Destroying Self esteem is one of the tactics of mind control

A person with low self-esteem will be more persuadable than a person with high self-esteem when the advocated message is weak. Notice the important qualifier: "...when the advocated message is weak." There's no simple linear relationship between self-esteem and persuasion (William McGuire1969). So it is a important countermeasure to keep or build your self esteem up. Here are a few links to help you.

First Cult Influence tactics

What is self esteem? and improving it

3 Faces of Low Self-Esteem

Consequences of Low Self-Esteem

Three Steps to Better Self-Esteem

Further Resources for Change

Self-esteem - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

1 Measurement
2 Quality and level of self-esteem
3 Issues
4 Self-esteem, grades and relationships
5 Bullying, violence and murder
6 Self-esteem and economic motivation
7 See also
8 References
9 External links

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Activities That Will Help You Feel Good About Yourself

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Building Self-esteem A self-help guide

Building Self-esteem
A Self-Help Guide

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Self Improvement and Building Self Confidence Information

What is self esteem and how can you improve it
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A Buddhist View on Lack of Self-confidence
Exploding the Self Esteem Myth - Scientific American
Articles, tips, and activities on how to build your confidence and self esteem in your work and personal relationships
Self-Esteem and emotional well-being articles for Teens
The costs and causes of low self-esteem
Thymos, Dignity & Self-esteem

The 36th European Microwave Conference (EuMC)


The 36th European Microwave Conference (EuMC) that will be held in Manchester, UK, from 10 to 15 September, is the core of European Microwave Week 2006, the largest event in Europe dedicated to microwave electronics.

The European Microwave Conference is the major conference in this field in Europe. Therefore, it is the perfect event to keep up to date with recent achievements in the RF, microwave and millimetre-wave domain. The EuMC brings together international experts in a wide variety of specialities, attracting delegates with academic and industrial backgrounds. With more than 300 selected papers in about 40 oral and poster sessions, the conference represents an exciting forum for the presentation and discussion of the most recent advances in the microwave area.

Software Übersetzung

Die europäische Mikrowellen-Konferenz ist die bedeutende Konferenz in diesem Feld in Europa. Deshalb ist es das perfekte Ereignis, Datum mit letzten Leistungen im RF, Mikrowelle und millimetre-Welle-Domäne aufrechtzuerhalten. Der EuMC bringt internationale Experten zusammen in einer breiten Vielfalt von Spezialitäten herein und zieht Delegierte mit akademischen und industriellen Hintergründen an. Mit mehr als 300 ausgewählten Dokumenten in ungefähr 40 mündlich und Plakat-Sitzungen, die Konferenz stellt ein aufregendes Forum für den Vortrag und die Diskussion der letzten Fortschritte im Mikrowellen-Gebiet dar.

Nachfolgend die Themen die man dort bespricht.

Conference Topics:

RF, Microwave and Millimetre-wave Components: Technologies and Design

E1 Filters and Multiplexers
E2 Passive Components & Circuits
E3 Microwave Photonics Components
E4 MEMS and MOEMS (Common topic with EuMIC)
E5 New and Emerging Technologies and Materials for Microwave Components
E6 CAD of RF and Microwave Components Microwave Circuits and Sub-Systems
E7 Active Hybrid Microwave Circuits, including Microwave and Millimetre-wave Sources
E8 Power Amplifiers and Circuit Linearisers (Common Topic with EuMIC)
E9 Microwave and Millimetre-wave Monolithic IC for Industrial Applications (Common topic with EuMIC)
E10 Linearisation Techniques at System Level (Common topic with ECWT)
E11 RF Modules for Wireless Systems (Common topic with ECWT) E12 Microwave Opto-Electronics Circuits & Sub-Systems
E13 Interconnects, Packaging and Multi-Chip Modules (Common topic with EuMIC)

Field Theory, Simulation Techniques and Methods

E14 EM Field Theory, Analysis and Simulation.
E15 Numerical Techniques in Frequency, Time or Mixed Domains
E16 Linear and Non-linear CAD Techniques for Circuits & Systems

Measurements, Electromagnetic Effects

E17 Measurements for Microwave Materials
E18 Microwave, Millimetre-wave and Sub-millimetre-wave Measurements
E19 Systems Characterisation
E20 Electromagnetic Compatibility (Common topic with ECWT)
E21 Medical and Biological Effects (Common topic with ECWT)

Antennas and Wave Propagation

E22 Antenna Design, Modelling and Measurement (Common topic with EuRAD)
E23 Phased Arrays and Associated Components (Common topic with EuRAD)
E24 Wave Propagation Effects Microwave Systems and Applications
E25 Industrial (Medical, Telecommunication, Space and Transportation) Systems and Applications
E26 Ultra Wide Band & associated High Speed Technology (Common topic with EuRAD)
E27 Radar Technology & Systems (Common topic with EuRAD)
E28 Sensors and Imaging Systems
E29 Millimetre-wave and Sub-millimetre-wave Systems
E30 Terahertz Technologies
E31 Remote Sensing (Common topic with EuRAD)

Microwave Madness


Help For Homeless Targets


This is the easy way to make a tent. And the cheapest All you need is rope or cord. (About 10ft) A tarp or plastic. About 8-8 2 trees or stakes driven into the ground about 8 ft apart. And 4 stakes to hold the tarp in an A frame shape. One on each corner of the plastic. Good strong plastic can be found in furniture store dumpsters. Example http://www.circles99.com/elements/album/circles/00040602/00067878/Tent.jpg

And for those who cant make it to the shower house you can get a camp shower for $10-$12 at k-mark Example http://www.alibaba.com/photo/10610895/Camp_Shower.jpg

And for the stove all you need is a fire proof surface like a metal plate and a small bit of fire starter wood. A small peace like 1 inch long will heat up a cup of coffee or a bowl of soup. Example http://www.conros.com/html/LOGG/images/Snaping_Starter.jpg

First-Aid Guide Medical emergencies don't occur every day. But when they do, information can help you deal with these situations. http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/FirstAidIndex/FirstAidIndex

Spider bites: First aid http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/first-aid-spider-bites/FA00048

Fore those of you who like to help the homeless you can make tents for them. And/or print out the blue prints and give them out to churches to make. Or give them out at places homeless people hang out like the mission or Salvation Army.

P.S. If any of you are homeless let me know and ill do what I can to help you.

Your friend and c-worker
marks_mind_control_page at yahoo.com

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