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How is it we have a legally functioning family law system in the midst of these war-weapons being used on people?

Written by Suz at // or //


To: Mackinac Center for Public Policy

Your family law article by Justice Corrigan, can be improved. First, there are many family court litigants who complained to me that they are suffering from abuse of the law, so laws are not being upheld by judges in the courts. This is true also in my case. As a battered wife my pleas to see my child went ignored, after the opposing attorney, representing my ex-husband, actually frauded the document for stipulation for child custody. I went to court to tell them so for which nothing was ever done. My ex had a history of DV way back then, 18 years ago.

I have another issue - electronics being used on the public so we are "thrown away" in the mental health system, written off for being outspoken like I was publically - as so many have said they have suffered horrendously. I think all the money attorneys and their colleagues get have become so important, that ordinary good citizens are being robbed, tortured and cast into the pit of hell deliberately, because weapons of mass destruction known as "non-lethal weapons" used by the military have found their way to the black market. Now they are entraining brain waves of citizens out on the street, sitting in their homes and being tortured by acoustical weapons that make people look either psychotic or having suicidal ideations!

I speak as a mental health professional who has a master's degree in psychology, who has found the weapons to be very real. And being completely ignored by the elected officials many of us have been alerting, for over a decade I am informed.

With this in mind, how will your org handle cases that have child custody disputes, with children's and their parent's minds being subtly influenced by military-style weapons?

Suz LeBoeuf
369 Danville
Court Akron,
Ohio 44311

bioelectronic torture:


ACLU files FOIA for BRAIN SCANNING technologies

Here is the latest.

Suz at //

ACLU files FOIA for BRAIN SCANNING technologies!!!!!

Free Times: I want them to have my videos! Our elected officials and those running for office should have KNOWN this was going on; private citizens being electroncially targeted!!! I have tried and tried to get these people to understand this goes on and have my videos, some as yet unpublished, to show head yanking while sitting on my couch, could be used in a court proceeding and yet as always I have been ignored ignored ignored ignored NO HELP WHATSOEVER while I AM BEING MURDERED DAILY! Lives lost, killed, manipulated, altered brain wave kinetically being altered, toxic brain wave scanners doing this to me EVERY SINGLE MOMENT OF MY EXISTENCE!!!!! - suz leboeuf


ACLU objects as two companies offer 'mind reading' technology to government RAW STORY Published: Wednesday June 28, 2006 Print This | Email This The American Civil Liberties Union today announced that it has filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests with the primary American security agencies for information relating to the use of "cutting-edge brain-scanning technologies" on suspected terrorists, RAW STORY has learned. Two private companies have announced that they will begin to offer "lie detection" services using Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI), as early as this summer. fMRI can produce live, real-time images of people's brains as they answer questions, view images, listen to sounds, and respond to other stimuli. These companies are marketing their services to federal government agencies, including the Department of Defense, Department of Justice, the National Security Agency and the CIA, and to state and local police departments. "There are certain things that have such powerful implications for our society -- and for humanity at large -- that we have a right to know how they are being used so that we can grapple with them as a democratic society," said Barry Steinhardt, Director of the ACLU's Technology and Liberty Project. Equally worrisome to the group is the fact that experts in the field have told the ACLU that the science to back up any reliable use of fMRI as a "lie detector" or "mind reader" simply does not exist. At most, correlations have been observed between certain brain patterns and particular, highly controlled behaviors produced in laboratory experiments. Experts also note that these early experiments on a few American college students are a long way from real-world settings, involving individuals in widely varying situations and with widely varying cultures, intelligence levels and states of mind. "This technology must not be deployed until it is proven effective -- and we are a long way away from that point, according to scientists in the field," said Steinhardt. "What we don't want is to open our newspapers and find that another innocent person has been thrown into Guantánamo because interrogators have jumped to conclusions based on a technology no one understands very well."

bioelectronic torture:


MEDIAJUSTICE videography group forming: here are some videos

Please be patient as I continue to create shows for public access tv.

If you have ideas as to how my media company can keep its shows going, regarding the justice aspect, of how our government is ignoring our claims that our court cases have been mishandled, please post here! Otherwise, do all this work yourself! I am bogged down in getting my messages across to the public and am needing others to dependably participate in this group.

To see some of my current shows, I am beginning to post pieces of them (snips) at my blog where I rant about electromagnetics being used on the public, but they pertain to how court cases can be "thrown" or controlled by somebody's use of weapons technology on us all! My blog: // and has RSS feed by feedburner, so you can get my messages in your aggregator, to be continued about later ... I teach videography, media as well as courses being developed along these lines I will post here about at a later date, to gain more interest in topics relating to media justice.

