Chapter 170 Of The Acts of 2004


Section 131J. No person shall possess a portable device or weapon from which an electrical current, impulse, wave or beam may be directed, which current, impulse, wave or beam is designed to incapacitate temporarily, injure or kill.


What is "IMPULSE, WAVE OR BEAM" ????



(k) "Harmful electronic or electromagnetic device" means a device designed to emit or radiate or that, as a result of its design, emits or radiates an electronic or electromagnetic pulse, current, beam, signal, or microwave that is intended to cause harm to others or cause damage to, destroy, or disrupt any electronic or telecommunications system or device, including, but not limited to, a computer, computer network, or computer system.



These exsist on the steet ???

Scary stuff !!!

Gerry Duffett

Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) and Targeted Individuals (TI's)


posted on 11-5-2004 at 06:11 AM - single

Back in the 40s Great Britain was one of the leading developers of radar in the years leading up to WW2. The research they conducted led to an early warning radar system called "Chain Home". They built their radar stations around the British Isles and in America to provide warning of aerial threat.

It was noted by the attending personnel, that near these early radar stations, birds and animals (even insects) tend to avoid the area of energized antennas. Occasionally small creatures were found dying and dead that could not have directly touched energized circuitry. Reports were made and great interest was expressed in this disabling bio-effect. Research began into the possibility of a whole new class of weapon, RF & Microwave Directed Energy.

Various military and intelligence establishments did have suspicions about the harmful effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation and microwaves on humans. The Defense Intelligence Agency, the CIA and the Army had been monitoring the progress made by the former Soviet Union and its satellites for decades. Despite the intelligence reports on the harmful effects of Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) and microwaves, they decided to try to establish the facts themselves.


Moscow Signals:

Project Pandora began after the Soviets covertly directing RADAR like microwave beams at the U.S. embassy in Moscow, not only gathering intelligence but also using embassy workers as guinea pigs for low- level EMR experiments. Washington, D.C. was initially oddly quiescent, allowing the Soviets to continue the embassy irradiation. All the while the CIA morbidly studied the terrible effects on unaware attending embassy personnel such that THREE CONSECUTIVE Ambassadors died from the effects of nonionizing radiation.

In April 1976 the Secretary of State Henry Kissinger sent the following telegram to the U.S. Embassy in Moscow that summarized the conclusions of the study of the Moscow signal.

Subject: Radiation and UHF and Electromagnetic Dangers

Beginning in 1960 the Soviet Union directed the high frequency beams of radiation at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow that were calculated not to pick up intelligence but cause physiological effects on personnel. The effects the Soviets calculated to achieve in the personnel serving (at least as early as 1960) included:

(A) Malaise
(B) Irritability
(C) Extreme fatigue.

At this time the Soviets believed that the induced effects were temporary. Subsequently, it has been verified that the effects are not temporary. Definitely tied to such radiation and the UHF/VHF electromagnetic waves are:

(A) Cataracts
(B) Blood changes that induce heart attacks
(C) Malignancies
(D) Circulatory problems
(E) Permanent deterioration of the nervous system.

In most cases the after-effects do not become evident until long after exposure - a decade or more.


From 1965 through to 1970, Defense Advanced Projects Research Agency (DARPA), with up to 80% funding provided by the military, set in motion operation PANDORA to study the health and psychological effects of low intensity microwaves with regard to the so- called "Moscow Signal." This project appears to have been quite extensive and included (under U.S. Navy funding) studies demonstrating how to induce heart seizures, create leaks in the blood / brain barrier and production of hallucinations. FOIA filings revealed memoranda of Richard Cesaro, Director of DARPA, which confirmed that the program's initial goal was to:

"Discover whether a carefully controlled microwave signal could influence the mind." Cesaro urged that these studies be made: "for potential weapons applications."


Domestic Ops Life Magazines article, March 26, 1971

Coinciding precisely with the hay day of CIA's MK-Ultra and all 149 SUB PROJECTS, 80 INSTITUTIONS and 185 PRIVATE RESEARCHERS involved, is an article about Army & Navy - Domestic Intelligence. During this time, there were hundreds of supporting articles about the government's domestic spying. Sam Ervin's committee caught on that the Army and Navy Intelligence, the FBI, CIA, NSA, etc were all engaged in massive domestic spying & harassment campaign.

