yet. I will have more to say when I have the time to write you. In the meantime, ponder this. HG

Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2005 16:02:10 -0700 (PDT)
From: Southeastern Christian
Subject: Update on congressional meetings and rally in Washington D.C.


The events in Washington D.C. last week were important steps for our cause. On Thursday and Friday, we met with seventeen politicians or legislative assistants. Phone calls were received from at least ten other offices asking to schedule appointments in response to our letters. It is likely that more phone calls from congressional offices will be received in the near future.

The individuals who attended the congressional meetings were Harlan Girard, Ted Gunderson, Mary Ann Stratton, John Allman, and Dr. Le Roy Gillam. Cheryl Welsh provided a letter about her views on ending the misuse of electromagnetic weapons. (A copy of Cheryl’s letter is at the bottom of this email.)

The report that we presented to Congress was titled “Electronic weapons could endanger national security.”

Five basic topics were discussed with legislators.

(1) Electronic weapons are for sale on the internet.

(2) There are sophisticated electronic weapons and related technology that have fallen into the hands of criminals or high tech terrorists.

(3) Laws that allow human experiments without informed consent should be repealed and replaced.

(4) Some legislators expressed an interest in privacy rights or group stalking.

(5) Our volunteers will write several bills for Congress to be presented in January 2006. It is better for us to take charge of this project to speed up the process, and to make sure that our interpretation of the new laws are conveyed properly.

Two letters were received from the Secret Service and the Inspector General. In the near future, an email will be sent to explain how some of you can help us.

Two non-government attorneys expressed an interest in new legislation about electronic weapons.

Cheryl Welsh suggested that one of the goals of this rally (and also the congressional meetings) should be to legitimize the issue. We were successful in getting politicians or their legislative assistants to start talking about electronic weapons and related technology.

Our group leaders should be allowed to take charge of this new approach with Congress for a short while. Several individuals agree that it is important NOT to continue contacting congressional offices or law enforcement. At this time, sending documentation or telling them personal stories usually does not help our cause. Personal stories should be saved for a meeting in the future.

Unfortunately it rained on the day of the rally. The Weather Channel predicted an 80-100% chance of rain. The rally was moved indoors to the Days Hotel and Conference Center. Volunteers placed a sign at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial directing participants to the new location. However, we were told that the sign was not left there for a long time. A second rally site should have been included in the email announcement in the event of rain. We apologize to those who traveled to D.C. and were not able to contact us to find the new location of the rally.

Thanks to all of you who attended the rally and volunteered to help coordinate the events.

Please forward this email to your friends.

Dr. Le Roy Gillam 832-228-3207 southeastern0@yahoo.com

A letter from Cheryl Welsh

As director of Mind Justice, I thank you for your interest in my views on electromagnetic weapons.

I will be brief and to the point as after almost fifteen years of working on this issue, my views have become strong as to what Mind Justice can do to remedy this problem. Washington D.C. is a great starting point and as a law student, I have learned just how important laws can be. And we know that electromagnetic weapons have been unregulated and that laws are needed. The rally is a great starting point in organizing and defining the issue. My view is that Congress can do much for this issue.


information is needed to document the problem. Congress can order GAO reports, or General Accounting Office reports. Your congressman can authorize such a report. The public needs reliable facts and information on this issue. So your work at this rally is a critical starting point.


Congress can then work on laws for electromagnetic weapons regulation. Many of you have done so much and have shared your hard to find information on this issue. Now that information gathering is making a difference. Emilia Cherkova’s human rights groups reported in Russian newspapers, and shared their information on Russian laws to control electromagnetic weapons in Russia with American human rights groups like Mind Justice. Since the break up of the Soviet Union in 1989, the problem of electromagnetic weapons has been taken seriously and reported in Russian newspapers.

Just this year, the American press has reported on the Russian laws. A Los Angeles Times, January 29, 2005 article entitled “Giving Until It Hurts” by Kim Murphy, stated that “In 2001, President Vladimir V. Putin signed into law a bill making it illegal to employ ‘electromagnetic, infrasound…radiators’ and other weapons of ‘psychotronic influence’ with intent to cause harm. An official note attached to the bill said Russian scientists were trying to create ‘effective methods of influence of humans at a distance.’” A copy of this bill in Russian is posted on my web site and also background information on the law.

Much more information on electromagnetic nonlethal weapons is posted on my web site at http://www.mindjustice.org. I hope this generates some GAO report. I wish you all well in whatever approach you take in addressing this issue. Please feel free to share your ideas. Mind Justice is not large like Human Rights Watch and others, but I will do my best to work with anyone interested in my approach. My email is welsh@mindjustice.org.

Mind Control


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