I am serious about the electromagnetic weapons being used on the public, and would not risk sounding crazy. I teach at the college level in my normal, pre-video company life, and so want to be respected as such.

For those who track me around the internet to make up stories about how I killed my cats, my daughter, or flooded my home, please do not bother! I will remove you immediately as well as anything you post! And use your craziness as more evidence that what I have said about technology controlling humans is VERY TRUE!!! It can be used on judges, attorneys, police, anyone really, as I have studied brain wave entrainment.

This is all serious stuff, and I want serous participation in helping get this stopped! For all our sakes! This may be the perfect site to talk about medical treatments, as they are being interfered with by electromagnetic weapons and can cause heart attacks, etc. as well! I am very interested in learning about electromagnetic medicine or other relevant/psycho-political issues as well! And how they relate to weapons use.

suz at

bioelectronic torture:

Mediajustice yahoogroup, samples of my work. I will be posting archives in the near future all on one site:

Boobyprize: //
Kingpin Bush's Regime: //
MyRecovery: //
BoyGirlMouse: //
Brainwave: //
Trees: //
I'm Feeling in Hell: //
Mexicans Over The Border: //
MyPerpAssault, enhanced to see better: //
Electro Well For Your Health 6/25: //
Birds: //
Subjected to Acoustics: // (edited for Bob
Dunlap by Suz LeBoeuf and uploaded)
Opening to show:
War Weapons Show (video effects): //
Voices in the air...: //

All videos created by Suz LeBoeuf, Electro Well founder, Executive Director and can be freely forwared, but please add my attritubion, thanks! [DO_NOT_SPAM]
More to be posted at //



Looking for targets of electromagnetic machines

We are looking for others who may have a webcam to be interviewed who believe they are targets of electromagnetic machines -- used to harm them, and all electronics such as acoustical weapons or other forms of torture since we produce cable tv shows on this topic.

If anyone has recordings of acoustics or sounds, or has documents from court cases concerning high-tech weapons that strike them in an attempt to track and harm them, such as with remote viewing weapons and microwaves, please contact me. We are starting to use these to educate the public that these things have been occurring.

Suzanne LeBoeuf, M.A.


STOP THE MADNESS! Torture victim speaks


Special Video - STOP THE MADNESS! Torture victim speaks ... MyPerpAttackingMe


We Must Stop The Brazen Autrocities Being Perpetrated On My Head! See This Video -- PASS ON FAR AND WIDE!!! THIS IS REAL!!! FREE Registration at! to view this video. Worth It!

This is a video created at my home - on my living room couch, circa Jan. 2006! I have captured a perpetration of bio-electronics being used to torture me! THIS IS VERY REAL AND won't be exposed elsewhere as no one will tell the American, or global - public, what is really happening with us! We are in a world of problems being created by remote influencing technology. More links stored here to teach the public what bio-electronics does to the human being! Links for Further Study: //

Psychology students BEWARE! Your clients and Psychiatrists patients may have something more that is effecting them -- then, to put on medications for whatever ails them is CRIMINAL!

Here is the LINK, Registration required - is FREE!
// FREE Registration! FREE to View! Uses media player you have on your computer! Windows Media Player, WinAmp, RealPlayer, etc. Although DONATIONS WELCOME, THIS VIDEO FREE!! As a public service - I give you FREE VIDEOS and COMMENTARY at // you may want to check out for further information! This is a special informative site: // where I have compiled a special selection of videos to view for FREE! My VIDEOS were recently SABOTAGED! had to re-install all my videos -- a year's worth of videos -- someone hacked my password -- they they removed ALL OF MY OWN PERSONAL VIDEOS and REPLACED THEM WITH THEIR SHORT, UGLY, GREEN VIDEO - shapes undecipherable, looked like walking in grass up close - with DRUM BEATS in the background which were ALL IN PLACE OF MY VIDEOS stored there;, who was on-the-ball enough to RESTORE ALL MY VIDEOS! So they are back.

Unbelievable. It shows someone is mad at my exposing the TRUTH. We will never know all the damage created by these bio-electronic weapons, UNLESS WE START OUR HUMAN RIGHTS CAMPAIGN DEMANDING THESE WEAPONS BE EXPLAINED and then TAKEN OFF THE MARKET!!

Add your name to my mail list: email[DO_NOT_SPAM].


