EMR harassment: the POW torture that dare not speak its name

Many of us have read details of the revolting forms of torture meted out to POW (prisoners of war) in Iraq. For those of us who know intimately what EMR generated harassing noise feels like reports of POW being tortured with "white noise"--a hiss-like EMR generated sound--will have a special resonance.

While I'm relieved and somewhat surprised that some major international Human Rights monitoring agencies (e.g. Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International) have not for diplomatic/politically motivated reasons deleted all references to EMR harrassment of Iraqi POW from their (media quoted) reports of specific types of torture, these Human Rights agencies by limiting their references to the full range of EMR generated torture available to and most likely used by US and UK military personnel to "white noise/noise bombardment" is pathetic. It is also most unjust to those Iraqi POW who are most likely being tortured beyond endurance with military EMR equipment.

Why don't these august Human Rights agencies bite the bullet so to speak and investigate ALL forms of military EMR generated harassment that are most likely employed for "effective" interrogations of Iraqi POW as well as for round the clock remotely controlled EMR assaults on priosners' biological functions, emotional states and thinking. Have they investigated if POW are now hearing RF generated voices in their heads plus "silent" mental dialogues to encourage them toward certain actions? Have they even investigated the strong possibility that POW are being/have been e-implanted/tagged? We know that miniscule e-implants have been surreptitiously inserted in thousands of targeted victims for such reasons as covert location tracking; human experimentation; remotely controlled bio harassment, emotional manipulation and mind control; and this outrageous violation of Human Rights (covert human implants) has even been admitted to by certain U.S.A. agencies. It is highly likely that such implants have been/are being used right now on POW in Iraq. I do wish that these most august Human Rights agencies showed the courage to investigate thoroughly the serious military misuse of EMR harrassment on POW. As far as I'm concerned they are not doing their job properly until they face this challenge.

Best, Imelda, Cork.


Hi Klaus: Glad to see you have inserted my piece on the duty of International Human Rights agencies to prise open EMR forms of harassment of POW. I neglected an important aspect of this that I would like you now to post. One of the principal "advantages" of covert microscopic implants (done so slyly that victims are not, in most cases, even aware that they have been implanted in, for instance, an earlope) is for surveillance and listening (plus possibly viewing) devices. What that amounts to is that POW might permanently be POW even years after release as their locations, conversations, intentions/plans, plus that of their friends, colleagues et al are being covertly spied upon due to these two-way-radio implants.

Furthermore, the harassment via the implants may not be activated until an indefinite time after POW release and monitoring can be an off-again/on-again geographically distant, computer controlled procedure. Omega: see picture under http://mindcontrol.twoday.net/stories/213593/

What all this amounts to is the worst type of POW slavery/usurption of individual's freedom and privacy. Can you imagine just how invasive it is when even their ablutionary and sexual activities are spied upon surreptitiosly via these implants. And not only the implanted victim's freedom and privacy is forfeited by covert miniscule implants but so also are those of all other persons the implanted victim comes in contact with. What a bonanza for intelligence agencies and for gaining ultimate political control!

At least people should be made aware that it may be even years after incarceration that they begin to sense they are under some type of remotely controlled EMR harassment. Their implants may have lain dormant (not made a tweek to alert the victim to having been implanted) for quite some time after insertion. That is also why investigators of this ghastly Human Rights violation may conclude there is no evidence of such implants taking place.

Best, Imelda, Cork.


Der einzige Unterschied: Man sieht es nicht...


Diese Bilder haben die Welt zu Recht empört. Was man mit den Mind-Control-Opfern weltweit macht, ist im Prinzip genau dasselbe: Dauermisshandlung mit Strom, Schlafentzug, Dauerstress, körperliche und seelische Qualen, Demütigungen, Isolation usw.

Der einzige Unterschied ist - man sieht es nicht. Die Folterungen der MC-Opfer geschehen nicht offenkundig und verborgen hinter Gefängnismauern, sondern unscheinbar über Fernwirkung...mitten unter Ihnen. Deshalb will das niemand glauben.

Wir wissen nicht, welcher Geheimdienst dahinter steckt, müssen aber aufgrund der lückenlosen Rückendeckung, die diese Verbrecher durch Politiker und Behörden genießen, annehmen, dass es nur ein Geheimdienst sein kann - der deutsche, der amerikanische oder wer sonst?

Ruth Gill


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