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Discussions about discussions are always interesting. And we all know what the delete key is for. It's very useful! But two short points before you delete me too:

1) Deliberate or accidental, the characteristics of cell phone transmissions (power, frequency, structure) do have harmful effects (and other influences) and these have already been noted by those who would like the power to harm.

2) The infrastructures do lend themselves to surveillance ("we" say it contravenes human rights, "they" say it is for national security), and indeed you can already pay to use it for personal surveillance of children, spouses, employees.

So the separation of harm from help is a fine one. And it is certain that military scientists know a lot about the effects of the very frequencies and signal structures we are exposed to. The REAL nasty side to all of this, is that because it is strategic and secret stuff, they aren't going to tell us or help us find out how we might devise non-harmful communications. We might assume they all know each others' secrets, but they don't.

So while these people want to own the power to harm (including mental influence), by their secrecy they ensure even collateral damage from cell phone transmissions continues, is denied and causes harm.

So unless you are quite clear that structured signals at these powers are harmless, the desire to harm is already causing illness, even death.

Now press delete!



Here here Andy.

We cannot avoid the real issues hiding behind this technology. Coupled with fluoridating drinking water we can begin to see a pattern building up. Not many people are aware that fluoride, a swell as being a toxin, is the foundation/base of many of our tranquillisers and anaesthesia drugs used in medical operations.

Throughout history the lawmakers, or ruling elite, have always attempted to control the masses, through taxes, laws telling us what we can do and not do, wars, religion and so forth. It is no different today. Just easier to do by employing a silent and invisible technology.

Paranoia it is not. Fact it most certainly is. Although fighting masts using this knowledge would be foolish and give THEM the ideal opportunity to dismiss objectors as conspiracy cranks, it IS important to understand the wider issues and the implications these issues can have on society. It is not only our health that is in danger here.

Forearmed is forewarned as they say. It also makes it even more important for us to protect ourselves from this type of radiation.

If people want to be an ostrich, fine. But don't disparage those people who have a better and wider understanding of what is really going on.

Some people want to know what is truly going on, and those that don't, you know where the delete button is. Do not try to make up people's minds for them. They're big enough and ugly enough to make up their own minds.

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