Suz LeBoeuf,
president / CEO Electro Well, ElectroWebTV


Voter Box Technology

It's a waste of time to use black voter boxes whether a receipt is given or not. Remote influence technology that can change brain wave patterns of a person from a far away distance can easily be figured out how to change the voter box technology, give a reciept but then switch the vote anyway.

Isn't it a moot argument to tell us if we have a receipt, our votes will make a difference?

Seek other links beyond what I compiled here: // These links point to directed energy weapons, the HAARP station that can manipulate global warming, etc. etc. as many are being tortured and assassinated this minute!

This big war-crimes cover up is making many trillions for those companies selling world governments directed energy weaopns! Then designing wars created by the brain waved entrainment, causing people's anger, misidentified problems, assaults on our emotions and bodies to create more disputes among world powers - creating the "puppetization" of Bush's mind and others under the control of influence technology, as the military likes to call it.

Acoustical weapons can create a host of serious psychiatric illness; causing many lifes to be destroyed, medical illness such as cancers and heart disease too have been found to be caused by microwave technology. We can uncover this travesty against human lives, but you must study my links or others you find by searching terms like: mind control, psychotronics, high tech weapons, directed energy weapons, remote influence technology, brain wave entrainment ... the list goes on, and just try and imagine what war lords and other cruel individuals dream up using technologies! Creating profits BIG TIME. By unseen weapons, unheard - radio waved technology harming our brains ... you get it. Big money in unseen corp. enterprises -- very much entrenched in our world - as well as our political realm. Space age technology is well past what we ever dreamed of!

suz leboeuf - contact directly at[DO_NOT_SPAM] // commentary/suz's rants // company site for Electro Well // other columns // suz's videos compiled here


Electronic soapbox case: just did a show about EMF weapons, Akron's cable tv

My issue - stopping EMF targeting of the general public - is being hijacked when the Akron federal lawsuit by Rose Wilcher I sent her press release here about is dropped, meaning that the court is not going to uphold the law to allow people like me, telling the public about electromagnetic torture weapons being used on the public to share my information!

They have shut down all access to the tv audience I am trying to reach!

I hope you will read my last email with Rose Wilcher's press release about Akron's public cable access tv lawsuit - the ins and outs of how illegal it is -- and the court is allowing it! We can't speak if the public tv channel is taken away. There is less and less chance that the public will become informed that these technologies are being used to harm them!

We must act quickly! Stop the weapons! Allow others to know about how the technology is being used to harm the general public around the world!

This has to be stopped and is war crimes by the multi-national war criminals who are harming human life! Harming the planet! Please contact me directly if you are interested and want to help get these weapons stopped!

// has my contact info, thanks very much.

Suz LeBoeuf


Electronic soapbox case – Akron Ohio's public access cable tv! Press Release

Our Electronic Soapboxes Disappearing on top of Internet Neutrality Challenged

Subject: Electronic soapbox case - Akron Ohio's public access cable tv!! Press release

More court corruption and media being shut down from the public's access -- this is potentially a multi-million dollar lawsuit because the franchise owner of Time Warner who is to provide the public with access to cable tv, who gets paid by Time Warner to provide this service to the public, has for the past 13 months been charging every time someone airs a cable tv show on top of the pay he already was getting.

This is why I am working feverishly to get my company, Electro Well, off the ground and need good partners who help with funding - finding funds and getting us the money to produce shows since here in Akron, a major Ohio city, the public cannot fight for court justice that is vital for the public's benefit, if they cost us out of what we should be getting for FREE! We have no way of mounting a lawsuit when attorneys do not fight, as this one has dropped the ball by not obtaining the books and taking an audit of this franchise owner who has written himself into a long-term, well paid job that colludes with the mayor's attempt to take hold of the media in our area. This hostage-taking of the airwaves and mainstream communication needed by the public in order to carry out activism; to ensure we are given an electronic soapbox/podium through cable access tv, and with the present assault on free access to the internet, we are being shut up, with less ways of voicing our dissent and organizing!!! Please help me in this news below by sending this press release to everyone who might be interested - this is a free speech issue and indicates a general agenda of quieting any dissension about their agenda that goes against our basic freedom and rights.

