Some Technology To Undo The NWO

The New World Order has been created mainly by classifying as secret large amounts of technology to be used strictly for control of the populace. This classified technology encompasses but is not limited to directed energy weapons, biotech, broadcast field coercion, alternative energy sources, super surveillance of all types, and all the accouterments fed to us in our water, food, and air which enhance these technologies. High degrees of secrecy surround these technologies, and denial at the highest levels is the norm. As one would expect. The profit in lying is greatest when convincing the marks they are not the marks.

The purpose of this report is to advise the activist and citizen on the street of some technologies available which can and do counter the plans for the NWO's takeover of America.

Because so much of this NWO technology is dependent on secrecy, and mass ignorance, education as to what is available electronically these days will clue the savvy researcher to two main things:
One: a lid has gone on new technology, at least as far as commercial uses are concerned, and
Two: the very act of understanding this usurps at least half of the technology being used for control. By understanding what the world government has hidden in an effort to takeover America, one may counter-intuit useful items that can be constructed from readily available technology found almost everywhere.

One of the most heavily used aspects of the NWO's technology is the radiant arsenal. This is mainly because it is extremely detrimental to those it is used against, causing pain, infection, cancer, and other debilitating conditions, and because it is INVISIBLE. Detectors of radiant energy are first and foremost among the technology needed to beat the NWO. Digital radiation detectors are available and easily constructed. I would like to see digital readouts of local radiation levels broadcast on the internet the same as temperature readings and wind speed readings at all weather stations. It is probable that this will expose certain direct energy attacks in many places, as well as exhibiting to all-and-sundry the atmospheric engineering that is going on everywhere on a regular basis. Chemtrailing is a blatant example of this too, but until it can be linked to harmful radiation, most sheep are going to believe the governments line that these are just vapor trails, or rainmaking, or whatever other excuse the scum can invent to keep the sheep staring at their TV's.

Alternative energy is another aspect of technology that is under-exploited by the mass, and should be utilized to maximum degree, in order to defeat the NWO. As an example here is an experiment you can try: Take a regular box fan of the type used to cool small areas during hot weather. Place it over the exhaust of an air conditioning unit which is blowing hot air out of a house. This will cause the fan blade of the box fan to spin. If it doesn't, you have it backwards, turn it around. Once the fan blade is spinning, take a voltage measurement across the cord end of the box fan (the part you would plug into the wall). You will see voltage produced. This is just a small example of the many power sources being wasted everywhere.

Desalinization of sea water as a by-product of energy production would shut down the NWO quickly. It is a measure of their true stupidity that they wish to control water on a planet whose surface is 75% water. Both energy and fresh water can be produced by certain desalinization schemes, as well as fine gold, of which the oceans are full.

Electrotherapeutics is a branch of medicine which was extremely popular and worked for many things, including cancers, and all types of infections. It was highly effective and most doctors offices up through the 1930's utilized this technology to overcome human disease. This was buried. According to one source it was because "Pharmaceutical interests wished to create pills for every disease". Well, they have certainly done that. They create great dis-ease wherever their evil drugs are dispensed. Look into electrotherapeutics. The info is hard to find, but you will be surprised, I am sure. It is probable that the technology of electrotherapeutics was co-opted also, by the pharmaceutical companies who have since taken over Americas government in an attack of the populace here. Electrotherapeutics, or its opposite, are utilized quite a lot in this broadcast technology of control perped by the NWO and their servants. A slow coup has taken place here where Americans have been slowly attacked so as not to see the attack. The amount of disease and the cost of medical treatment should be the clues anyone needs to realize that when government takes over medicine, it then becomes profitable to make people sick.

Many activists today in America are under attack by directed energy weapons 24-7.

Finally, as concerns weaponry, there are quite of lot of alternatives available to the man on the street, and thankfully we still have our guns, although I am doubtful we have the will and wherewithal to use them anymore, except against each other, which is the NWO plan in a nutshell. Consider the atlatl though, the ancient spear throwing device that can hurl projectiles at almost ballistic speeds. This weapon is silent, and is illegal to hunt with in many states. It is ridiculously easy to make and master. It too has been buried because it is feared greatly by they who have taken over America.

Stealth and cunning have been ruthlessly weeded out here, as the NWO wish to make it all predictable, the easier to control, the easier to takeover.

5/04 (excerpt)

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