Misuse of electronic weapons and related technology: electronic weapons could endanger national security


Meetings were scheduled in 22 congressional offices in Washington D.C. during the week of June 12, 2006. Meetings were also scheduled in 15 offices last year during the week of October 3, 2005. A total of more than 50 offices responded to our letters about the misuse of electronic weapons and related technology. Congress was asked to start an investigation and pass new laws. The report was titled “Please consider sponsoring proposed legislation about aircraft safety, electronic weapons, human experiments, and other national security issues.” The 12 page report will be posted in the near future. Legislative assistants that met with us in October 2005 were told that we would write our own version of laws to be submitted in 2006. Some of the staff members that we met for the second time remembered the information in the October 2005 report that was titled “Electronic weapons could endanger national security.” The purpose of this report was to encourage Congress to start talking openly about electronic weapons.

The following topics were of interest to legislative assistants in June 2006. At least five staff members expressed an interest in starting an investigation. We can rely on two of those offices to help us, and maybe all five. One person will talk with staff members in five other offices to discuss the best way to proceed. This important meeting was originally scheduled by Dr. Le Roy Gillam. An assistant said that it was reasonable to review the constitutionality of two laws, and possibly repeal the two laws that authorize government employees to test chemical agents, biological agents, or electronic equipment on a civilian population. He also wanted evidence of human testing. One topic of interest was related to the “Securing Aircraft Cockpits Against Lasers Act of 2005,” which was unanimously passed by Congress. The legislative assistant asked us to write a narrow definition describing the electronic technology that could have a more serious impact on aircraft.

The new legislation will expand the list of electronic devices or weapons that are prohibited from being pointed at aircraft (and passengers). One staff member was interested in receiving more information about this sentence: “Congressional oversight and investigations in the past moved secret covert operations for research and development of many technologies and weapons into the laboratories of private contractors.” Hearings are being scheduled to discuss new regulations on Tasers and other common electronic weapons, which was the first topic in our October 2005 report. There was more positive feedback and suggestions from legislative assistants about how we should proceed.


Thanks to many volunteers who wrote and edited proposals, or made suggestions for the legislation presentation during the last year. Many of our organizers or group leaders agree that to convince government officials, friends, or family about the misuse of electronic weapons, it is better to present verifiable evidence, such as mainstream news stories, government reports, patent numbers, laws about electronic weapons that have been passed already, etc. It is difficult to convince others about the misuse of technology by using personal stories.

Our group went to a congressional meeting with a TI. After telling a personal story about electronic targeting, the TI noticed the disbelief in the facial expression of the legislative assistant. A better way to convey our message is by writing one page letters, instead of making explanations by phone or in person.

Several TI’s have volunteered to help improve or edit letters, or you may choose to use the action committee letters to Congress when they are written in the near future.


The congressional meetings and rally will be discussed on the Saturday night conference call. Most of your questions will be answered at that time. However, the six individuals (Ted Gunderson, Mary Ann Stratton, Robert Duncan, Krissi Stull, and Jim McCue) who attended the congressional meetings agreed not to discuss the names or offices of the legislative assistants that met with us.

It is important that the action committee, writers, and editors be allowed to pursue these new congressional leads confidentially in the way that is determined to help our cause the most. The 12 page proposed legislation will be posted on http://www.freedomfchs.com in the near future. The report was written to generate interest in Congress to start an investigation and pass legislation about the misuse of electronic weapons. Keep in mind that presenting most of the verifiable evidence happens during the investigation. Your suggestions on how to proceed are welcome during the conference call and after you have had an opportunity to read the proposed legislation. Please forward this information to your friends.



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