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I can not vouch for this firm. I only know they are advertising professional services for victims of electronic harassment. I know there are some firms in the former USSR also, many of them led by members of the former KGB. Electronic harassment is fairly big business, and is a major aspect of high technology human rights abuses. Conventional human rights abuse victims advocacy groups, in my opinion, mostly ignore victims of high technology human rights abuse, or give it low priority (focusing on human rights abuses by nations and groups which do not have the ability, need for, or can not afford high technology human rights abuse). In the free market global economy, perhaps if conventional human rights organisations are failing in their duty to victims of high terchnology human rights abuse, possibly corporations are not. That is, for those who can afford it, victims of electronic harassment and high technology human rights abuse, more and more, can hire protection / detection. Often those in the business of detection / prevention of electronic harassment / high technology human rights abuse, were in the past in the business of committing electronic harassment or high tech human rights abuse (corporate, organisational or national levels). As the old saying goes, sometimes it is good to hire a wolf to hunt a wolf. Victims should not be daunted. It is not that the World or America has been fully conquered by organisations lacking the ethics tio refraid from electronic harassment / high technology human rights abuse. It is that there is a struggle, on the one side those abusing, on the other side those trying to stop / expose / deter them, with many involved for reasons such as profit working for either or both sides, and in this struggle, there have been many victories already for our side (to stop such criminal behaviour, expose it, and deter it). The USSR was a great center of electronic harassment and high technology human rights abuse, and now is a great center for the supression of electronic harassment and high technology human rights abuse, with laws in this area much more advanced than in the US, and much more advanced and aggressive enforcement against such crimes now in the Russian Federation and elswhere than in the US. The nazis and Imperial Japanese were also very active in electronic harassment and high technology human rights abuse, those prgrams have ended so far as being under the control of their original masters, and are the basis of many of our problems today. If any members ever use any mercenary services against those victimising them, I would strongly encourage them to post about their experience here, so as to guide other victims as to what mercenary services might be reliable sources of help against these modern day technological predators upon humanity. When the enemy has cut your lines, and is all around you, it is easy to think the war has been lost. Who has "won" or "lost" in modern warfare, is not always so obvious, or easy to evaluate. It is also often hard, to know who the enemy is, and who your allies are, volunteer, or mercenary. Often assets are shifting over time from one side to the other, or working for both sides. To all victims of electronic harassment and high technology human rights abuse. No matter how terrible your situation, keep hope, our common enemies, though the may rise in power and effectiveness regionally, are slowly losing ground in the World over time, despite the horrible advantage their lack of morals and ethics gives them in any struggle (Hitler was terrible, but he did have some ethics, he refrained from using gas in war fior example, despite it would have been to his advantage, unlike most of these monsters). Your sacrifices are not in vain, and your silent, muted or audible screams do not go entirely unheard. Many of us may not live to see it, or may not be whole when it comes, but the possibility of a World unsafe everywhere for electronic harassment and high technology human rights abuse criminals, is a reality within our grasp. Most of the heros of our cause remain unknown, fallen, neutralised, captured, or living and active. This does not lesson what they are, great heros of as noble a cause as any generation in human history ever struggled for. In America, the enemy has prevailed, but no longer can conquer or conceal from the public all open opposition. In this great human struggle, defining the combatants can be complex. But there is a simple explanation of who the enemy is, and who we are, as a movement. There are those who conduct electronic harassment and / or high technology human rights abuses, they are the enemy of all of humanity, irrespective of our race, ethnicity, nationality, religion or politics. There are those who work to expose, prosecute and / or supress crimes of electronic harassment and high technology human rights abuse, these are us and our allies. More complex, there are those who work for the enemy, and work for us, or change sides over time. The third class is very important, often they are defectors from the enemy, who have resources not easily gained by pure victims and their non insider supporters.