In 1971 Senator Ervin's Committee found that the Army claimed they had only 7,000 people being watched. Next that number was boosted to 14,000. Then it settled on a range somewhere between a whopping two million people & one quarter of the total U.S. population was under surveillance. The Military claimed many very trite reasons for keeping track of so many civilians; information indicates that human test subjects and all their acquaintances were the bulk of these numbers!

In response to the Church Committee investigation of 1973, all records of the MK-Ultra project were ordered destroyed. Correspondingly the numbers of people under surveillance suddenly dropped as well. Although the shocking details of medical ethics abuses by the U.S. government were amply detailed, Washington, citing national security and government privilege, stalled for so long ? that the cases never came to trial. Since no individuals or agencies were held legally accountable, the door was left wide open for further atrocities under new project names.

Senator Ervin's and the Church Committee admirable actions promptly curtailed any further overt testing and harassment. For the next twenty years or so, the covert agenda quietly dominated the domestic operations landscape while testing and developing, on unwitting military & civilian personnel, a whole new arsenal of weapons - Directed Energy.


FOIA Memorandum of Understanding 1994: excerpts

This MOU stems from recent findings of DoD's Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) and DOJ's National Institute of Justice (NIJ) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) concerning the application of advanced technology to law enforcement. In general, these findings reflect a growing convergence between the technology required for military operations and the technology required for law enforcement. Moreover, recent technological advances suggest a current ability to enhance the effectiveness of both the DoD Operations Other Than War
(OOTW) and DOJ and other Law Enforcement (LE) missions.

User organizations designated by the signatories, or "test bed units," will test and evaluate transitioning products. The remainder of FY94 will be devoted to choosing technology programs for FY95, setting up the joint organization, identifying test bed units, and beginning selected efforts. During the first quarter of FY95, the JPSG members will physically move to ARPA in order to begin intensive management of the joint OOTW/LE program.

/s/ Janet Reno Attorney General Date: 4/20/94

/s/ John Deutch Secretary of Defense Date: 4/20/94

note: OOTW is a nice way of describing Domestic Intelligence Operations of questionable legality.



Justice Department officials, for their part, see an opportunity to apply the fruits of Pentagon research to America's urban battlefields.

Other military technological advances that will be evaluated for their usefulness in combating crime include infrared surveillance gear, sonar devices?"neural inhibitors," and a high-power microwave generator.


Today we know one of the early descendants of RADAR research is probably located in your own kitchen. Microwave Ovens are a common appliance and The Microwave Heating effect is created from the induction of eddy currents by microwave irradiation, an electric current flow that will interfere with normal healthy functioning of a living nervous system. It acts very much like an anesthetic, jamming the normal nerve function while the tissues are being damaged. Directed at some poor soul, that person could be burned inside and out. Think now how damaging a MASER, a microwave LASER, would be to a man.


DEW Non-lethal weapons are defined as "acoustic and electromagnetic weapons that are designed to disable personnel, weapons, supplies, or equipment in such a way that death or severe permanent disability to personnel are unlikely." Note well that by they're very description, DEW are the perfect tool to harass & abuse civilians in the community and at home. It should be known that some "non-lethal" weapons are not authorized under the international law governing weapons. Given that these are more devices of torture than weapons of war.


If improperly used a common Radar Range can easily be transformed into an effective Directed Energy Weapon. I speak of the known biohazards a common Magnetron removed from your kitchen microwave oven. Activated and directed at some poor soul, that person could be attacked without even a clue that an attack occurred. Swelling and blisters would just seem to form spontaneously, no reason that can be discerned by victim or doctor. Know to that radiation in whatever guise is absolutely deadly to life. Even low level doses, over a time, may be a death sentence with cancer on the horizon. Be it ionizing radiation or electromagnetic radiation, they all kill.

Directed Energy Influence Weapons are a definite reality, an undeniable fact! I'm not talking about the imagination of a TV show or the super science of some distant future. I'm only speaking of the technological advancement and evolution of RADAR over some 50 years of time. Should we not consider the necessity of creating laws, similar to those for projectile weapons? It seems only right that the same laws governing the use of projectile weapons (guns) also be used for Energy Weapons (DEW). We must protect all citizens from the indiscriminate abuse of classified advanced weaponry readily available to some Military and Intelligence personnel.

Caught between our Governments desire to test & develop Advanced Antipersonnel Weapons on its own unsuspecting citizenry and the stringent requirements to maintain National Security, lie hundreds of poor innocent tortured souls, caught in pain and seeking freedom from this most terrible situation. These victims once again are raising this serious question to you:

Does the end ever justify these means?