Suz LeBoeuf
// and //

Date: Wed, 10 May 2006 14:03:14 EDT
Subject: Press release

FreedomJournal.Tv Media Services

May 10, 2006


On 3/7/05, Bill Jasso at Time Warner Cable(northeastern Ohio) notified local TV producers of changes being made to the public access channel, effective 4/1/05. These changes included charging producers to air programming on Time Warner channel 15 and restrictions that all programming must be 100% local content. Popular shows such as USTV and Democracy Now could no longer be aired. These changes were approved by the Akron Mayor and Council President without public hearings, or any discussion with City Council. Although these changes affected residents of Cuyahoga Falls, Barberton, Munroe Falls, Mogadore, Canton and Youngstown; government officials of these communities were never contacted. As a result of these changes, very little community programming has aired on channel 15 in the past year. Currently, six shows air in Akron betweeen 1am Monday and 10:30am Saturday. The rest of the airtime consists of Music A paid digital cable service promotion. Time Warner is required by law to provide community service channels to residents. Time Warner is also required by law to provide the equipment and training for residents to produce public access programming. Time Warner has been violating the law for nearly 20 years. Local producers say that the fee adds too much financial burden in addition to costs for equipment, training and regular transportation to Canton. In the Telecommunications Acts of 1934, 1984 and 1992, the Federal Government has shown that they support the need in this country for citizens to have access to an electronic marketplace to express their views and ideas. In the words of the Federal government "Public access channels are often the video equivalent of the speaker's soapbox or the electronic parallel to a printed leaflet. They provide groups and individuals who generally have not had access to the electonic media with the opportunity to become sources of information in the electronic marketplace of ideas." In 1996, The Supreme Court struck down the section of the 1992 Act that allowed operators of PEG channels to refuse to air indecent material as being inconsistant with the 1st Amendment. Two letters have been circulated in the community demanding that the City of Akron hold Time Warner accountable to the law, both local and Federal. One letter was signed by 17 block club members and the other by over 460 residents of northeastern Ohio. This matter remains on the TIME agenda since 4/11/05, with no planned meetings of the utility committee. On 4/1/05, a Federal lawsuit was filed to stop the changes from going into effect. Magistrate Gallas ruled that Time Warner did not need the money but denied a request for an injunction to stop the restrictions until the case goes to trial. City representatives told Judge Dowd that they have not received any complaints regarding these changes other than from Wilcher. In July 2005, Judge Dowd ordered a settlement agreement be worked out. In December 2005, Judge Dowd granted Time Warner's motion for dismissal on the grounds that citizens did not have the authority to enforce the law. The City of Akron filed a motion for dismissal also stating that taxpayers do not have enforcement authority of the law, This motion for dismissal was granted by Judge Dowd 5/9/06. An appeal will be filed in the Federal Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. Some Akron city officials have stated publicly that the changes were to eliminate "objectionable programming".Public records requests prove that lies were told to the AP about the city being flooded with complaints about nudity being aired on the channel. City officials stopped a taped interview, with Marco Sommerville, from being presented in court as evidence on their motive of censorship. The Telecommunications Act(47 531 Title VI 611(e) states that the cable operator shall not have any editorial control over the content of programming on a P(ublic)E(ducational)G(overnment) channel. In 1996, the Supreme Court ruled that indecent programming can't be banned from PEG channels. On 3/7/06, Cuyahoga Falls Law Director, Virgil Arrington notified Bill Jasso at Time Warner that it appears that these changes violate the local law(franchise agreement). He also indicated that Time Warner is in violation of the law for failing to provide production equipment and services for residents to produce community service programming. As franchise holder, the city of Cuyahoga Falls has the authority to enforce the law against Time Warner. In March, Mayor Hart and the Law Director of Barberton stated that they also plan to put Time Warner on notice that they are in violation of their local law(franchise agreement). Wilcher has requested immediate help from Sherrod Brown, Dennis Kucinich, the ACLU, local residents and others. She is asking that they do the following:

1) Contact Akron City Council @ 330-375-2256 and the City Law Director@330-375-2030 and your council person. DEMAND that they immediately begin enforcing the law(local and Federal) regarding PEG channels, immediately reverse these restrictions and refund all money collected from local producers. Email Akron City Council @ CityCouncil@ Please cc us if you send emails.

2) Donate to the legal defense fund to continue this battle in Federal court. Time Warner is a multi-billion international corporation. Similar cases have lasted up to 7 years before being won. Donations can be made by check or credit card through to or mailed to 704 Copley Road Akron OH 44320

3)Pass this information on to everyone that you know and urge them to help too.

