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If you can foward my remarks relative to that below, I would and others may appreciate it.

The idea that the microwave can be stopped is a missnomer, microwaves will induct through barriers and the amplification system in implanted devices can very realistically receive the reduced signal strength and then react to transmitted commands to dump capacitors stored energy and cause all sorts of effects. This is not to say that certain types of signals will not penetrate an enclosure easily despite overlapping and multiple layers. The truth is however that professionally made RF rooms are for example never made from copper screen or any screen. They are made from multiple layers of silicon steel, copper sheet and in some cases specially heat treated iron sheets instead of or complimenting silicon steel. The layers are insulated from each other and independently grounded. In addition no seam is permitted and all seams must be stuffed with that same metal wool. All doors must have compression seals of the same metals and for air the hole must be a specially geometry to propel any incomming radiation out. All and all a serious endeavour not meant for the uninitiated nor for results as I have here heard be for analysis by those who don't fully understand the issues posed here by this dissertation. As well I have this knowledge from talking to the CEO's of several companies exclusively building these rf rooms for inductry commercial testing; I consider myself additionally only somewhat expert in this field. I have additional information which will reduce the effects everyone is talking about however my experience is negative in using the method I know works. One is that the energy needed to block the attack field is itself hazardous and also the perps need only to turn up the power of their transmitter.

I also know for a fact that they do have exotic energy technology that can transmit I believe matter through some solids and also that there may be neutral energy beams, so I do not have a limitation on my understanding; the issue I take above is to demonstrate the fact that the techology is already extant that fits the issue described.

John Mecca

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