After all, those responsible are indeed aware of the harmful effects of EMF, and yet they have deliberately concealed the facts from their victims and have manufactured new truths for the general public. Many lives have already been unnecessarily lost and the lifespan of hundreds, if not thousands, have been seriously compromised.

Yet no liability has ever been admitted by our government.

Mr. M

Gerry Duffett

PROJECT SLAMMER: Microwave Harassment and Mind-Control Experimentation


Microwave Harassment and Mind-Control Experimentation


From: Howard Duck
via: William Gazecki

Refusal and/or inability of local police to intervene.

The tendency of local Police is to dismiss an individual's complaints of government harassment as the ravings of a "fruitcake." In one case, discussed above, it is apparent that one police officer is actively cooperating in the harassment. Some police agencies, while acknowledging the reality of the situation, hesitate to intervene in cases involving what they believe to be U.S. Intelligence. On a few occasions, certain police officials did attempt to intervene, based on what they perceived to be evidence of a systematic harassment/illegal surveillance campaign. Absent a clear mandate to prosecute "stalkers" acting under the aegis of U.S. Intelligence, the police obviously have their hands tied.

Refusal of the FBI to intervene in any of the cases brought to our attention, thus far.

FBI spokesmen do acknowledge that they have received a large number of requests for assistance from mentally disturbed persons who believe that they are being "zapped by radio waves" and/or "are hearing voices"..."from Mars, that is.'"

In one case, an FBI spokesman reacted in an angry, defensive and bizarre fashion when our contact briefly alluded to PROJECT SLAMMER as possibly being related to her surveillance. (PROJECT SLAMMER is a CIA- funded study, managed by CIA and FBI behavioral scientists, which explores the "mental make-up" of alleged security risks, along with their family members and close associates. Participants in PROJECT SLAMMER include NSA, DIA, and Army, Navy and Air Force Intelligence.)

Until PROJECT SLAMMER was mentioned, the FBI spokesman's approach in this case was to politely and redundantly explain that the law, as currently constructed, prevents the FBI's intervening in this individual's case. When she briefly pointed out that the surveillance activities might fall under the purview of PROJECT SLAMMER, the spokesman's response was to abruptly and angrily declaim, "You don't know who is conducting that surveillance! You don't know if that is a state police surveillance!...or a local police surveillance! It could be a totally unrelated operation! You don't know who is conducting that surveillance! [etc., etc.]!"

It was apparent from this response that the FBI was at least acknowledging the existence of a surveillance, if in somewhat emotional fashion. The individual in question subsequently furnished acquired evidence to the local police, who made it clear that they are not participants in the surveillance which, based on the evidence, pointedly suggests that our contact is the target.

Refusal or inability or the ACLU and Amnesty International to intervene.

Both organizations acknowledge receiving many complaints from persons claiming to be the targets of some type of electronic harassment. An ACLU spokeswoman characterized the complainants as appearing to be rational, except in a few cases. The complaints are not being investigated, she said, because of "limited resources." We have to wonder, of course, why the ACLU could recently find resources to defend the rights of prostitutes and the Ku Klux Klan, yet remains incapable of intervening in cases such as we are now pursuing.

Amnesty International recently informed one of our contacts that they could not intervene in her case because their focus is on the U.S. Government's treatment of prison inmates. While incarceration does appear to be one sought for objective in these harassment/mind- control experiments, we would like to think that protections by such organizations as Amnesty International can be achieved beforehand.



Gerry Duffett


Major Electromagnetic Mind Control Projects

Mind Control

Ten Major Mind Control Projects


Major Electromagnetic Mind Control Projects

by Val Valerian

Source: Leading Edge International Research Group http://www.trufax.org/research/projects.html

Project Moonstruck, 1952, CIA:

Electronic implants in brain and teeth Targeting: Long range Implanted during surgery or surreptitiously during abduction Frequency range: HF - ELF transceiver implants Purpose: Tracking, mind and behavior control, conditioning, programming, covert operations Functional Basis: Electronic Stimulation of the Brain, E.S.B.

Project MK-ULTRA, 1953, CIA:

Drugs, electronics and electroshock Targeting: Short range Frequencies: VHF HF UHF modulated at ELF Transmission and Reception: Local production Purpose: Programming behavior, creation of "cyborg" mentalities Effects: narcoleptic trance, programming by suggestion Subprojects: Many. Pseudonym: Project Artichoke Functional Basis: Electronic Dissolution of Memory, E.D.O.M.

