US Government At War With The Mentally Ill

The US government has been conducting a covert war against mentally ill people possibly for decades. Groups with connections to the FBI and CIA have been given access to classified technology. The classified technology was developed to protect the national security of the United States but has been turned against the American people.

The covert operation against the mentally ill involves the targeting of selected mentally ill people throughout the United States. Classified surveillance technology is used to conduct complete surveillance of the targeted individuals.

The classified surveillance technology can electronically see and hear through walls. Agents of the US government will move into a neighboring house to the targeted person and conduct complete audio and video surveillance.

The agents never have to enter the targeted person's house to place listening devices. The classified surveillance can be used to conduct complete surveillance from the neighboring house. The targeted person will never know he or she is under surveillance during the surveillance period.

No detection equipment is available to the general public to detect the government's classified surveillance technology. If a person is placed under surveillance, he or she can't detect it or prevent it. The government technology is used to protect the national security of the United States and the government doesn't disclose classified technology or make details of covert operations available to the public.

The period of time the targeted person is under surveillance is known as the Surveillance Stage. The targeted person will not be aware he or she is under surveillance. The targeted person will be under complete surveillance in his home and will be followed to and from work and any place he or she may go.

A complete profile of the targeted person will be made during this surveillance stage of the operation. A group of specialist members who have control of the classified technology will review and analyze the surveillance information obtained from the surveillance of the targeted person. The specialist members consist of psychiatrists and other people who specialize in mental health.

The specialists will determine if the targeted person can be manipulated and driven out of control during a stage of the operation known as the Attack Stage. The goal of the Attack Stage is to drive the targeted person out of control so he or she will commit a violent act.

Successful Attack Stage operations previously conducted on targeted individuals involved:

1) Tricking the targeted person into believing her or she is speaking to God. The targeted person is tricked into believing that God has commanded him or her to commit a violent act, usually killing his or her children.

2) Tricking the targeted person into believing he or she is being attacked with mind control devices.

3) Tricking the targeted person into believing he or she is living in a haunted house.

4) Tricking the targeted person into believing he or she has an electronic chip implanted in his or her body which he or she believes is used for surveillance and to inflict pain in the targeted person.

5) ECT....

The Attack Stage involves the use of classified sonic harassment technology and sonic non-lethal weapons. Once the specialist members of the groups decide to initiate the Attack Stage, the targeted person will be harassed and/or attacked with classified military technology.

The harassment technology and non-lethal weapons were developed by the United States government to harass and torture people through walls of a house or building. The technology can be used to artificially create symptoms of serious mental illness in targeted individuals.

People targeted with this technology will complain of the following:

1) Hearing voices no one else can hear.

2) Burring sensations in limbs of the body, mostly legs.

3) Pain or numbness on outer part of the head.

4) Involuntary movements of limbs of the body.

5) Other strange burning sensations or numbness of areas of the body.

6) Hearing strange snapping or clicking noises which appear to come from hard surfaces near and around the targeted person.

The harassment technology is classified technology that uses ultrasonic technology to direct what can be described as Sonic Lasers at a targeted person in his or her house. The targeted person can be tricked into believing that God is talking to him or her with this technology.

The technology can be used to keep the targeted person awake all night before a workday by creating burning sensations in his or her legs. Every time the targeted person falls asleep the technology can create the burning sensations in the targeted person's legs and awake him or her from sleep. The targeted person can be denied sleep for days with this technology.

The classified sonic non-lethal weapons technology can be used to fire powerful sonic bullets through the targeted person's house. The targeted person can be singled out and attacked with these sonic non- lethal weapons.

The targeted person will experience sensations of being struck by invisible forces. Involuntary limb movements if a leg or arm is struck by a sonic bullet. The targets fingers can experience involuntary movements by passing a sonic bullet through the targets fingers.

The harassment technology and non-lethal weapons can be used to attack a single person in a house without affecting anyone else in the house. The technology uses what is know as directed energy technology that direct sonic energy in one direction.

Both the harassment technology and the non-lethal weapons will cause no physical damage to the house or person. No physical evidence of the attack will exist. The targeted person will have no evidence of the attack.

