I found Peter Wolfe's story on the MC Forum website, copy below. Other than this, I don't know him except that he emailed me to have him included in the TI list. If you think it's the same guy as before, you probably shouldn't call him. I'll try to find someone else in San Francisco you contact.



My name is Peter Wolfe. I live in San Francisco and I am being targeted with electromagnetic weapons used for mind control, since about September, 2000. My case may be a little different because I paid $25,000 to someone who may be a (street?) perpetrator, R. Z. (see details below). Z. cashed the check and of course the targeting only got worse. Currently I am filing a civil lawsuit against R. Z. and his business Z. E. in an effort to recover the $25,000 and also make a public record of what happened. The case name is WOLFE v. Z., San Francisco Superior Court Case #411666. YOU CAN VIEW THE COMPLAINT AND TRACK THE LAWSUIT AT http://www.sftc.org. Hit the General Civil box, go to view by case number and enter #411666. TARGETING: I am being targeted with some kind of high-technology electromagnetic weapons which can communicate with my brain and nervous system from a distance through thin air. I hear voices 24/7 and have various body "effects." I am 46 years old and have no history of military, criminal drug use or intel activity. I am a civil litigation paralegal for Farmers Insurance. PAYMENT OF $25,000 TO POSSIBLE PERPETRATOR In January 2002, Z. E., owned by R. J. Z., negotiated a $25,000 check from me for no consideration or money owed. I paid the money to try and stop the targeting. I used to live next to Z. for five months in 2000 and that is when the targeting started and street theater. See Effects, below. Cheryl Welsh of C.A.H.R.A., thinks Z. is just a cover story. LAWSUIT- S.F. SUPERIOR COURT CIVIL CASE #411666- VIEW LAWSUIT AT http://www.sftc.org- HIT GENERAL CIVIL BUTTON-ENTER CASE NUMBER

On August 20, 2002, I filed a civil complaint for damages against R. Z. and his business, Z. E.. On May 9, 2002, my attorney, John Riccio, mailed a letter to Z. asking Z. to contact him and discuss why Z. had cashed the $25,000 check in January, 2002. To date Z. has not responded to Mr. Riccio. I don't think I'll get any of the money back, Z. already has about six money judgments against him, some from the state and feds for taxes. Hopefully we can still subpoena the bank records and find out who stole my money. I have not gone to the police yet. EFFECTS The article "Do You Think You Are Targeted By Neuro-Electromagnetic Technology," by Eleanor White from her web site http://www.Raven1.net, has a form and I have used it as a model for the "effects" I am experiencing under mind control torture. This technology tracks me in motion and targets me while I'm standing close to others, with the others feeling no effects.

1) "An Inescapable Voice In My Head." In my experience, the perpetrators voice, demeanor and demands have been consistent over the period of my harassment, as of October 2002, two years. For the first year they demanded I pay money to R. Z.¹s business, Z. E.. Usually there is a pulsing "white noise," buzzing, clicking, ringing in the ears and/or sound effects in the background. The subject matter is not random, but is repeated again and again, usually saying something like "R. Z. does or does not want this, pay more money to Z. E. or why did you bring Ed Corvi (my friend) into this or when the time comes." They also say because I am resisting their commands, I am going to be tortured by them- which is what they are doing to me. My targeting has increased.

2) "Vibration, Large Area of Your Body, or Nearby Objects Which Should Not Vibrate Normally." The effects of this range from a tickling like a feather, to a pulsing ache, to rapid muscle contractions, to sharp pain over the effected body area, similar to the feeling of putting your hand next to a loud bass speaker vibrating. The perpetrators tend to focus on my genitals, upper thighs, and knees (I have arthritis in my knees). The antennas on my TV vibrate all the time. There is also what feels like static electricity. My body attracts small dust particles, hair, plastic wrap and shower curtains, as if my body was magnetic.

3) "Forced Awakening, Cant Go Back To Sleep." This is a major problem for me right now. My sleeping pattern is totally disrupted. I am currently taking medication and sometimes it helps me sleep- if the perps let me. If not, I am usually woken up no later than 4:00 a.m., sometimes at 1:00 a.m., or earlier. Almost every night I get only three, four, sometimes five hours of broken sleep, being forced awake four to seven times. Voices, muscle quaking and/or shimmering feelings are always present. I am on the verge of losing my job because of sleep deprivation. My psychiatrist thinks I am a paranoid schizophrenic and does not want to even read all the materials I bring him on mind control etc.

4) "Very Fast Heartbeat While Relaxed." This usually happens at night after I have been forced awake, but it also happens at other times. My heart rate goes to 120 beats per minute or higher. This keeps me awake at night.

5) "Very High Body Heat, No Fever, Relaxed." Again, this usually happens at night after I have been forced awake, but it also happens at other times. I sweat through out my whole body or a particular area, usually the genitals area.

6) "Hot Needles" (Bee Stings). This is a sharp muscle contraction which feels like a sharp needle poking at you. It causes intense pain. The perpetrators could incapacitate with intense pain at any time. A variation of this is as if your body has hit by large jolt of electricity.

