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suz www.electrowell.info icsn2202@yahoo.com wrote:
Am working to make the links to know the devices that shoot radio waves toward people's brains, used to hurt, kill people by remote controlling devices ... can entrain brainwaves. This is documented, such as Stanford here: http://sica.stanford.edu/events/brainwaves/research.html

I am a victim. Dick Cheney and his cohorts (according to reports I've read flying around the internet recently) are trying to make the electromagnetic sphere under their control - net neutrality is a big one; they can control communication so we don't know when they pull the big one - entrain us all by jamming our brains with electromagnetic brainwaves they can now duplicate, forcing someone else's brainwave patterning onto a huge morass of people - microwaves, ELF, long-range and short-range radio waves, are some using electromagnetic spehere - causing disrupted brain patterning, causing suicides/assassinations/carcinogenic so cause brain tumors among other radiation exposure related diseases. We have cell phones, computers, tv's, etc., all on the electromagnetic sphere Cheney and cohorts want to control people with that can be directed by entrainment - they use energy force that can harm us and every living thing! Can interface with accoustical weapons like they did me, using directed energy, or patents such as lowrey silent sound that drive people crazy as intended for military purposes, decades used... many other forms of torture being developed the public knows NOTHING about. I am compiling study links here: http://targeted.blogspot.com and have started a company to expose their torture, Electro Well. I do a cable tv show in Ohio about such weapons of mass devastation ... I am a torture victim.

Here's a good background of U.S. mind experimentation. A good read! http://www.wanttoknow.info/mindcontrollers10pg Mind Controllers By Dr. Armen Victorian A 10-page Summary

I have taken certain quotes from
http://www.nogw.com/download/2005_owning_the_weather.pdf and have been severely victimized by radio-wave type technology I believe is being sold on the black market, operated either from laptops or computer labs. I have videotaped my skull being pulled through the air, with these radio wave technologies. I have documentation of such technology being used to torture and kill people; through slow kill or fast kill technology.

suz at http://www.lulu.com/electrowell

With the purchase of APTI, E-Systems acquired the strategic weather warfare technology and patent rights...Eastlund described this deadly technology as capable of: causing...total disruption of communications over a very large portion of the Earth...missile or aircraft desctruction, deflection or confusion... weather modification... http://www.wealth4freedom.com/truth/12/HAARP.htm , not surprisingly, the patent had previously been sealed under a government secrecy order.

...Raytheon became the largest "defense electronics" firm in the World. According to Richard Williams, a physicist and consultant to the David Sarnoff laboratory in Pinceton, HAARP constitutes "an irresponsible act of global vandalism."... where HAARP would "beam much more enrgy into the ionosphere. That could produce a severe disruption of the upper atmosphere at one location that may produce effects that spread rapidly around the Earth for years..."

In 1994, ARCO sold it APTI subsidiary...to E-Systems, a secretive high tech military outfit with links to the CIA ..."The company has outfitted such military projects as the Doomsday Plan (the system that allows the President to manage a nuclear war) ... Meanwhile, ARCO which had sold APTI to E-Systems, had itself been acquired by the BP-AMOCO oil consortium ...

- Suz LeBoeuf, M.A. mind control victim - "targeted individual - TI" http://www.lulu.com/electrowell

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