The overall goal of the Attack Stage is to drive the targeted person out of control so he or she will commit a violent act.

Depending on which state the targeted person lives in, the laws regarding forced medication and institutionalization of people deemed mentally ill vary. Most states currently can force a person declared mentally ill into an Involuntary Outpatient Commitment program simply because a judge ruled the person could be a threat to society.

Other states require the person suspected of being mentally ill must commit a violent act before being forced into an Involuntary Outpatient Commitment program or an Involuntary Inpatient Commitment program.

Involuntary Outpatient Commitment involves forcing a person deemed mentally ill to take medication to control his or her mental illness. The person may remain free from confinement as long as he or she takes medication to control his or her mental illness. If the person refuses or discontinues the required medication, he or she may be forced into an Involuntary Inpatient Commitment.

Involuntary Inpatient Commitment involves the forced confinement and forced medication of a mentally ill person in a mental institution. The person may not be released back into society unless he or she is deemed not a threat to society by psychiatrists at the institution.

The covert war the United States government is conducting against the mentally ill involves the targeting of specially selected people throughout the United States. The goal would be to target these people to conduct surveillance and attack them to drive them out of control so they commit a violent act.

An operation to target a mentally ill mother who has children would be as follows: Conduct complete surveillance of the targeted person. Learn as much as possible and develop a plan of attack to trick the mother into believing that God is commanding the mother to kill her children.

The mother can be tricked into believing that God is speaking to her with the classified harassment technology that the government is supplying for this covert operation. The technology can direct sounds at the mother inside her house from the neighboring house. No one else will hear these sounds but the mother. The mother can easily be convinced she is receiving verbal commands from God with this technology.

The message the mother receives will be clear to her. Audible commands such as "Kill Your Children", "Your Children Are Evil", and "God Commands You", are easily directed to a single person in a house with this classified government technology.

Once the mother commits the violent act of killing her children, the covert operation will move into another stage. The mother will be arrested and confined to a mental institution for psychiatric evaluation while awaiting trial.

The public will be made aware of the crime through the news media. Coverage will be broadcast into every American household and public opinion about mentally ill people will be influenced into supporting strong laws against people deemed mentally ill.

An example would be states that currently don't have Involuntary Outpatient Commitment. The United States government would like to see all states adopt laws requiring forced medication for people suspected of having mental illnesses, even though the suspected people have committed no violent act.

States that don't currently have such forced medication of non- violent mentally ill people would be targeted by this covert operation. A mentally ill person living in a state such as this would be sought out and targeted to be driven out of control.

Groups would use the tragedy created by this covert operation to influence public opinion in favor of supporting strong laws against people suspected of being mentally ill.

Basically the covert operation would create the tragedy and then other groups who support the stronger laws against the mentally ill would move in and use the family members of the victims to manipulate them and use them as a poster child for supporting the stronger laws. The public would be frightened and given disinformation like this can happen to your family.

They would ask for your help in lobbying state representatives to support the new tougher laws against the mentally ill. A tragedy created by the government is used by the government to in act the tougher laws the mentally ill.

The funneling of profits from drug companies and mental health care givers cannot be dismissed. There is a lot of money to be made by forcing mentally ill people onto medication for the remainder of their life. Profits could be funneled into this covert government operation by drug companies and caregivers.

There is a massive disinformation campaign by the government to convince mentally ill people that wild conspiracies are being carried out against them. Conspiracies such as mind control, radiation attacks, haunted houses, and electronic chip implants are being carefully spread on the Internet by government agents who are part of this covert operation.

By convincing people targeted as part of this covert operation that they are victims of a wild conspiracy, it makes it easier for this covert operation to succeed. When a victim tells people they are being harassed by mind control, radiation weapons, or electronic implant, ordinary people who hear of these conspiracy will generally disregard a person who appears to have a mental disability complaining of such wild conspiracies.

The disinformation campaign is to trick people targeted by the government that harmful technology is being used against them when in fact it is just harmless sonic technology that is only psychologically harmful.