Project Orion, 1958, U.S.A.F:

Drugs, hypnosis, and ESB Targeting: Short range, in person Frequencies: ELF Modulation Transmission and Reception: Radar, microwaves, modulated at ELF frequencies Purpose: Top security personnel debriefing, programming, insure security and loyalty Pseudonym: "Dreamland"

MK-DELTA, 1960, CIA:

Fine-tuned electromagnetic subliminal programming Targeting: Long Range Frequencies: VHF HF UHF Modulated at ELF Transmission and Reception: Television antennae, radio antennae, power lines, mattress spring coils, modulation on 60 Hz wiring. Purpose: programming behavior and attitudes in general population Effects: fatigue, mood swings, behavior dysfunction and social criminality, mood swings Pseudonym: "Deep Sleep", R.H.I.C.


Location: Montauk, Long Island Electronic multi-directional targeting of select population groups Targeting: Medium range Frequencies: Radar, microwaves. EHF UHF modulated Power: Gigawatt through Terawatt Purpose: Loading of Earth Grids, planetary sonombulescence to stave off geological activity, specific-point earthquake creation, population programming for sensitized individuals Pseudonym: "Rainbow", ZAP


Electronic directed targeting of individuals or populations Targeting: Large population groups assembled Display: Black helicopters flying in triad formation of three Power: 100,000 watts Frequency: UHF Purpose: Large group management and behavior control, riot control Allied Agencies: FEMA Pseudonym: "Black Triad" A.E.M.C

RF MEDIA, 1990, CIA:

Electronic, multi-directional subliminal suggestion and programming Location: Boulder, Colorado (Location of main cell telephone node, national television synchronization node) Targeting: national population of the United States Frequencies: ULF VHF HF Phase modulation Power: Gigawatts Implementation: Television and radio communications, the "videodrome" signals Purpose: Programming and triggering behavioral desire, subversion of psychic abilities of population, preparatory processing for mass electromagnetic control Pseudonym: "Buzz Saw" E.E.M.C.

TOWER, 1990, CIA, NSA:

Electronic cross country subliminal programming and suggestion Targeting: Mass population, short-range intervals, long-range cumulative Frequencies: Microwave, EHF SHF Methodology: Cellular telephone system, ELF modulation Purpose: Programming through neural resonance and encoded information Effect: Neural degeneration, DNA resonance modification, psychic suppression Pseudonym: "Wedding Bells"


Electromagnetic resonant induction and mass population control Location: Gakona, Alaska Frequencies: Atmospheric phase-locked resonant UHF VHF Potential: DNA code alteration in population and mass behavior modification Power: Giga-watt to Tera-watt range Step-Down reflective frequencies: Approx 1.1 GHz, Human DNA resonant frequency, cellular system phase-lock


Electromagnetic resonant induction and mass population control Location: Nationwide Frequencies: Emotional wavelengths, data gathering through helicopter probes following media events - rebroadcast in order to restimulate population emotional levels for recreation of event scenarios. Ref: LE#108, March 1998 Potential: Mass behavior modification Power: Unknown. Possibly rebroadcast through GWEN network or cellular tower frequencies, coordinated from NBS in Colorado.

All news to me.

Gerry Duffett


Federal tactics for Information Warfare


Invasive Federal tactics for Information Warfare on the Internet (only a fed disinformer could object to this post. Pass this around a bit and see who squeals). This message triggers the CAPCHA censorship window, and might be diverted to thew bulk mail folder.

It is very simple: We learn who the most effective human rights activists are, by seeing who the government shills attack. We learn who the government shills are, by seeing who attacks the most effective human rights activists.


Information Warfare on the Internet [I posted this to alt.mindcontrol in early December, 1997. The group had been flooded with posts for sex-related web sites, and included graphic jpeg images. While this post is mostly about Usenet news groups, much of it applies to email and web sites too. The term information warfare is, in many respects, just a new word for what used to be called propaganda.]

The recent porn posts in alt.mindcontrol fit in as one of a variety of techniques for disrupting internet news groups. If you read about the basic cointelpro techniques, most such disruptions are variations on those themes. They are also deniable, and this uncertainty is cultivated and prized by harassers because it can lead to (justified) paranoia and false accusations that discredit the victim.

