Victim of State Sponsored Domestic Terrorism

DavidVGoliath 16 May 2004 04:57 GMT

There is a new, old phenomena in America. It is cause stalking by vigilante groups. These groups are usually supported by police and fire departments, and have spread all accross America.

A groundbreaking book that will reveal the details of these groups is:

Terrorist Stalking in America
By David Lawson
Copyright 2001
Published by Scrambling News
915 N.W. First Avenue - Suite 2903
Miami, FL 33136-3541 USA
ISBN 0-9703092-0-1
73 pages, indexed

Purchase source:


My personal account is below:

To whom it may concern:


Sporadically since 1998 and continuously for the last 7 months, I have been harrassed and tortured by what appears to be an LA Street gang, but turns out is something far more sinister.

I have been tailed everwhere I go, by car and on foot. Everytime I enter or leave a building, or enter or leave my car, there is a car horn that honks twice in the distance. I have been tailgated at extremely close range by vehicles that shine their bright lights on me, and I am often blocked, by several vehicles, when leaving any parking space. I am also shouted at from passing cars, honked at when being passed by certain vehicles, and followed on foot into and out of every building I go into, including my work place. Also, fire trucks pass my apartment in the middle of the night and sound their sirens, (Primarily from Eng Co 35, but the locals always pick up the chase), and this also takes place where I eat breakfast, take my acting class, and go to the gym. I have been subjected to sleep deprivation for extended periods of time and cars have sounded their horns outside my apartment at the exact moment of my waking for weeks on end. I have also had a man, who has tailed me on more than one occassion, place a puppy under the rear wheels of my car, then suddenly slap the rear end of my car to retrieve the animal, when I tried to back out of the parking space, as well as other strange forms of behavior. BTW, very often when I am in Burbank, NBC Channel 4 vans, always seem to be in the area. I BELIEVE I HAVE SOMEHOW BEEN CHARACTERIZED AS A TERRORIST, AND THAT THE PATRIOT ACT IS BEING ABUSED FOR THIS PURPOSE. I strongly suspect that my phones and email have been wiretapped permanently and illegally for years.

This is definitely POLICE SPONSORED. The vehicles are usually white with black trim, many are Nissans, and either white or black SUV's. Over the last couple of months, many of these vehicles are now solid grey. These vehicles also have uniform markings. Many have had the following:

Rear window American Flag Decals, and red union 76 antenna balls; Red fire helmet rear window decals; Raiders footbal rear window decals, and antenna balls; praying "Calvin" rear window decals, and many have no license plates, or no front plate, both of which are illegal in California, even for undercover police cars. BTW these markings are also appearing on LAPD, LASD, CHP, LAFD, Parking Enforcement, LADWP, MTA, SBC Communications, Access Paratransit, Checker Cab, and private vehicles from, LA SHERIFFS ASSOCIATION, 11-99 Foundation and TEAMSTERS local 399.

Many of the individuals involved wear black or grey stocking caps, (Now, also other colors), many with the Raiders football logo. Most are young latinos, between the ages of 18 - 25, male and female, and many often travel with children.

The previously mentioned behaviors have had a devastating effect on my state of mind, and I have been driven to the point of suicide at least twice, which I believe is the point of these behaviors. I have also been run off the road once, with (now) 4 other attempts, I was involved in 2 rear end accidents with similar timing, circumstances and vehicles. I have also been subjected to what appears to have been a malicious felony stop in October 2000, by the LA Sherrif's dept. The day after the second suspicious rearending, while traveling through Griffith Park on the way to work, a white panel van pulls infront of me from the Park-Ranger's station. Hand painted on the rear doors is a picture of a man standing by a wrecked car. Underneath the painting are the words: "DON'T BE A VICTIM." About six months later, the day after I have a suspicious flat, while making a delivery at the Beverly Hills Hotel, The same van pulls in front of me again, with a slightly different painting. This time it is of a man changing a flat tire, again the words: "DONT BE A VICTIM," are written below the painting. It sure seems like the Park-Rangers are claiming responsibility.