When a government is at war, it will try to use disinformation to rally public support for the war effort. This covet war against the mentally ill by the United States government is no different than an ordinary war. Mentally ill people are being targeted with military technology and being manipulated and basically hunted. The American people are also being manipulated by a massive disinformation campaign designed to sway public opinion into supporting though law against the mentally ill.

The classified harassment technology and non-lethal weapons technology can be used to artificially create symptoms of serious mental illness in a targeted person. As this technology becomes more available to local groups throughout the United States, people who display symptoms of mild non-violent mental illness can be targeted in communities to drive them out of control and force them into community mental health service programs.

Any targeted person attempting to report to law enforcement they are a victim of this technology will be in for a rude awakening. The technology doesn't exist in the eyes of the law or mental health system and there is no way to prove it does. Anyone attempting to report harassment can find themselves detained for a psychiatric evaluation. And when the targeted person tries to explain to a psychiatrist what he or she is experiencing, the mental health system can swing into action and force the person into an Involuntary Outpatient Commitment program.

Psychiatrist use guidelines from a manual called the DSM-IV. The DSM- IV gives step by step procedures for a psychiatrist to legally diagnose a person as being mentally ill. The DSM-IV is basically a psychiatrist's bible for diagnosing mental illness. The DSM-IV is accepted in the court system and can be used by a psychiatrist to legally pronounce a person as being mentally ill.

Once the mentally ill person who is driven out of control during the Attack Stage is brought to court and tries to explain that the government is attacking him or her with classified military technology, it is all over for the targeted person. The court can pronounce the targeted person as being legally mentally ill and the judge can assign the now legally declared mentally ill person to an Involuntary Outpatient Commitment program or an Involuntary Inpatient Commitment program.

If a person is attacked by this government harassment group, the best course of action is to not tell anybody and not to report it to law enforcement. Remember simply trying to report this type of government harassment to law enforcement can lead to the person being detained for a psychiatric evaluation.

The person being attacked would be best advised to talk to a lawyer and discuss the state laws regarding people with mental illness. The targeted person might want to talk to several lawyers to get more than one opinion before he or she proceeds. A person's conversations with a lawyer are completely private and cannot be used against the person in a court of law.

A lawyer asking the targeted person to take a psychiatric evaluation is not giving his or her client good legal advice. If the targeted person has no physical evidence to support his or her claims of harassment, then that person has no case in court that will stand up. It is extremely bad idea for a targeted person to take any type of psychiatric evaluation at this point in time.

Some psychiatric evaluations are not private and can be used against the targeted person. The psychiatric evaluation can be subpoenaed by a court of law and can be used against the targeted person at a later time.

Also, event if the psychiatric evaluation is private, a psychiatrist is required by law to turn the targeted person's name over to the mental health system if he or she feels the targeted person is a threat to society. So if a targeted person tells his or her story to a psychiatrist, he or she may find mental health services knocking on his or her door.

If a targeted person were to tell family members that he or she is being targeted by a covert government conspiracy and attacked with weapons that leave no physical evidence behind after the attack, the family members will believe the person is mentally ill and try to have the targeted person committed to a mental institution. A lawyer would be a good person to talk to about laws that can be used by family members to have a targeted person committed.

Again the best course of action for a targeted person is to keep his or her mouth shut until he or she learns of the laws that can be used against a person making claims that the government is targeting him or her with high-technology.

The government is using the system against the targeted person. Anything the targeted person says or does can be used against the person. Only a handful of specially selected people in our society know of this covert operation against the mentally ill and they will not help you. In fact, they are hoping for your demise.

Very few members of law enforcement, doctors, and psychiatrists know of the covert operation by the government. A target person will appear as being mentally ill if he or she tries to report this type of harassment by the government.

The targeted person may not understand this at first but if he or she makes the mistake of trying to report the harassment to law enforcement or any part of the system, he or she will be digging his or her own grave. No one who has not experienced the technology or knows of it will believe the targeted person and for the targeted person to try to convince people of the existence of this technology is a futile attempt.

Best advice for a targeted person:

1) Keep quite about the harassment and only speak to a lawyer about it.