7) "Repeated Instance Where It Seems Your Mind is Being Read." Believe it or not one of the "effects" I have is that the perpetrators can read my thoughts and they provide their own voice commentaries on what I am thinking. Think about it, I have no private thoughts. They have monitored every conversation I have had with anyone since about September 2000. Sometimes if I am reading something silently it is "voiced" back to me. Also my thoughts are sometimes voiced back as I think them. I feel like a literal a human reception and transmission station.

I am not experiencing any electromagnetic torture used for mind control or demands for money from any other individual, or organization, except those who may be associated with Z. E.. The scope and length of the electronic harassment is beyond R. Z. individually and indicates some type of organized criminal organization or the government. CLOSING THOUGHTS: As of October, 2002, I have been a victim of mind control for two years. There is no rational explanation as to why my torture has continued unless I am part of some mind control experiment. At first I thought I was being targeted by some criminal organization trying to extort money from me, which they did. But as of six months ago a co-signer has been necessary on all my bank accounts, except my bank account. There is no way I could pay any more money, yet the targeting continues, in fact it is getting more intense.

Perhaps there is no rational explanation. The voices say I was at the wrong place at the wrong time and that I had money. Could it be that I have become part of some mind control experiment designed by the government, paid for with taxpayer dollars? If true, then the government has contracted this technology to sadist creeps who torture innocent U.S. citizens with apparent glee. If so, why would they cash a $25,000 check and leave a paper trial? The key is to follow where the $25,000 went after the check was cashed, and that is what we are trying to do with the lawsuit. Update 5-4-2003 On April 24, 2003, a $28,673.49 money judgment, at 10% annual interest, was entered against R. J. Z. and Z. E., his company.

Z.'s parents live in W., CA (north of Santa Rosa, about 50 miles from San Francisco), and own real estate in Sonoma, San Francisco and San Mateo counties. The condo Z. lives in Daly City, CA, is owned by his parents. We are recording Abstracts of Judgment in the above listed counties. We will schedule an Order of Examination and if Z. does not show perhaps we can get the police to issue a warrant for his arrest. Sometime later this year I am going to the IRS and give them a copy of the negotiated $25,000 check.

I have found out Z. has four DUI's, the last two driving with a suspended license, and the last one a hit and run with personal injury and property damage in June, 2002. He has a chemical problem.

My torture is increasing, however I am going to pursue Z. any way I can for as long as I can. I feel like I am being raped everyday by the perps.

-------------- Original message from romy: --------------

Dear Su-Min,

My personal harrassment is being stepped up again. I had to make dozends of medical appts. including cat scan of my cranum. My doctor of 20 years + knows what is happening to me. It felt like the top of my skull would be blown off notwithstanding the knife like stabbing on the inside, followed by the most horrible headaches afterwards. And this is not all. All of my organs are affected by now. As a former athlete I know my body like clockwork. It seems as if a monkey wrench has been thrown into my machine..... A 29 page docu from April of 2002 which has been sent to me....I am presently rereading, I am organizing my files and print-outs from the past few yrs., much of what I have forgotten (memory is hit very hard). This docu describes another Science Death Merchant, the Col. John Alexander, Grand Master of Psy-Ops. He has written 3 books: "Future War" "The Future Warrior" "The Warriors Edge". He might also be Dave Alexander who has written: "Tomorrrow's Warrior." He describes so called "NON LETHAL WEAPONS" as" SOFT KILL WEAPONS" yeah to the tune of the desperate screams of his victims.....he was a pupil of E. Kübler-Ross MD(which I did not know) another Death Prophet parading as an Angel of Mercy, there maybe some truth in that in as much as death seemed to be a relief for the many who have fallen prey to these sinister mercenaries. I am almost tempted to contact the chap whose e-Address you have forward Su-Min. The one Peter Wolf I know (would that not be a crazy coincidence if he were the same person) well, I used to own a TR-4 which I have sent by boat to Hawaii where I lived for a year, driven in 8 days from the East Coast to Mexico City over the Sierra Madre (no roads on long stretches and bandits roaming....) well the little car attracted plenty of attention which I did NOT like. It had been taken 3 times, twice for a joy ride by young guys as the capt. from the auto theft dept. told me and I asked him not to proceed against them, the third theif was a black man who totally destroyed the engine. I had to leave on an emergency trip to Europe (my mother was ill and i did not know how long I would be gone from the city) so I left the car with Peter, telling him that he had plenty of time in which to overhaul the engine. I left $2.000 in prepayment at the time, a fortune. When I returned after 2 months, the guy had done nothing, blue smoke blow from the exhaust, with him saying I was too sensitive. I never had the money to fix it. It stood in my garage on blocks for I0 yrs. sentimental value more then anything. The incredible adventures I had been through with this little car. Well thats a long story Su-Min. Any way to find out a little more about this Peter Wolf? Blessisngs Su-Min, hope that you will be spared any additional harrassment.

Warm Regards,

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