Government Use Of Microwave Weaponry Is Zapping People To Death

Danke für diesen interessanten Text. Ich verstehe ihn auch als einen weiteren Hinweis in Richtung meiner Vermutung eines direkten Zusammenhangs zwischen Chemtrailerei und Mindcontrol-Terror.

Ruth Gill

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Government Use Of Microwave Weaponry Is Zapping People To Death

By Greg Szymanski



The stories about innocent Americans being harassed, spied on and even zapped with microwave weaponry continues to mount, as the list is beginning to look as long as the New York City phone book.

Now comes forward Nancy Taormina of Spokane, Washington, who claims to have been targeted by the military after complaining years ago about low flying jets and chem-trails, an every day occurrence near her home.

"They never let me sleep at night, as they are using a combination of high frequencies and other electronic weaponry to not only keep me awake but that actually cause physical pain," said Taormina, 53, who now sleeps in a hidden portion of her basement away from any windows.

"Years ago I kept complaining to the military base nearby about their airplanes and weaponry programs and after that they began targeting me with electronic weaponry."

Prior to the harassment, Taormina led a normal life but ever since the military began its insidious use of electronic weapons, drastic changes to her sleeping patterns have left her sleeping days and pacing the floor at nights.

As another defense mechanism, she limits all use of electronics, including computers, radios, televisions and any other means the government may use to invade her privacy through electronic means.

"I have been singled out and targeted. Once they start, they never stop," said Taormina, adding that her house has been turned into a prison by the military ever since the harassment began. "I can't remember the last night I slept well. Sometimes they use a very high pitch ringing that keeps you awake and then there are other frequencies which actually penetrate the body, causing pain.

"It doesn't matter where I go, they usually find me. So I am thinking perhaps I need to leave the country to somewhere like Indonesia ."

However, while here in the states, Taormina has become a voracious reader on the subject of electronic weaponry and government mind control programs, compiling a virtual library in her house on the subject.

"People just don't realize how whole neighborhoods are being targeted and the vast number of people who are being subjected to this type of mind and body manipulation," said Taormina. "When it first happened to me, I couldn't believe it either, but after talking to a number of people I am convinced this is going on all over the country."

Besides Taormina, at least 40 people across the country have contacted the Arctic Beacon with similar accounts, documenting the same type intrusive occurrences, including sleep disruption and other more serious attacks.

For example, John Mecca of New York has come forward, saying he was actually operated on in his sleep and an implant chip placed behind his ears.

To fight back, Mecca has started a web site where he educates the public on the government programs that authorize use of such microwave weaponry, the types of sophisticated weaponry used and methods and ways for people targeted to fight back.

"Many of you have deep instinctual subconscious gnawing in your gut that something is just not right. Like Deja Vu you have a suspicion things are going on around you, but they are not in focus and you forget all about the numerous strange things that keep happening," said Mecca, an inventor, author and investigator into mind control and microwave attacks who was targeted after trying to market a revolutionary product, upsetting the established, old money financial applecart.

"Some of you have been putting the pieces of the puzzle together a little at a time getting just a glimpse of the true reality all around you. It's your loyalty to the system that generates the denial and therefore blindness of the truth that the system could be so bad, this has you frozen from believing that's it really true. You're surrounded by the administrative workings of a world gone mad. Welcome to your worst nightmare: microwave weaponry."

His web site can be found at
http://www.us-government-torture.com and is one of the more comprehensive places to search out the destructive use of this modern technology in order to basically numb the American public into submission

One of the more astonishing accounts of the use of microwave weaponry recently came from a person and place least expected, Dan Nelson, 45, a simple carpenter from the small town of Livingston, Montana, who said he was zapped severely in the head and abdomen by a portable microwave unit outside his home after going public about some sensitive 9/11 information.

"Ever since I tried to let people know about what I found out about
9/11, I have had many things happen. Within 12 hours of leaving a message on the phone of a popular radio host, I had a light green helicopter follow me where ever I went," said Livingston about two months ago on Greg Szymanski's radio show, The Investigative Journal. "The next day, after it first appeared, it showed up again at my friend's house and he will verify the incident. Two days after the helicopter incident, two men in a car tried very hard to run me and my daughter off the road while we were on my motorcycle.

"And the harassment just never seemed to stop after I saw that first helicopter. For example, I had a man come up to me when I was trying to get into my house and, for no good reason, poke me in the stomach with something which made me very sick, later causing a staff infection. He ran away before I could catch him and as a result I had to take heavy duty drugs. But the most painful was when I felt my insides bubbling, and I was getting very hot as I was washing dishes. The next thing I know I can hear the fluid in my head bubbling and got a massive head ache."

Since the radio show appearance two months ago, Livingston this week said the harassment never stopped, adding he has been followed and even confronted by what he thinks were government agents in his local, small town grocery store.

"I still have not been left alone although things are not as bad as this summer. After being on the radio show, I was followed all over town by a lady in a Suburban," said Nelson from his home in Livingston

"We have been being sprayed by jets everyday for at least three weeks and everybody is getting very sick and all of us are getting migraines and nose bleeds which we never had before. Many more antennas are going up none stop and lots of military equipment is being transported on West I-90. This has been going on for six months and is all being transported by private companies not the military."

For more informative articles, go to http://www.arcticbeacon.com



I have been victim of Mind control in France, for more than seven years with wired sound projections

Thank you for your actions

Hello, I write to you in French, because I do not know German and I am sorry. I am called Catherine. I have been victim of Mind control in France, for more than seven years with wired sound projections.

Just like you, the result of my complaints deposited everywhere
(extraction of my voice subvocale, readings obligatory of programmed recordings, extortions of remote consents, groups making the experimentation by seeing all everywhere, also making an experiment on the brain, the memory, the word, the body (micro waves) made me convene in Psychiatry by the Police force.

At this time there, I did not know that there were victims of this experiments. I was received with a witness woman where I explained after a fashion what occurred and that all went with radiations, waves, frequencies, etc. When the question was asked to me: Can we have to handle you? I had to answer "no" of office bus if I had answered "yes" they could intern me in the direction of the Law where I could become dangerous towards the others or myself...

They nevertheless recognized that the means could be soldiers but how what I told them exceeded by far technologies of what one could do! I had brought my microphone to show them that nevertheless I could record a part of the strongest sound projections (rays on the electrical equipment boxes of the residence, rays audios, etc). They asked me to indicate my suspects and to return once that I could have observed some more. The experiments now use micro waves which affect the skin directly and create neurological pains, body impressions of heat or cold at will, fields cerebral modified, etc.

My studio is surrounded from people who make this experiment (more than 20). From one or two it is known that they are interested in the thought, he is more than thirty years and had named to me several names of people in my immediate environment. He works for the Ministry for National Education and Research. The partitions of the building let pass the noises, I had heard him many once capacity to tell my basic day in roof with his friend and to have the proof that he knew whole very: telephone conversations, actions, etc. I thus have make a personal investigation in a close bookshop where it was confirmed to me that the one of them is engaged in the field of the thought. The person who told this with the newsagent had been able to accept this too constraining station... I saw arriving tubular radiations in my apartment or in skew which can reach other buildings and other apartments. At the interior even in my studio many radiations were sent, of fixed audio rays one placed... On the Door of Versailles many ministries are important of Defense.

I live the weekend in a place where at summer placed everywhere many antennas relay. I am in contact with other French victims of these odious experiments. I would like to be able to meet you and speak (to testify) from what occurs in all impunity in spite of beginnings from Laws to France in districts known as middle-class.


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