2) Never try to confront the people who you feel are harassing or attacking you

3) Do not try to report the harassment to law enforcement

4) Do not take any type of psychiatric evaluation

What the targeted person will discover after speaking to a lawyer is that there is nothing that can legally be done to help the person. Since there is no physical evidence to support the targeted person's claims of harassment, there is nothing the system can do for the targeted person that will benefit him or her.

In fact, the system is poised to work against the targeted person should he or she try to report the harassment to law enforcement or commit a violent act. This is very important for the targeted person to understand.

Just as the United States government targets people living outside the Unites States it considers a threat, it also targets people living inside the United States it considers a threat. The targeted person has been identified by agents of the government as being a threat to society and enormous effort and expense are going to be used to see the targeted person is either removed from society or treated by modern medications in an outpatient program.

The objective of this covert operation by the government is to influence states into adopting laws requiring forced medication of mentally ill people. By selectively targeting mentally ill people throughout the United States and creating tragedy to scare the public into supporting stronger laws against the mentally ill, the government hopes to achieve this objective.

Website: http://www.hightechharassment.com/

Informant: ultra21753


Many of us are scarred from this testing of the non-lethal weapons system. This system works in two parts. It has the waves (micro-radio etc.) and it has the psychological testing. The weapons allows the V2K and the dreams etc. The V2K allows the psychological program. We are nothing but dogs with electric collars according to these perps. The FBI is placing people in this system when they have information either contrary to their cases or they just want to discredit a witness. The idiots operating the technology are not smart enough to realize that what they are doing is laying the groundwork for their children and grandchildren to be "mind controlled". The men and women that operate this technology are either sociopaths or they will have a nervous breakdown as many of the MKultra operatives did. These men and women go home after working 8-12 hours raping and sodomizing women, children and men. They abuse people all day and all night and then they have to sit down at the supper table and act like they are good, kind, honest people. This kind of person is liable to flip out on society one day. They are the kind of people that will go on roof tops and shoot anyone just to relieve their stress. These agents that watch women and children dress and shower will become what they do. They will be the next group of people that you hear are being arrested for assaulting the little girl down the street. They will be the men and women that get arrested for the rapes that they will do when they no longer have this toy to play with. What sexual excitement will they have then? They will go out and find it. This program not only hurts us but it makes real serious problems for them. We all know the stress that policemen are under and how many marriages are broke up because of their jobs. But these agents will learn the hard way that what goes around will come around and we will hear of them just like we heard of the priests. Mark my words.



If they want to at war with the mentally ill by mind control and electromagnetic weapons. Why they did not go to the hospital to choose some who are staying in the hospitals, but they chose me who was studying in the University in Australia. They used their mind control and electromagnetic weapons to torture and harass the innocent, legal, unarmed and defenseless citizens.




I've been eye-balling EEG instrumentation for a while and found some small portable ones which will be able to monitor one's brain wave activity on a continual basis for a smaller cost.

Here is some IBVA software which looks pretty interesting: http://www.ibva.com/html/Win.htm

These small machines, with two channels, can be purchased to read EEG on a 24hr basis. http://www.mindmachines.com/RelaxationSuperstore/home.php?cat=20&xid=dff5400e7bc288378d730dbd48fb9909

I found this in the NASA Tech Briefs where sensors can be used, without even touching the head, to measure EEG/brainwave activity.

These brainwave intertainment packages can be used to alter EEG readouts of the brain. http://www.transparentcorp.com/special/headphone-less.php?service=yahoo&keyword=brain_wave&OVRAW=brain%20wave%20graph&OVKEY=brain%20wave&OVMTC=advanced

I personally believe EEG read-out is where the solution will be found. I believe these harassment signals are being piped directly into the head. And if you review my website you will know that I believe these attacks are comming from telepathic signal transfer.

People are monitoring me 24hrs a day, there is no doubt of that. And the localized targeting, such as attacks to different points on the head and body, have lead me to believe these are coming directly from individuals. I can step out my door, and drive down the street, at any hour of the day or night, and it is obvious people are following, and harassing.

Here is the link to the NASA Tech Briefs where sensors can be used, without even touching the head, to measure EEG/brainwave activity.

The Brief also discusses a helmit which can be used to monitor a pilots brain activity on an ongoing basis.



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