On Science and Mind Control

I have observed the phenomenon of microwave mind control for over ten years with considerable interest. For the purposes of this post, I consider microwave mind control to be consistent with Julianne McKinney's classic article on the subject, or any of Harlan Girard's articles. Although I am not myself a victim, I have communicated with numerous self-proclaimed "mind control victims" and have come to the conclusion that there is probably a substantial amount of truth in their claims and that they merit scientific investigation. The question of scientific investigation gets at the heart of the matter of the true nature of this problem. Consequently there is a need to dispassionately address the matter of the interplay of science and mind control in order to recognize the scope of the possible problem.

In order to simplify the discussion, I shall use the definition of the word science as found in my 1985 _American Heritage Dictionary_to wit science just means "to know." By such a broad definition I am sure not to offend members of disciplines less rigorous than others. Take for example the science of psychiatry (as a branch of medical science). It is indisputable that its practitioners do know a great deal of phenomenology pertaining to what can go wrong with the human mind. However that their methods of distinguishing true organic brain disorders from psychological abuse alleged by the self-professed mind control victims are valid is false. Indeed, psychiatry has never acknowledged that there may be any truth to such claims. Yet psychiatry has no cause and effect explanation for what it claims to identify as "schizophrenia." Which is obvious from the standpoint of present neuroscientific knowledge of the brain. To even begin to understand what the psychiatrist alleges to be "mental illness" neuroscience would have to have a successful theory of the brain which it simply doesn't- in fact the present state of knowledge of the human brain is not even 5% of completely understanding it. The so-called dopamine theory of schizophrenia is only a statistical correlation between presence/absence of certain neurotransmitters and the clinician's subjective identification of "symptoms"- which as rigorously defined scientific terms are useless. It is no surprise therefore that Mr. Mosher resigned in 1999 as the head of the American Psychiatric Association for what he politely termed "quasiscientific" research on the part of his colleagues.

But if psychiatry has a physical model which purports to "explain" schizophrenia- though it remains the only significant "theory" this profession can muster after almost 40 years since its serendipitous discovery- psychology is even more hard pressed to give any cause and effect explanation at all for what it claims to understand about the science of mind and brain. Anyone who has read a good book on fundamental neuroscience, such as Churchland's _Neurophilosophy_, will appreciate the fact that psychology is not even able to define its terms sufficiently to even begin a reduction of mind to the underlying substrate of brain. However a deductive cause and effect explanation for how higher cortical processes translate into "thoughts" is not the limit of the purview of the psychologisist. Far from it, although the other side, the inductive correlationist explanations are not mainstays of psychology either. The successes of psychology are the many and myriad practical ones, some of which we are aware of from our daily lives. To be sure, like psychiatry, psychology holds a very powerful position in modern society.

Without boring the reader with the usual anecdote of the exploits of the UCLA Professor of psychology Jolyon West and his murder of the elephant with LSD, we can point to a few very significant findings which psychology has made as being of direct relevance to mind control. Although buried in the annals of experimentation behind more "ethical" studies, the one by Stanley Milgram goes a long way towards explaining why and how the liberal elites of society seem to be covering for the U.S. government's top secret mind control project. In this study performed in the 60's, volunteers were directed to "teach" subjects via a bit of negative reinforcement, to wit the students were shocked electrically if they did not learn well enough. Unbeknownst to the volunteers (the true subjects of the experiment) the shocks weren't real and the students were actors. The volunteers were told to increase the shock level to visibly quite painful levels in order to better aid the learning process. Although they would initially balk at the prospect of harming the student, they soon became inured to the plaintive crys of the students since obedience to authority was more important in the minds of the experimental subjects than personal responsibility. While shattering the Allied propaganda myth about that "uniquely 'good German'" trait of obedience to authority, this experiment also points to how the U.S. government could get full cooperation from most of the citizenry in the torture of the alleged mind control victims. For almost all victims of microwave mind control claim to be psychologically harassed 24/7 by what they term "street theatre" (c.f. McKinney's "Microwaves and Mind Control" for an explanation of this), by seemingly ordinary everyday people, whether they are the neighbors, the victim's coworkers, or just passers by on the street. Milgram's experiment explains how these ordinary people could be enlisted to torture their victims: obedience to authority is a fundamental trait of the human biped; it's a known fact of scientific psychology.

