Maser und Talkie-Walkie


The talkie-walkie can only tell the spy what the person is thinking and hearing. The laptop is more efficient because it is possible to view all the nerves and also to send some electric schock throught the body. It can record also what the man is feeling : a hurt, a little of water (rains,…).

The device can also target many persons (2, 3, 4,…). The proper filter can recognize the voice because the person thinks with his voice. It is possible also to send some voices in the head of the body. The consequence also is that two persons can talk to each other with the device considered as a hub of communication. It is possible to plug a sampler on the laptop to record what the person can hear or to send any sampling. For example, it is possible to make hear a guy the voice of a neighbour to make him believe that the neighbour is talking.

To have fun, it is possible to read dreams of a man. Enjoy the potential result… It is possible to record the special state of mind when the man is ready falling to sleep. When you redirect it, he feels sleepy automatically.

The laptop has got also a special functionality to focus on a person moving because it must be define the correct window of the body. It uses margins. Of course, it is also possible to see everything on a monitor of a computer. It is possible to kill somebody to force him getting suicide by sending voices or to reproduce nerves reaction. The man who doesn’t know that becomes quickly crazy. He can hear the sound of a jet in his flat.


4. I have knowledge of microwave communication devices like the TROPOSCATTER and GYROTRON RESONANCE MASER, a machine that talks to the brain, surrounds and penetrates the entire body in a EM flux, and beams into it a microwave communications field. Therefore, a laser, like the needle of light on a compact disk, reads changes in electrons after passing through the body and a computerized CAT scan sorts the frequencies of the brain and five senses. The maser, with pulsed-power source, fits inside a truck.

5. I have knowledge that MASERS, not lasers, are extremely sophisticated mind and body machines, capable of thought transfer, manipulation of emotions, muscle control, image and dream transfer. A human or cybernetic controller can carry on a conversation telepathically, and at the same time instill physical sensations, subliminal commands, emotions and visual and aural hallucinations.

8. I have knowledge of a medical instrument named "ENCAPHALATOR."

9. I have knowledge that doctors and/or other individuals implant micro-receiver(s) in the frontal and/or temporal lobes of humans using a medical instrument named encaphalator.

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