Meet the fascists behind the perps

So what is the fascist strategy, and are the perps part of an attempted fascist coup?

Until recently they intended to have established fascism everywhere on the planet by 2030. All those who are, or might stand in their way are put on the various lists for:-

-occasional monitoring
-intensive monitoring
-intensive monitoring and covertly disabling
-covertly, or overtly, eliminate

They are even scanning the children for those who show signs that they might challenge their authority. They are generally disciplined and only eliminate people as a last resort. They prefer to temporarily covertly disable people, just enough to keep them down. This is the most efficient and least obvious strategy. On the whole they take pride in only using the level of violence required to achieve the result. They are a wise ruling class and know that unnecessary and overt violence will backfire on them in developed countries.

Their deadline was brought forward to 2014. This is because they underestimated the ability of the masses to communicate and react to their moves, and also to get organised and mobilised. They fear the masses will unite and rise up in an attempt to overthrow them. Also, while fundamentalist Islamic terrorism is not their doing, it is making it easier for them to advance their coup plan. This is not a "do or die" plan. It is just what they will do if they feel threatened enough, that they deem it necessary. They have been feeling quite threatened, thus bringing the deadline closer. They would prefer not to do it at all. Fear is their primary motivation. Corporate efficiency and progress, without being fettered by unstable democratic governments, is also a motivation, but of secondary importance.

It is the wealthy families, who own the large corporations that are primarily behind this. They have significant differences amongst themselves though. One is age related. The older generation are coming from fear of communism taking over and eliminating their wealth and privilege. This is a fear bread in WW2 and the cold war. It is no longer relevant. The younger generations know this and do not have this fear. They will be much more likely to accept other futures than fascism, as long as they can continue with their wealthy lifestyle. They are also not that attached to possessing ludicrously massive amounts of wealth. They are more self indulgent and less interested in controlling the future of humanity.

If they have to establish fascism, they will deal with rebelliousness openly, using the advanced political control technology that they now use covertly on TI's, groups and nations. They did not expect today's covert targets to become as aware of their methods, as has already happened. They now expect considerable exposure to occur and that it will be fully out in the open in around 7 years, ie early 2012. Their strategy then will be to admit that some of their people have been committing these crimes. They will accept trials and imprisonment for some who are caught. It will be made to seem like these perps are just "aberrant individuals" rather than part of an overall coordinated strategy.

Jed Stuart

Informant: Jedwings


An Enemy of The State

Three thousand people were murdered that day and they were busy taking notes on you??? Damn, they sure have their priorities correct, haven't they? Not to mention a certain bizarre level of paranoia which might be more readily controlled with a psychotropic. These guys need doctors.

Rory Winter wrote:

Informant: Iam dilligas

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