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In the Russian newspaper Rossijskaja gazeta Nr. 144 of 31.07.2001 was published the Law “On Weapon”. In the Article of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation it was suggested to supplement additional articles outlawing the circulation of weaponry and other objects injuring effect of which is based on the appliance of electromagnetic, infrasound and ultrasound radiation. In other words, the matter of the Article was the so called psychotronic weaponry. Previously the Russian State Duma has vigorously discussed a draft law “On Informational and Psychological Security” submitted by the former deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Lopatin. Aside from that a draft law “On Psychosphere Safety” submitted by the Chairman of the Committee of the National Security of the State Duma V. Iljuchin has been already developed. Therefore there are some variants of the draft law on prohibition of the so called psychotronic weapon but their fate is unknown to me. However, it is known that the legislative assembly of the Krasnoyarsk Territory has already passed the law which outlaws the circulation and appliance of psychotronic weaponry. It is also known that in 2000 the legislative assembly of the Krasnoyrsk Territory made a try to submit an amendment to the Article 6 of the Federal Law “On Weapon” − psychophysical weaponry. This amendment was not at once passed as well. The government headed by M. M. Kas’janov rejected this amendment. Then the Moscow Committee of Residence Ecology appealed to the Federal Assemblies of the 37 Territories of Russia with a request to support the initiative of the Federal assembly of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Almost all territories supported this initiative. On the 26th of June 2001 the amendment was passed by the State Duma of the Russian Federation and on the 26th of July 2001 it was signed by the President V. V. Putin. We cannot but hope that soon also on the federal level this Law will be ultimately passed and then Russia will be probably the first country in which the circulation and appliance of such weaponry will be prohibited on the legislative level.

Under psychotronic influence should be understood the purposeful influence on a human being with electromagnetic fields and acoustic (infrasound, ultrasound) waves, which cause deviations in behaviour and thinking activity, reactions on situations and events; they induce disorder in functional systems of an organism and alter tissue cells. There are currents of claims in Russia and other countries with the demand to stop psychotronic stimulating of humans. What these beasts from special cervices are doing with people you can read in the attachment to this brief.

Most of people in Russia (and in the world in the whole) are practically helpless and they are very badly protected against abuse of power on the part of special services and in the result of the appliance of psychotronic weaponry all society strata became defenceless. Psychotronic weaponry is applied not only against the citizens of own countries, to the radiation are the diplomatic corpses and institutions of other countries exposed. The enclosed article Na chto zalujetes’ gospoda (What are you complaining of, gentlemen?) published in the newspaper Izvestija in the year 1984 is noteworthy. The issue of this article is the workforce of the American Embassy in Moscow complaining of being exposed to the microwave radiation arranged by Russian special services. In Germany government and parliament deny even the existence of such kind of weaponry; given that fact special services have there no limits. About the impudence of their activity you can read in the article published in the weekly Russkij Berlin (2002). It reports about a scandal broken in the time the deputies of the German Bundestag (Lower House of German Parliament) while moving into the new premises situated opposite the Russian Embassy found there on the upper floors “unbidden guests” from German special services with special equipment. They were difficult to smoke out. What kind of equipment there was installed we cannot but guess. It shouldn’t be excluded that arsenal contained also psychotronic weapon to which we count any radiators and generators capable to influence consciousness and mentality of a human, read his thoughts and monitor him visually. It is possible that the strange and tragic death of the member of the Russian embassage Viktor S. on the 8th of September 2003 who leapt out of the balcony on the 6th floor is a result of such a “work” of special services. He worked as a duty superintendent of the embassy. The chief of the embassy press-group M. Grabar’ gave a statement that according to the results of medical evidence in court there was neither alcohol nor drug traces in his blood. About this puzzling death informed weekly Russkij Berlin from 15.09.2003 and weekly Yevropa-Ekspress Nr. 38. Articles devoted to this theme referred to the incident happened three years ago in Marseilles. The consul of the consulate-general of Russia in France Arthur Kamalidenov died in a similar way. If against them psychotronic weapon was applied and they were exposed to zombiing, the law of personal inviolability and inviolability of residence of foreign diplomatic representations has been in no way observed.

Unfortunately such an “activity” of special services is very difficult to prove, and there is no country in the world having a law that stipulates punishment for such crimes. That is the problem, it is difficult to prove, there are no laws forbidding this weaponry, and chiefs of states and chiefs of executive are not going to make an unwanted fuss, because they are aware that their noses could be rubbed in their own bullshit; if it were another way, all “experts” in this sphere would have been already imprisoned. In what way a plain person can stand against this state of lowliness? For the time being his only means of counterstand against this endless violence over human personality is the accumulation and spreading of information on this issue enclosing a certificate his is not off his head and not crazy. Despite of all efforts made by special services to stop its spreading in Russia, the information of this kind forces its way to the internet websites and other mass media. Unfortunately in the west mast media to this issue has been being paid very modest attention, and it is a great pity because the chain of fatal contingencies can keep on happening…

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