MC victimized please read the following about a planned advertisement campaign

MC victimized

Please read the following about a planned advertisement campaign to educate and galvanize as a first effort the people of NYC against mind control implanting of people and using directed energy on them.

We send you this heads up email looking for yes the ugly donation request. I who write and the author of the web site http://www.us-government-torture.com have a daily MC radio show top right of the page and countermeasures to often reduce the MC effects see blue placard countermeasures for implants and directed energy. I received your email from Teresa Taylor who apparently has corresponded with you and she gave me permission to undertake writing to you. This letter in groups of 5 or so emails each is being sent out to several hundred victims and we hope to being the take back of the country and force change.

It needs to start somewhere so here is the plan: a 1/2 or full page add in a well known newspaper to read as follows. As the numbers of people increases the new people will be asked to advertise in other major cities such as LA, Houston, Miami, and other suggested cities. The hope is to start a domino effect and begin the process of indictment, trial, and hopefully execution under the law of those responsible for this treason.

I understand that most are financially strapped; if you can help now it may end sooner than never, any mc or sympathetic person please forward this email and lets get the process started. No money will be spent in any other way except towards the cost of the advertising. Comments appreciated!

Sorry for the format being out of kilter it was copied from the printer program and would be corrected!

General advertisement format follows:

There is a new crime in New York and its called covert execution. Its being done by elite authorities using high tech methods of directed microwave, covert implanting small electronic devices inside them up the nose into the frontal brain area, injections of microchips from hospitals and doctors.

This is happening now here in the NYC area and indeed around the Nation! If you are suffering from insomnia, acid reflux, ringing or voice communication through covertly installed middle ear cochlear implant, arthritis, ADD, Hyperactivity, Charlie Horses, Twitching limbs at night, Vivid Dreams, Depression, Skin Rashes and many others it may be your body is being subjected to government termination experiments shrouded in doublespeak as "Harassment Exercises" against people; the demographic is across the spectrum where men women and children have been reported being attacked telling the same general story. We in the metropolitan area have been attacked in events such as 911 and many now know through the Internet investigation that government could easily have stopped the airplanes by jet interceptor but did not; this active allowance should tell you what your reading about is not as far fetched as it seems. You may have been implanted and not believe it or a friend or family member and now even after reading this warning be in denial to pay attention now at a critical time when its been estimated that 1 out 3 Americans are now implanted without their knowledge or permission.

Goal : Any and all persons whom believe that they have such symptoms or are under some kind of attack by electronic weapons and devices as described, including reporters, newspersons and tech people are invited to come to lunch at south central park street corners because those doing the attacks have blocked telephone calls and deleted e-mails to deliberately prevent people from reaching out and educating the public about this.

Make no mistake about it this is going on and an improvement on the Nazi technique of arrresting you and dragging you away, with this technique they make you ill or kill you without your knowledge in your own home while being paid for the results of their experiments. We are not particularly interested in people protesting the purpose of this gathering will be to have lunch ala dutch and be educated, as well as for subsequent plan to more fully expose and put the hammer down. If you can not attend I suggest that you read the following website http://www.us-government-torture.com

In this age of blatant censorship of the news this is the largest secret on this planet being kept from you by mainstream media, it is also the largest danger we face collectively as citizens of New York and of this Nation indeed the world.

Should you fail to react to this call to action you may well be sealing our fate; those that are doing this have tremendous budgets and are experts at keeping you the citizen from acting using psychology and technology.

Children are targets as well, if this fact alone does not get you active then nothing will. Additionally we need donations to continue this advertisement.

PLEASE NOTE: The add will be somewhat longer.

Informant: John

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