Indeed, this also sheds light on how such a vast conspiracy could be happening in America as well in other parts of the English speaking world (it is also known to happen in Germany and Japan, not coincidentally two countries with extensive U.S. Military Base presence in this post cold war era; also to be complete there are reports of extensive microwave mind control operations in Russia- it wasn't for nothing that George Orwell modeled his book _1984_ on the Soviet Union, which apparently socialist America is beginning to resemble in some respects all to clearly). The operational term is "compartmentalization", which means that lower level operatives don't get told anything more about the operation than what their actions are to be- simply obey and you may be rewarded with an attractive female (or male if you are female) companion for the night or longer, you could get a raise, a promotion, a fat grant proposal approved, etc. Next on the list of findings of psychology relevant to mind control is one which every student of psychology knows well, and not coincidentally perhaps seems to provide a good explanation for the psychological harassment component of mind control.

Anyone who's studied a fair amount of psychology can explain what the "learned helplesness model" is. For those who don't know, a simple example suffices to explain it: put a dog in a cage, and attach all manner of noise makers, mechanical pounding devices, emitters of recorded sounds, on or near the cage. Let the adverse stimuli be connected to a central controller interfaced by a personal computer programmed to activate the stimuli at random. Now after maybe one hour of initial treatment with the cage door closed, you open the cage door, the dog will step out and be free. After several hours of this the dog might take a while to exit the cage when the door is opened- it will be cowering helplessly in the corner, whining softly and in general it is going to be disoriented. But after several days of torment, upon opening the cage door the dog won't leave the cage. Voila a demonstration of the learned helplessness model in action. Now it just so happens that this type of psychological phenomenon applies to humans as well- if you read the psychological literature you will see this frequently mentioned. In short, it is one of those observations that the psychologists have made which makes the work of secret government police agencies such as the FBI and Secret Service all that much more efficient and frightening. For through the use of the psychological harassment known as "street theatre", the government's mind control program renders its victims helpless to resist in a rational and self-preserving manner. Not so humane you say? Remember that there are people in our society who, social outcasts that they are for purely political reasons having nothing to do with the merit of their past actions- in fact the typical mind control victim is a peaceful, intellectually capable, industrious and law- abiding person whose only known peccadillo is possibly to have offended powerful people- have less rights than those animals who can be assured through the work of animal rights activists not to be tormented longer than a week or so. For the politically incorrect inhabitants of America's electronic concentration camp, torture is a lifelong ordeal.

Before concluding with a mention of the physics of mind control (this will clear up hopefully a lot of confusion in the minds of some victims about what is possible and what most likely isn't), I should reiterate that I don't have solid proof that the stories of the mind control victims are true in the sense that their suffering is caused by a secret government program. So if I'm wrong and I do reserve the possibility for that although I consider it unlikely, my apologies to anyone who may potentially be adversely affected by what I have written. Thus, to recapitulate what we've found, we've seen how the chicanery of the psychiatrists cover for these alleged crimes by the government and socialist elites, and we've observed how psychology is used as a practical tool by the putative torturers to accomplish this bizarre agenda. Now the question ensues, is it real? I don't pretend to know the answer with absolute certainty, but I think it probably is real based on the quite rational and consistent accounts of the self-professed victims. But further, their claims can once and for all be proven or disproven at this time.

