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2/15/2005 6:41:53 PM Central Standard Time

I want to inform people about what is going on in Germany, in case people here are unaware. They have a horrible problem with microwave attackers as neighbors, similar to how these neighbors are depicted. Reports from there to me continue to describe an ever increasing targeted population. There is much microwave technology available there. When the wall came down, the East German powers from the communist party exchanged their trade and tactics developed to be used against their own dissidents for money. West German criminals had the money to buy it and then had the technology and training. They got very good at it quickly. The MO spread and I have heard that at least 200 Europeans are currently dying from it, or have died, in recent years. Some die not even knowing what or whom has been behind their condition.

There are no reports of implanted devices in people from Germany. Lastly, the government there does nothing, just as here. Some people over there have discussed living together or in very close proximity to one another for safety sake. One of the best web sites I have found is Reinhardt Munzert's Microwave Terror Attacks. I don't have the link, or exact wording or spelling, and I apologize for that, but I'm sure it can be "googled" if someone wishes to follow up.

Neighbor against neighbor attacks without any provocation is one of the typical MO's that they are suffering under. I am passing this along for anyone interested.

San Diego

Allen L. Barker wrote:

Honey, Remember to Turn on the Rooster Booster...


Tue Feb 15, 8:17 AM ET

BERLIN (Reuters) - Before leaving on vacation, a German couple set up a loudspeaker and timer with the sound of a crowing cock to blast their neighbors every morning.

After complaints, police in the northern town of Itzehoe obtained a warrant to enter the house and discovered the gear with the speakers aimed at the neighbors and rigged to a timer.

"The apparatus switched on between 2 and 4 o'clock in the morning and produced a cock crowing at an enormous volume. This would last for 20 minutes with breaks in between," police said.

Police confiscated the gear and charged the vacationers, who are still away, with bodily harm and disturbing the peace. The neighbors had no history of antagonism.

This appears to be typical of perps. I had one person (a possible perp) living below me in an apartment complex in Redding California. He was harassing me with this kind of tactic. When I finally figured out what he was doing and how he was using a stereo system to create the effects, the guy like to have went complete off his rocker. Thought that he was going to have to be taken to the mental ward and locked up for evaluation. He was so certain that no one would ever figure out what he was doing and especially how he was doing it.

Bob D.

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