66th MIG assets to begin moving to Darmstadt

Bad Aibling replacement in Darmstadt-Griesheim?

Dear friends (and a few BCC recipients),

in local media, there was a few reports some days ago that in Griesheim - a little town some 5 km west of Darmstadt -, 4 satellite senders and 1 satellite receiver are going to be set up by the US Army. The permit they requested from the local authorities runs until 2012. The media calls it "radar" and "radomes". There is now some speculation as to whether part of the Bad Aibling capability is going to be moved to Darmstadt (with the rest going to Menwith Hill.) Another vague idea I have is that it could be an early preparation for a US missile defense system in Europe. But it seems there is also an intelligence unit located in Griesheim, so it could also be that the senders are used to send processed information to the NSA.

There is a German webpage with a few pictures, scans of newspaper articles, and a lot of links to English webpages on this issue. The URL is http://kai.iks-jena.de/miniwahr/badaibling.html

I will try to find someone locally who is technically knowledgable enough to look into this and hopefully work with people in the town parliament to try to gain access to further information. As the US Army does this under NATO Statute, there is no information available publicly, and they need not undergo normal planning and environmental protection procedures (hi, CAAB, does this sound familiar?) But I thought I should make the community aware of this development. And maybe someone can add information.

In peace


See also:

NIH Physician's Statement About Mind Control

A letter from Eldon Byrd

Dr. Eldon Byrd
2002 Letter of Corroboration of NIH Md.
Statement About Mind Control

C.A.H.R.A. Home Page

April 27, 2002

To Whom It May Concern

The attached Statement On Mind Control, dated April 11th, 2002 was sent directly to me by the author. Given the controversy surrounding mind control, Cheryl Welsh of CAHRA has asked me to substantiate the medical doctor's Statement. The physician does not want to sign his Statement, because he does not want to become involved with victims for whom he has no help to offer.

I am aware of the physicians research work when he was associated with the National Institutes of Health, and I consider it to be of the highest standard. I am also familiar with his Patents and his work in the identification of virus' in small samples of fluids. In my opinion, the statements he has made in his Statement can be taken as true, reflecting facts and events which occurred.

The author is also personally known to me and has related some of the information contained in the document to me on prior occasions. There was no information given to the author prior to his producing the initial document other than to ask if he would write up some of his experiences with mind control. The last two paragraphs were added by the author after he became aware of the experiment I did for CAHRA. He was asked to comment on the experiment without additional input from anyone. I can corroborate the following points contained in the Statement:

I knew Senator Claiborne Pell, his Legislative Assistant referred to in the document, and the investigative reporter also mentioned. I was aware that they were involved in mind control investigations and that they had data that indicated the existence of technology that could be used to effect some sort of mind control. Specifically, I was aware of the photograph of a signal that appeared on an individual's TV screen. I had several meetings with that individual and examined the photograph mentioned in the Statement.

Also, I asked the Legislative Assistant to comment on the physician's Statement. He stated to me: "...what he has written details the events as I recall them, and as we discussed at the time they were going on." He does not want to be identified for the same reason the MD does not want to be identified.

NIH Physician's Statement About Mind Control

[Original signed]

Eldon Byrd C.A.H.R.A. Home Page

April 11, 2002

Question of antennas in nanotechnology

I'm sure you already are aware, that the mobile phone is being used to draw this technology to a victim.

I believe this is so widespread now it may be beyond control.

We now know mobiles can pick up a signal even when switched off, and think of the times you have gone to a place where no-one knows you, and certain aspects of the harassment you are experiencing begins from people (locals) that were already there before you arrived. Even at places you may have stopped at, such as cafes, without prior knowledge yourself. So nothing could possibly have been set up.

I think in the course of time this may not sound so strange.

This technology has opened the door to control by anyone with sufficient power, anywhere in the world.


I am being tortured with electronic technology, which I believe is from neighbours. At nights I awaken to feel my legs and feet tingling, and this becomes very painful, causing extreme pain. I can feel the pulsed energy hitting against me. After a bad bout of this my face feels like it is sunburned.

Excerpt from two messages from Maureen

Mind Control


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