The Perils Of Electropollution

CROSS CURRENTS: The Perils Of Electropollution

by Dr. Robert O. Becker

ISBN 0-87477-609-0


page 297



("C3I (for command, control, communications, and intelligence).

Our total military system has become as analog of a living organism, constantly sensing its environment, integrating information, and reaching decisions, and then acting on those decisions by using the appropriate weapons systems.

Vietnam was the proving ground for the basic concepts of C3I, ....

The military organism was designed on the 10 mW standard and, once in place, it had to be defended against the possibility of nonthermal bioeffects. The recognition and validation of these effects would mean the collapse of the total organism and the death of C3I. .... ... evidence for nonthermal effects was viewed as a threat to national security.

Control over the scientific establishment was maintained by allocating research funds in such a way as to ensure that only 'approved' projects -- that is projects that would not challenge the thermal-effect standard -- would be undertaken. .... In some instances, scientists were told that nonthermal effects did occur, but that national security objectives required that they be exceptionally well established before they became public knowledge.

All of these reports shared certain characteristics. Scientific data indicating nonthermal bioeffects were either ignored or subjected to extensive and destructive review. .... ... while a statement such as 'There is no evidence for any effects of pulsed magnetic fields on humans' would have been literally true, it would have ignored the many reports of such effects on laboratory animals and the fact that no actual tests had been conducted on humans.

Scientists who persisted in publicly raising the issue of harmful effects from any portion of the electromagnetic spectrum were discredited, and their research grants were taken away.

Deployment of powerful and exotic electromagnetic systems continues, with little, if any, consideration given to the potential impact of these systems on the health and safety of the public.


GWEN is a communications system currently under construction that operates in the very low frequency (VLF) range, with transmissions between 150 and 175 kHz. This VLF range ... signals travel by ... ground waves -- electromagnetic fields that hug the ground ... a single GWEN station transmits to a 360-degree circle radiating out ... about 250 to 300 miles. .... The stations are spaced from 200 to 250 miles apart ... signals ... from coast to coast .... When the system is completed in the early 1990s, the entire civilian population of the United States will be exposed to the GWEN transmissions.


... the EMP phenomenon. An electromagnetic pulse is a very short, intense burst of electromagnetic energy ....

GWEN is a superb system, in combination with cyclotron resonance, for producing behavioral alterations in the civilian population.

The EMP concept .... A derivative of this program is HPM (high-power pulsed microwave), .... Several types, ranging in frequency from 1,200 MHz to 35 GHz with powers up to 1000 megawatts, are being tested.

A recent report derived from the testing program of the Microwave Research Department at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research states, 'Microwave energy in the range of 1 to 5 GHz, a militarily important range, penetrates all organ systems of the body and thus puts all organ systems at risk.'

'Microwave pulses appear to couple to the central nervous system and produce stimulation similar to electrical stimulation unrelated to heat.' It appears that HPM is capable of altering behavior in the same fashion as Delgado's electrical stimulation.

The production of cognitive and behavioral alterations by HPM is a sledgehammer effect in comparison to the subtle alterations produced by ELF fields. According to a 1982 air force review of biotechnology, ELF has a number of potential military uses, including 'dealing with terrorist groups, crowd control, controlling breaches in security at military installations, and antipersonnel techniques in tactical warfare.' The same report states, '[Electromagnetic] systems would be used to produce mild to severe physiological disruption or perceptual distortion or disorientation. They are silent, and countermeasures to them may be difficult to develop.'

It would appear that the military may yet be able to completely control the minds of the civilian population. .... In my opinion, the military establishment sill believes that the survival of the military organism is worth the sacrifice of the lives and health of large segments of the American population.")

The capacity to use electromagnetic fields to target and manipulate the minds of individuals, cannot be expressed more plainly than in the above last couple of paragraphs.

In my opinion.

Bob D.

Cross Currents: The Promise of Electromedicine, the Perils of Electropollution
by Robert O. Becker

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