Message to victims of high technology human rights abuses


I will not protest here I am not some sort of plant, agent, or perp. Or that I have in no way been compromised by any alterations of my biology, nervous system, or consciousness. Everyone should decide for themselves which side I am on. I do not advise anyone to trust anyone fully, especially anyone who offers services for victims. Keep in mind, child molestors, are very often getting themselves in positions of trust with children. Perps also can be skillful to place themselves in positions of trust or authority over victims of high technology human rights abuses. If anyone wishes to call me for counciling, concuiltation, or advice, my services are free. My phone number is 801-458-1463 please do not call between 12 PM and 7 AM USA Mountain Time. I am in Utah, hitting reply to this email will not reach me. It is my opinion that all who claim victimisation, of high technology human rights abuses, are in fact actual victims, and should be taken seriously and their cases studied carefully. There are primary victims, victims of actual abuse, secondary victims, persons harmed because someone else has been harmed, and victims of collectivised contagious hysteria induced by the pressures upon society by such crimes. As an analogy, if you were a member of an ancient band of humans, who were on occasion being carried off and eaten by cave hyenas, you would not have to be atytacked yourself, to be a victim of such attacks. As victims (I was attacked by some rogue faction of the US military / NSA in early 1982, for the purpose of forced induction), we never "recover". What we can do, is remove or protect against ongoing harmful activities, treat or remove physical pain and injury, and become functional rational human beings again. At a minimum, if we have been severely traumatised, some combination of PTSD, paranoid delusions, anxiety, hysteria, memory loss, insomnia, sexual disfunction and other problems is to be expected. The prognosis for victims is actually very good, relative to persons who are suffering from mental disease or medical problems, versus victimisation. But only if the victim is no longer being actively victimised, and they are not in a state of denial about what happened to them. Victims are at relatively low risk for suicide, as they usually are suffering only from environmentally induced factors, not from organic problems or real mental illness (I do not consider environmentally induced conditions such as PTSD top be true mental disease, they are forms of mental injury, not mental disease). Victims of high technology crimes, if they are not severely injured, tend to recover relatively well and quickly, once the risk factors have been removed, and they accept the approximatre nature of what has happened to them. Perps on the other hand, which are also a type of victim generally (the attempt to force induct me was an attempt to make me a part of their "system"), are often incurable. There are studies which indicate divorce is more traumatic than the death of a spouse. A close family member being a perp, and finding that they are involved in injuring you or other families members, is more traumatic than if they had died or anys eperation from them. Victims should try to focus upon the fact, that close family members who are victimising them as perps, are themselves a type of victim in turn. Rather then trying to rehabilitate adult or teenage perps, healthy (as in not yet converted into perps), family members, should be isolated from perp members, and allowed contact with them only under supervised conditions in places where it is unlikely perps have had the opportunity to prep the area in any detail. If it is practical / legal to obtain such isolation. Victims should be careful, unless there is no viable alternative, to not violate any laws of state, as this can be used to further victimise them using the jaws and appartus of the state. The same is true of members of armed forces, they should be careful to not violate orders and military rules / laws, unless there is no viable alternative. When you visit the grave of a dead family member, you do not expect them to be warm and affectionate, helpful, or play other roles of a living healthy family member. It is better to accept that any family member or loved one you are sure is a perp, is essentially dead, until there is some reason to think they have been rehabilitated. You can visit them, but it is something like visiting the dead. Confrontation with them is generally futile and counter productive for you, and for them. They will usually not be fully consciously aware they are perps, nor will they have the ability to redefine themselves so they are no longer perps. They have been consumed by a larger organism than themselves, and they no longer are autonomous beings fully in control of their own actions. When politicking against high technology human rights abuses, focus on those who are receptive, or potentially receptive, rather than beating yourself up against those who are nto receptive. And always sue caution, that those who appear receptive, are not acting as agents to entrap you with the legal or mental health system, using your own seemingly "irrational" (as well defined by KGB and CIA "mental health" workers in diverse nations), statements or behaviour, to cause you further harm. Remember that in the early years, such as when I was victimised, we did not have any internet groups or internet support groups or circles. We generally only had very limited understanding of what was being done to us, how, and who was doing it to us, and society in general posed a threat to our security should we complain to anyone of the crimes against us, especially medical doctors of all types and public / police / military officials. Now victims can find other victims and supporters on the internet. I encourage such behaviour, with the understanding, that illnesses related to victimisation can be transmittable (even to non first hand victims who can then have delusions they have been first hand victims). Hysteria, irrational fears, many things can be transmitted from person to person. Find fellow victims so they can help you with your problems, and you can help them with their problems, not to infect eachother with problems you did not have already. Good mental and physical health is related to behaviour. As much as is safe and practical, keep socially active, get regular sleep for 6.5 hours or more at about the same time every day, but do not sleep more than 9.5 hours per day. Eat a good diet with a lot of vegetables, fruits and meat.


Alan Van Arsdale
(biologist, USAF veteran)

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