I.e., if microwave mind control is not just a figment of the imagination of the victims, it can be subject to investigation. There are claims (and ample documentation to substantiate this) that microwaves can be utilized to remotely alter and analyze the brain waves of individuals, and to insert voices and thoughts into the minds of the individuals. Furthermore it is alleged that images can be projected into the mind of an individual and that sudden movements can be engendered in the individual. This is all well documented so the interested reader can track down the documentation and judge for him- herself. Suffice it to say if such technology did exist, I would be astounded if the U.S. government hadn't been experimenting with it and perfecting its application for the last couple of decades since clearly it is rather powerful stuff. Two standard myths concerning such a possibility can easily be dismissed. The first is that a person can block the microwaves by wearing a tinfoil hat. Anyone with a cellular phone can readily demonstrate the falsity of this: I tried putting a cellular phone in the upper drawer of a heavy filing cabinet with drawers of sheet metal with no holes in the bottom of the drawers and which goes up half way on the sides of the drawers. I closed the upper drawer and left the lower drawer about 8 inches open. I tried calling the number and the phone rang. So the microwaves going to the phone had to reflect off circa five surfaces and are not too easily blocked. The other standard claim is that it would not be possible to cause one person in a room full of people to hear voices and not affect others in the room. This is a good point and it may be true, but from the claims of the mind control victims I suspect it is probably not. The reason is that the mechanism used to gain a window on the brain could utilize for instance something known as biological entrainement, whereby a given individual's brain is tricked into mimicking the incoming waveform- by virtue of the incoming waveform resembling the individual's unique brainwave patterns- and thereby the sensation of hearing is induced.

Therefore it is a matter of attempting either to block the microwaves or detect the microwaves. I maintain that blocking the microwaves would be very difficult for any extended period of time, just based on the physics of microwaves. However, if a person thought he/she were a victim of this, they should try exploring a cave for at least an hour. Hundreds of feet of limestone and/or sandstone will block the microwaves and there should be a definite near total attenuation of the signal. The reason the signal/sensation might not be totally attenuated is that the victim's brain after years of being tortured will have acquired possibly some degree of ability to generate the sounds/sensations which are caused by the microwave stimulation.

Having dealt with the microwaves, we next turn to the sound waves. To reiterate what was said before, most or all victims of microwave mind control claim there is a significant component of psychological harassment involved with mind control. This harassment is performed by neighbors, coworkers, and passers by. Again such claims could be substantiated or dismissed- if the victim goes out to a desert and still hears the voices the victim thinks are his/her neighbors where no one actually is, then something else may be going on. But if the victim, sitting in her house can look out the window upon hearing somebody call something out and see a lone person riding down the street riding on a bike, this is a strong indication of the veracity of such claims. Thus it remains to systematically record the verbal harassment. A victim would have to record all sound in his/her immediate vicinity constantly in order to demonstrate the case. This could be accomplished by dedicated software which would date and time stamp all vocal frequency events recorded. Recordings could be automatically analyzed for the identification of the harasser, and text of the harassment message could be produced. An enhancement to this system would be an interface to GPS to for instance locate which neighbor is responsible in order to initiate action for relief. All in all it's quite a lot of trouble a mind control victim would have to go through to forensically prove such claims, but it can be done. For if it can't be done in theory, then in my opinion, it can't be real.

However the situation seems serious enough that attempts should be made to scientifically verify or disprove such claims. Before ending, I mention in passing that this post deals only with microwave mind control and harassment, since I think this is the only credible type of mind control claim which may be true. Allegations of levitation, invisibility, "new physics" etc. are most likely based on genuine pseudoscience but not reality. In any case the technology and physics of microwaves and sound waves seem sufficient to produce the effects described by the credible accounts. So if any investigations are made they should first rule out the most likely causes.


"Microwaves and Mind Control"; McKinney, Julianne;

"Effects of GHz Radiation on the Human Nervous System: Recent developments in the technology of political control"; Girard, Harlan; 1991

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We need help

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I would like to ask visitors of your site:

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Is it existing anything that could dysfunction chip implanted into the human body without surgical involvements and anyhow effecting environments of the human body?

Please help us to provide information in regards of our questions.


Edward Kats.


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Ed. Kats

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