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Are electromagnetic weapons entering into your house? We can't see them, but may feel their vibrations upon our feet, arms and legs or hear piercing radio frequency sounds in or around our skulls... the floor may be vibrating with electricity pulsing into our homes to hurt us and actually to scramble our brains if they have gotten that far into our lives as they target the people who are straightforwardly honest and caring human rights activists... have you had anything strange happen to you lately?

Drug Experiments on U.S Military

Cartoon - Refers to how the U.S. Military experimented on men with pyridostigmine, to protect again soman - a nerve agent, and neostigmine, an antidote to muscle relaxants. The 1994 Rockefeller Report, Examining Biological Experimentation on U.S. Military reflects how the Dept. of Defense provided a drug approval application to the Food and Drug Administration but serious adverse reactions may not have been reported.

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In getting this vital message about the high tech torture of U.S. citizens, as well as "targeted individuals" around the earth! Protect the world from assassinations of good activists and other peaceful people!

Suz LeBoeuf
Electro Well,
founder / CEO

Bioelectronic Torture:


Dear Suz

I've had all of this for years, and on top of it incoming pollution that is deliberately put through from the house next door. With the targetting and the pollution it has burned my face many times, not least of which has been the past couple of days. It leaves my face bright red and burned. Right now I've got cling film covering the bottom part of my face which seems to be the object of the targetting. I've already had 4" of skin removed from my face which hung in folds, but it couldn't get rid of the scarring. Now at this rate it will soon be as bad again.

Would you believe, I never normally hear a sound other than for banging and hammering and drilling, but yesterday as I sat with my face burning again, my I heard my 'neighbour' begin to sing loudly. Baby Face, and California Here I Come! What they do is evil and it's cruel, and such is that we have in power it just covers it over and ignores it.

I might add the targeting broke many of my teeth, all the ones with metal fillings in kept breaking one after another when the high pitched frequency sounds were at their worst. The last one to break was last year when a filling came out and was replaced. The frequency sound was unbearable until finally the tooth shattered.

These people are the new world order, and this is what others have to come because they control things, not least of which is most of the media.


Mind Control


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