After asking questions of local retail merchants and neighbors about cars with no plates and Raiders decals, I was confronted by a neighbor in my building, a Mr. "Washington Sotomayer" (1248 N Kenmore Ave. apt 4, LA 90029) who stated that he worked for the police, and that he had a "problem." The police never came as I had done nothing wrong, but Mr Sotomayer's claim that he works for the police is credible, as I have seen him being chaufered to and from the building in the same type of vehicles involved in my harrassment and torture.

Let me explain what I know of my tormentors: They are a vigilante group of law enforcement, firefighters, and non-law enforcement security "professionals" and non-law enforcement citizens & shopkeepers that have been recruited and trained to use theoretically non-lethal TERRORIST tactics, to terrorize and control people, they believe need extra-judicial treatment, who have not been charged with or convicted of a crime. (This as well as the fire truck 'gag,' would require the existence and use of a secret database of targeted individuals) Why bother with a trial, in this POST 911 world, when you can just punish someone.

My tormentors are composed of the following groups: LAPD, LASD, CHP, LAFD, Griffith Park Rangers, Parking enforcement, LADWP, MTA, Access Paratransit, SBC Communications, Checker Cab, LA SHERIFFS ASSOCIATION, 11-99 Foundation, TEAMSTERS local 399, Walt Disney Co Security, Securitas, Universal Protection Services, Command Guard Systems {(Ramon Rodriguez, Hawthorne California), this guy runs a real Gestapo} and local retail merchants and neighbors that have been recruited as vigilantees. (I have been told, by word of mouth, that the police also recruit gang members for this type of work, that have had a conviction and want to escape jail time). I also suspect that a source of personnel for these vigilante groups could be the family and friends of Police and Firefighters. These could serve as a primary cadre or officer-corps, then moving down from there would be Police and Fire civic-booster organizations, then shopkeepers, locals, and gang members. (This is only one possible organizational scenario.)

I have been subjected to an enormous amount of "STREET THEATRE," and everywhere I go, local shop keepers, and others simply go along with it without asking questions. Everyone down the line is willing to follow illegal orders, without the slighest question of my tormentors claims, authority, or the legality or morality of their actions.

Let me explain how this works: The entire city and county of Los Angeles appears to have been organized as a "TACTICAL UNIT," meaning that all mobile city services have been, or appear to be trained and are performing surveillance and harrassment. (This may simply be undercover police officers using vehicles from these other departments, but the drivers appear to be the "real thing.") So, the broader implications for society at large are enormous. **This means that when a high level city or county official gives the order, an individual can find that he is being harrased, and stalked, by what will appear to him to be the entire world, overnight and without warning, or possibility of mitigation** This can happen repeatedly over the lifetime of the targeted individual, and since the perpetrators can usually not be identified, (read no license plates), and the "blood" has been spread around, the victim will find himself immediately isolated and helpless. (This is called straight jacketing, in police jargon). **THESE PEOPLE HAVE ALSO INFILTRATED ALL OF MY SOCIAL NETWORKS AND WORKED TIRELESSLY TO SYSTEMATICALLY DESTROY ALL OF MY RELATIONSHIPS AND HAVE DONE SO REPEATEDLY OVER MORE THAN THE LAST 5 YEARS. {There goal is to make sure I don't get "STARTED" ANYWHERE IN THE COMMUNITY. The method they are currently using is to get my friends to help them "SETUP ME UP." They will use verbal tricks of one kind or another, to try to get me to say something, anything of an antisocial nature, in the presence of witnesses. And, in my case, they will diliberately get my friends to sit and dress in a certain way, to let me know they have been there. In my case they have had two of my friends dress in red, white and blue and will get local shop keepers to wear the same WHITE sweater with a big piture of the American Flag on the front. THESE ARE NOT PATRIOTS THEY ARE NAZIS.

More - Victim of State Sponsored Domestic Terrorism

Source: http://archives.lists.indymedia.org/imc-cleveland-outreach/2004-May/000026.html

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