High tech electromagnetic weapons being used on the public

* Release Source - Suz LeBoeuf


Suz LeBoeuf, “Targeted Individual”, Writes Her Opinions about the Current Political Climate While Being Tortured In Her Home by Electromagnetics

AKRON, OHIO — APRIL 22, 2006 — Suz LeBoeuf declares herself a “targeted individual” or TI as they are known among the tortured group who have suffered tremendously, sometimes for decades, due to the fact that very few in the public sphere have known the weapons exist. These are military-style weapons bought and sold on the Internet as well as manufactured, traded or sold on the black market. Targeted Individuals suspect they have become targets due to their kind natures, who have often times become involved in military pursuits or have been in a military family.

Suz was a military daughter.

Her father, being politically active in his home state of California (now deceased), passed on his public service mentality – now we know why.

Suz has said she is being “brain entrained” with psycho-torture and being held in captivity – that is, captivity by electromagnetics that the Bush administration and Dick Cheney says he wants the pentagon to oversee – as she has written on the web with her new storefront for newsletter articles at //www.lulu.com/electrowell . She has begun to publish her life’s interaction with the weapons of war, as she likes to call them as they assassinate brain waves with “directed energy pulsed radiation weapons (that) pulverize good activists minds and tear their bodies apart, frying brains with HAARP-like weaponized signals” that are piggy-backed on the energy grid. These remote neural monitoring of the brain by EEG-like brain wave technology are sometimes known as “psycho-symptoms of a pervert-like warfare that is striking the country.” These words came from the audio-acoustical weapons she has to contend with day by day in her “normal living” of a lifestyle with no way out.

Unless we have some sort of weapons technology to protect our Americans from being stricken with the same brainwave technology like Suz LeBoeuf has had to endure, suffer and die from; brainwave speaking, that is, then we have nothing to look forward to in old age but our minds blown to bits.

Suz LeBoeuf has been writing for many years on the internet about her experiences as a judicial accountability activist, speaking to hundreds about their cases. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Sacramento State University, has a master’s degree in counseling psychology. Due to her impending lawsuit, she thinks “we need to have somebody overseeing the judges in our court cases from here on out” she says, “as they are all brain entrained and we don’t know who is controlling our judge’s brains at this point”. She has given up plans to become a licensed psychologist due to the nature of the weapons and what they are doing; causing acute, severe and ongoing mental trauma. Although she has completed some coursework in a doctoral program in psychology, she has complained they won’t listen to her. This is her first venture in the public world of publishing professionally online as her own publicist.

Suz LeBoeuf, icsn2202@yahoo.com



High-Tech Crimes and Electromagnetic Madness

'Non-lethal' weapons

Targeting the Human with Directed Energy Weapons

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