MEDIAJUSTICE videography group forming: here are some videos

Please be patient as I continue to create shows for public access tv.

If you have ideas as to how my media company can keep its shows going, regarding the justice aspect, of how our government is ignoring our claims that our court cases have been mishandled, please post here! Otherwise, do all this work yourself! I am bogged down in getting my messages across to the public and am needing others to dependably participate in this group.

To see some of my current shows, I am beginning to post pieces of them (snips) at my blog where I rant about electromagnetics being used on the public, but they pertain to how court cases can be "thrown" or controlled by somebody's use of weapons technology on us all! My blog: //www.electmagnetic.blogspot.com and has RSS feed by feedburner, so you can get my messages in your aggregator, to be continued about later ... I teach videography, media as well as courses being developed along these lines I will post here about at a later date, to gain more interest in topics relating to media justice.

I am serious about the electromagnetic weapons being used on the public, and would not risk sounding crazy. I teach at the college level in my normal, pre-video company life, and so want to be respected as such.

For those who track me around the internet to make up stories about how I killed my cats, my daughter, or flooded my home, please do not bother! I will remove you immediately as well as anything you post! And use your craziness as more evidence that what I have said about technology controlling humans is VERY TRUE!!! It can be used on judges, attorneys, police, anyone really, as I have studied brain wave entrainment.

This is all serious stuff, and I want serous participation in helping get this stopped! For all our sakes! This may be the perfect site to talk about medical treatments, as they are being interfered with by electromagnetic weapons and can cause heart attacks, etc. as well! I am very interested in learning about electromagnetic medicine or other relevant/psycho-political issues as well! And how they relate to weapons use.

suz at

bioelectronic torture:

Mediajustice yahoogroup, samples of my work. I will be posting archives in the near future all on one site:

Boobyprize: //icsn2202.blip.tv/file/17136
Kingpin Bush's Regime: //icsn2202.blip.tv/file/18468
MyRecovery: //icsn2202.blip.tv/file/21111
BoyGirlMouse: //icsn2202.blip.tv/file/20417
Brainwave: //icsn2202.blip.tv/file/24124
Trees: //icsn2202.blip.tv/file/24148
I'm Feeling in Hell: //icsn2202.blip.tv/file/21695
Mexicans Over The Border: //icsn2202.blip.tv/file/25417
MyPerpAssault, enhanced to see better: //icsn2202.blip.tv/file/37275
Electro Well For Your Health 6/25: //icsn2202.blip.tv/file/44044
Birds: //icsn2202.blip.tv/file/41685
Subjected to Acoustics: //icsn2202.blip.tv/file/40126 (edited for Bob
Dunlap by Suz LeBoeuf and uploaded)
Opening to show:
War Weapons Show (video effects): //icsn2202.blip.tv/file/37517
Voices in the air...: //icsn2202.blip.tv/file/18628

All videos created by Suz LeBoeuf, Electro Well founder, Executive Director and can be freely forwared, but please add my attritubion, thanks!
icsn2202@yahoo.com [DO_NOT_SPAM]
More to be posted at //www.suzsproductions.com

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