Information techniques distraction with irrelevant posts. What better example than the recent porn posts? Discussion is lost in the noise. (In this case, the posts may make the group "appealing" to a new audience, so a small silver lining is that new people can be informed about mind control.) Distraction by voluminous postings with no information by blowhards and empty name-callers. (Can be hard to distinguish from genuine blowhards.) People who wallow in the mud do not need to outdebate you; they only need to drag you down there with them. Kill files can help if your newsreader has them. Planting of provocateurs (and sleeper agents, etc.). These people will vary from the posters who suddenly show up one day under an alias attacking regular posters, to people who seem like regular posters themselves. They may work in teams, supporting each other and giving the illusion of popular support on the net. (Remember, net IDs are basically free, and one person can have many.) As cointelpro showed, there is little that is more poisonous to an organization than to have it tear itself apart from the inside with accusations of moles. (The CIA knows all about this from its own mole hunts.) Moles love to accuse others of being moles; then again, there are real moles. You have to judge for yourself who to listen to or what to believe. Hardware techniques Spoofing. Forgeries and modified content. Does not need to be global over the whole internet, for example just your local news server can be modified. If they control your regular communication line like your phone line there is no end to the illusions that can be created. There is a danger that some forms of spoofing will be detected, though, and it is harder to do, so I think these techniques are used less widely than the others. Canceling posts. Posts disappear or only propagate in a limited region. This has deniability as just network problems, since sometimes there really are network problems. One technique is to secretly "localize" posts that are not approved by some censor or gatekeeper. Most people will not notice if their post only appears on their local news server, and will assume it has propagated worldwide. They will just think no one has replied (though spoof replies can be posted locally, too). I check to see that my posts show up at DejaNews. Hardly foolproof, but at least then I know people can read them there (at least until more sophisticated spoofing is available, perhaps tailored to domain names or user names). Delaying posts. By controlling when posts show up, the flow of the debate can be controlled. A heads-up warning can be given to the plants on the group to counter arguments ahead of time. They can also make the same arguments or statements themselves ahead of time to build their own "credibility" or to steal thunder. Controlling search engines. If no one can find it, it is not there. I do not have any evidence that this has happened. The real danger is the possibility of "voluntary" self-censorship like we have seen, for example, in the newspapers with regard to radiation experiments. Combined hardware/information techniques Feedback pathways. An important aspect of psychological warfare is to have a feedback path to the victim. (This is like a control signal in dynamical systems theory.) The feedback path may be used covertly to manipulate the victim, the victim may become aware of it on his or her own, or the victim may be purposely made aware of it. Harassers often want victims think their harassers have control over them. To know they are being watched. This can help induce psychological trauma and regression in the victim. [According to the KUBARK interrogation manual, "All coercive techniques are designed to induce regression."] A feedback path can alert the victim that he is being manipulated. This can be done by telephones ringing or fax machines. It can be done with sophisticated mind control methods. It could even be done in newspapers if some person or agency knew the newspapers the victim reads and could influence their content (e.g. the final cointelpro link below).

But the internet is a fairly new medium that fits this bill perfectly if the subject reads newsgroups. In a simple example, you cancel a person's post and then post your own article hinting that you have done it. (Incidentally, psychological torturers can pretend to have caused anything they are aware of having happened.) The person gets angry, but they may not be sure, and if they accuse the tormentor they are ridiculed. (Always try to goad the victims into doing things in public that will discredit them.)

When the hardware is expanded to include home surveillance and mind control techniques, the effects can be magnified immensely.

Can anyone truly doubt that these techniques have been extensively studied and documented by our government? The stonewall of denial fights for every inch of ground, no matter how trivial. People will still deny obvious, documented (cointelpro) things like this to delay having to deny the next step of the chain ("Yes, maybe they studied it but they would never test it on Americans [they did], and they surely are not still doing it today [they are].")

Secret agencies are still arms of the federal government.


http://mediafilter.org/MFF/USDCO.idx.html http://dickshovel.netgate.net/coin.html http://www.webcom.com/~pinknoiz/covert/cointelpro.html

and at the last site, especially


If a simple request for evidence gives rise to a vitriolic personal attack, or an attempt to censor, rather than the addressing of the issue, then one can only assume that the attacker has no other way to respond. Any time that a simple request for evidence gives rise to a vitriolic personal attack, you can be assured that you are dealing with a hoax.

Informant: savefreedom2005

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