How many are ‘Perpetrators’? How many are ‘Targeted Individuals’?

My physical body is burned and emaciated, my skin has been dried and peels off in layers, the corneas of my eyes are misshapen, and the soles of my feet are raw from nightly irradiation.

In this poor physical condition I read the international emails between those who do not know one another. Using the jargon of the industry how many are ‘Perpetrators’? How many are ‘Targeted Individuals’?

The discussions and petty arguments would be comic if these were not murderers or at the very least accomplices to mass murder. And so they further torture and entrap their long-distance victims.

I read as they commence to crash the ideas and hopes of a newcomer to this dreadful scene. Someone to whom the realization has finally arrived, due to the excruciating effects of overt electronic assault, as opposed to covert, that they are a targeted individual, a victim of torture.

Someone who, every day, amidst physical pain, glances back over yet one more episode in their life in an attempt to see just when the horror of their electronic imprisonment commenced.

As the memories rise to the surface, looking back over the days, weeks, months and years the individual re-experiences the misfortunes and accompanying ill-health of former times and recoils in horror “that they did not know why”.

And so they have searched the internet perhaps looking for “weapons”, perhaps “laser”, “microwave” or “radiation”, never dreaming that the description of their lives and their future contacts would be listed under the ominous heading of “mind control”. That is another hurdle to cross, one that may take months or years of overt persecution and countless negative incidents and coincidences to enable the final ghastly realization that they are and have been mind-controlled.

Viewing their life in retrospect the individual recognizes the pattern of how others came into their lives. They recognize the coincidences, the forced smiles, the explicit interest shown in them, the desperate ploys to be associated, all so that a devious, controlling relationship would develop.

They review their relationships with these strangers, who feigned interest and intruded in their lives, determined to fulfil their role of duplicity for the years yet to come.

Not only have these coincidences occurred at the level of ‘friendship’ or ‘relationship’ but in the working life too, even to the extent of the removal of a job, the offering of another.

So now they communicate electronically with another group of strangers, whom they will never meet, the mad, the bad, the evil torturers and murderers and maybe, just maybe, another genuine victim of harassment and electronic assault.

As they search the net, the website topics vary from gang stalking, surveillance, police harassment, New World Order, to mind control and UFO abductions. Many are designed to further entrap the victim, gain their personal information and let the authorities know that the victim is finally aware that their miserable life experience has a human cause. They study pages of fact and fiction, pages of information, disinformation and misinformation. The newcomer will read and realize that what is written does not always match their own experience. It is their own experience that they should believe. They are being assaulted by direct energy equipment, the direction from which they feel the energy coming from, is where it is coming from, it is not coming from satellites or remote computer, radar, radio or microwave sites.

And so to those of you who are ‘Perpetrators’:
Stop obeying orders now.
Cease your servitude to evil and its servants, your masters.
Do not use your time on earth to track, report on and assault other human beings.
Do not waste your life destroying the lives of others.
Instead, dedicate your life, as was originally intended, to working for God, to bring good into the world.

And to those of you who are ‘Targeted Individuals’:
Protect yourselves physically.
Be aware that most of those whom you encounter will not have your wellbeing in mind, even if not originally perpetrators they will have been told lies about you and will act accordingly.
Find other genuine Targeted Individuals.
Find a place to live on privately owned property.
Find a country where the authorities, the defence and police forces and their civilian cohorts do not electronically assault civilians.
Dedicate your life, as was originally intended, to working for God, to bring good into the world.

Janet Cresswell


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May 2007

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