Additional information on public access programming available at Additional information on the Federal lawsuit and view shows (high speed internet required)at //

Rose Wilcher FreedomJournal.Tv/CEO


Electronic soapbox case - Akron Ohio's public access cable tv!! Press release


Mind Controllers

MIND CONTROL RADIO SHOW--Torturing People By Electromagnetics

Radio show every weekday except wednesday on 9pm eastern standard time "SAFEGUARD USA"

suz wrote:
Am working to make the links to know the devices that shoot radio waves toward people's brains, used to hurt, kill people by remote controlling devices ... can entrain brainwaves. This is documented, such as Stanford here: //

I am a victim. Dick Cheney and his cohorts (according to reports I've read flying around the internet recently) are trying to make the electromagnetic sphere under their control - net neutrality is a big one; they can control communication so we don't know when they pull the big one - entrain us all by jamming our brains with electromagnetic brainwaves they can now duplicate, forcing someone else's brainwave patterning onto a huge morass of people - microwaves, ELF, long-range and short-range radio waves, are some using electromagnetic spehere - causing disrupted brain patterning, causing suicides/assassinations/carcinogenic so cause brain tumors among other radiation exposure related diseases. We have cell phones, computers, tv's, etc., all on the electromagnetic sphere Cheney and cohorts want to control people with that can be directed by entrainment - they use energy force that can harm us and every living thing! Can interface with accoustical weapons like they did me, using directed energy, or patents such as lowrey silent sound that drive people crazy as intended for military purposes, decades used... many other forms of torture being developed the public knows NOTHING about. I am compiling study links here: // and have started a company to expose their torture, Electro Well. I do a cable tv show in Ohio about such weapons of mass devastation ... I am a torture victim.

Here's a good background of U.S. mind experimentation. A good read! // Mind Controllers By Dr. Armen Victorian A 10-page Summary

I have taken certain quotes from
// and have been severely victimized by radio-wave type technology I believe is being sold on the black market, operated either from laptops or computer labs. I have videotaped my skull being pulled through the air, with these radio wave technologies. I have documentation of such technology being used to torture and kill people; through slow kill or fast kill technology.

suz at //

With the purchase of APTI, E-Systems acquired the strategic weather warfare technology and patent rights...Eastlund described this deadly technology as capable of: disruption of communications over a very large portion of the Earth...missile or aircraft desctruction, deflection or confusion... weather modification... // , not surprisingly, the patent had previously been sealed under a government secrecy order.

...Raytheon became the largest "defense electronics" firm in the World. According to Richard Williams, a physicist and consultant to the David Sarnoff laboratory in Pinceton, HAARP constitutes "an irresponsible act of global vandalism."... where HAARP would "beam much more enrgy into the ionosphere. That could produce a severe disruption of the upper atmosphere at one location that may produce effects that spread rapidly around the Earth for years..."

In 1994, ARCO sold it APTI E-Systems, a secretive high tech military outfit with links to the CIA ..."The company has outfitted such military projects as the Doomsday Plan (the system that allows the President to manage a nuclear war) ... Meanwhile, ARCO which had sold APTI to E-Systems, had itself been acquired by the BP-AMOCO oil consortium ...

- Suz LeBoeuf, M.A. mind control victim - "targeted individual - TI" //

bioelectronic torture:



Covert War Weapons Industry In the USA

FREE Download!

FREE paper regarding how USA manipulates war to pay for high tech covert warfare on US citizens!

Preview this item (MS Word)

My theory, for class paper. Register FREE // Scroll to "Covert War Weapons Industry In the USA" Open to download page, Click PREVIEW Icon, downloads FREE WORD doc format by suz leboeuf.

Electromagnetics, or "psychotronics" - "psycho" for the mind, "tronics" refers to electronics = electronic torture to the mind, using electric pulsing to the skull by remote - also accoustical weapons causing what appears to be "hearing voices" causing people being forced to take psych meds, locked up in psych hospitals, careers wrecked, never taken seriously, continued tin foil cap jokes, etc etc etc, PERFECT PROPAGANDIZING TO COVER UP THEIR COVERT WARS!!!

Download paper outlining how war weapons are being used, linking to oil companies who bought technology for high tech weapons. CIA use, and how we are made to be ill causing pharmaceutical bonanza -- we pay and pay and pay - into the MULTINATIONAL COVERT WAR SCHEME -- perfect crime when we DON'T KNOW THEY EXIST AND NO TRACEABLE WEAPONS - you can't see or hear them unless they are radio frequency sounds we hear or their accoustics ... read up on this!!! IT IS HOW WE LOSE ELECTIONS, VOTER MACHINES GET CHANGED VOTES, etc etc etc

Mind Control


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