Alan Darwin Van Arsdale
born 4-14-1962
(biologist graduated from UCSB, honorably discharged USAF veteran enlisted for cryptographic calibration, victim of high technology human rights abuse California early 1982 with intact implants visible on X-rays, phone USA 801-458-1463)


Direct Energy Weapons / Electronic Harassment / Video Link

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Gerry Duffett

Pager # 416-612-5689




Electronic Harassment / Direct Energy Weapons / Video Link Sun

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Michele Moore writes and speaks on the subjects of Happiness and Spiritual Success. She produces the Happiness Blog HappinessBlog.com and is author of an upcoming book titled the Happiness Habit: Skills & Strategies of Habitually Happy People. Michele's background includes a MBA Finance and 20+ happy years in management & technology consulting. She brings a fresh analytical view to the subjects of Happiness and Spiritual Success. Michele Moore lives in Atlanta and travels widely.

Michele Moore

August 4, 2005

Suppose there was a technology that would allow you to secretly and silently stupefy and befuddle your adversaries, competitors and rivals without a trace. If the stakes were high enough in terms of money and power, would you use it? Can you be sure such weapons are not being used against you? The answer is, probably not.

It is an established fact that non ionizing microwave radiation, especially Extra Low Frequency ELF microwaves can induce sudden and dramatic changes in human psychological states, alter sleep patterns, cause headaches, memory loss and physiological changes.These ELF microwaves are invisible and virtually undetectable. Their effects are not widely known and the equipment to prove they are being used is not generally available.

Specific Electronic Threats:

Microwaves pulsed at specific frequencies over stimulate the brain production of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter associated with the storage of memory, inducing memory loss and a sense of timelessness and/or missing time.

Other ELF microwave frequencies induce an aversive reaction characteristic of avoidance learning. Think of the impact of this if used during political debates.

A weak (1 mW) 4 Hz magnetic sine wave can modify human brain waves in 6 to 10 seconds. The psychological effects of a 4 Hz sine magnetic wave are negative -- causing dizziness, nausea, headache, and can lead to vomiting.

The telephone and electric wiring in our homes and businesses can serve as gigantic transmitters and receivers. Technology to transmit specific ELF frequencies into our homes and businesses is readily available. It is not unlike the devices that allow you to install a telephone extension by sending radio frequencies through your electric lines.

Microwave transmissions can be focused quite narrowly over long distances. They can penetrate walls, glass and physical barriers just as cell phone transmissions do. Microwave transmissions aimed at a bed head board could literally cook a victim brain during sleep without their ever being fully aware of what is happening to them.

Ultra Sonics: It is also possible to hear and understand spoken words transmitted by pulsed-microwave analogs of a speaker's sound vibrations. The words could be inaudible to the people around listener and would seem to be the listener own thoughts. Imagine the implications for disseminating disinformation during corporate presentations.

Electronic harassment technology has come a long way since the Soviets bombarded the US Embassy with microwaves in the 1970's. A similar system was apparently used against the British women protesting the presence of American cruise missiles at Greenham Common Air Base also during the seventies. These devices employed electromagnetic radiation (EMR) of gigahertz frequency, pulsed at extremely low frequencies (ELF) to torture people physically and mentally, covertly from a distance.

Congressional inquiry into electronic harassment technologies, especially after the MKULTRA affair in the 1980's quickly drove the development and deployment of these electronic harassment devices into the hands of independent contractors where they remain today. These contractors move seamlessly and secretly between the government and private sectors.

Sadly, there is remarkably little information readily available about the status and use of electronic harassment devices in the world today. What is accessible is old and is often associated with extra terrestrial alien internet sites. Three fairly credible links are:


The threat of electronic harassment technologies to American businesses and freedom is real. Anyone involved in a contentious and competitive business situation needs to be aware these technologies exist so they can protect themselves and their interests.

Michele Moore

The author, Michele Moore, is not affiliated with any physical protection or internet security firm. She has experienced the symptoms of ELF harassment during an intellectual property dispute. Her computer was remotely disabled ten minutes after sending an email containing the three links mentioned in this article to a friend.

Michele writes and speaks on the subjects of happiness and well-being from her home in Atlanta. See http://www.HappinessHabit.com, http://www.HappinessBlog.com and http://www.MicheleMoore.com for more information about her work.

Scary stuff

Gerry Duffett

Pager # 416-612-5689



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