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Subject: Update on the strange death of Margie Schoedinger

//PlayAudioMessage.com/play.asp?m=30824&f=NSSPKF&ps=7&p=1 (10 min)

//PlayAudioMessage.com/play.asp?m=30679&f=LUNTHR&ps=7&p=1 (9 min)


Roger Tolses: //www.bugsweeps.com/

Gordon Thomas: //www.globe-intel.net/

Nick Begeige: //www.earthpulse.com/

Joyce Riley: //gulfwarvets.com/ & //www.thepowerhour.com/

Technology discovered that can produce altered states of consciousness that take monks and yogis decades to achieve. //www.biocybernaut.com/

Test Marketing the Mark of the Beast - implantable biometric chip

Resistance Is Futile! You Will Be Assimilated!

“VeriChip” - RFID Microchip Implants for Humans by URI DOWBENKO

First it was cattle. Then it was pets. Now it's Mexicans. Will Americans be next? //www.conspiracyplanet.com/channel.cfm?channelid=74&contentid=900&page=1

US adopts National ID

Bio-chip implant arrives for cashless transactions Announcement at global security confab unveils syringe-injectable ID microchip Posted: November 21, 2003 / 7:42 p.m. Eastern
//www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=35766 The agenda to microchip the human population has actually begun in earnest..
//www.adsx.com/prodservpart/verichippreregistration.html Implanted chips raise privacy worries ..."Critics, however, say such technologies would make it easier for government agencies to track a person's every movement and allow widespread invasion of privacy. Critics, however, say such technologies would make it easier for government agencies to track a person's every movement and allow widespread invasion of privacy...."

"Big Brother Under Your Skin"

RFID Protest In the first hour, consumer privacy expert Katherine Albrecht gave a brief update on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) products. Albrecht said she has found RFID-tagged items at Wal-Mart (see RFID Tag Photos), and invited listeners to join her and Liz McIntyre for a protest of a Dallas Wal-Mart on October 15th. For more information visit spychips.com.

ian john wrote:

Hi Janis. When the DEA offered me a position in the DEA as a covert CIA operative I was offered to be able to rape any girls I wanted using warrants and the cover of law after framing them as being involved in drugs to discredit them.

The DEA did these rapes all of the time after gassing girls they had placed under drug investigations. The girls were always discredited by planting drugs or furnishing drug to them.

My job in the DEA would have been running drugs and framing innocent people to take the fall. The first job the DEA wanted me to do was kill 4 or 5 girls they had been feeding to Judge X for sex. My job would have been injecting people with drugs to cause heart attacks in their sleep and injecting them with cancer viruses and infecting wounds with flesh eating bacteria and giving political threats a wide range of diseases as well as injecting political targets with electronic implants to torture and slowly murder them as is being done to many of us.

Of course I refused the job offers by the CIA and became a target like millions of others. The only difference is I know how its done and by whom.

---- Janis wrote: There are others that have claimed they were raped. I met a woman that knew that she had been raped ands has refused to live alone ever since. I am sorry that you are going thru this but please the next time go get a rape kit done. It may help you in the future. You won't have to press charges. Remember that your little biy does not need to suffer along with you. Please protect him. I know that you are hurt but these pigs will continue until you do something to let them know that you will file charges.

//electromagneticsurveillance.blogspot.com //directenergyharassment.blogspot.com

History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people. " Martin Luther King, Jr.

Jack Topel

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