Barbara Hartwell: 'My Life is Under Serious Threat'

[Send this e- and link to every mailing list you might belong to. It's an amazing read. No wonder Barbara Hartwell scrapped her Web site; the contents are enough to have her "evaluated" for admission into the Hoo-Hoo Hotel. This one from a few years back, courtesy of Google's 'WayBackMachine'.

Friend Liberty


October 13, 1999

I am writing this letter as a safety measure because my life is under serious threat. A document such as this is known as a 'security letter'. It is designed to provide information about my situation to as many people as possible. The more public this information becomes, the safer I will be, at least in theory. This is the second such letter I have written; the first was dated January 4, 1999. The purpose of this letter is not limited to protecting my own safety. In truth, my own situation cannot be separated from issues which are of such magnitude as to affect every citizen of this country. All I ask is that you read this letter with an open mind, and using your own discernment, draw your own conclusions.


A major effort is being made by various agencies of the U.S. government, most notably the CIA, to 'neutralize' me. When a person becomes a target to be 'neutralized' it is usually because she/he is considered for various reasons to be a threat to 'National Security'. I know that in my own case such a perceived 'threat' exists, but in truth it has nothing to do with 'National Security'. The reality is that the perpetrators who are trying to 'neutralize' me are concerned only that their nefarious, illegal and unconscionable misdeeds and massive violations of human rights not be exposed.

In their attempts to 'neutralize' me they have used a full spectrum of tactics including the following: Violations of my privacy (4th amendment rights) in the form of phone taps, electronic surveillance, listening devices and microchip cameras; staking out my home with fully-equipped surveillance vans manned by government agents and placing tails on me while driving.

Electronic harassment, using microwave/pulse beam, laser and acoustic weaponry; so-called 'woodpecker' signals and the like. These electronic devices cause disturbances to the cerebrospinal and autonomic nervous systems and electromagnetic energy field of the body; interfere with brain wave frequencies and result in painful, debilitating physical symptoms such as nausea, muscle weakness, and migraine-like head pain. Long term sleep deprivation is another consequence. In their more extreme applications, these exotic weapons can cause cancer, stop a person's heart or literally 'fry' their internal organs. The government calls these devices 'non-lethal' weaponry. A misnomer if ever there was one.

Sabotage, harassment and 'setups' by agents provocateur. Blacklisting, character assassination and slander campaigns. Intimidation tactics, deploying military hardware and personnel. Harassment and intimidation tactics targeting certain of my supporters. (They sent a SWAT team to break down the door of one of my colleagues, a private investigator who had helped me to document and corroborate their electronic surveillance devices and phone taps.) Coercion, and even death threats, made against me, my family, friends and associates.

The perpetrators have made several assassination attempts, since 1994, using poison, drugs, prearranged and purposefully engineered car 'accidents' and by deploying exotic electronic weaponry, such as laser, microwave/pulse beam, etc. Although I came close to death after several of these incidents, I survived by what I can only call Divine Intervention.

Abductions by government agents, using drugs to knock me out, after which I was taken to various locations to be interrogated and 'debriefed' through coercive methods, also using drugs such as scopolamine and 'burandanga', a member of the nightshade family also known as the 'voodoo drug'. (These drugs as well as others are also used extensively inside CIA black ops.)

The perpetrators finally realized (and it took them long enough) that I cannot be bribed; cannot be blackmailed; cannot be re-recruited; cannot be intimidated, and that I am not afraid to die if that's what it takes. As I have said many times to anyone who would listen -and even to those who would not, including the perpetrators- I would rather die with honor, fighting for my freedom than compromise with evil.

Chip Tatum, ex-CIA deep cover operative and case officer, has publicly testified on my behalf and endorsed my credibility. He was one of several government and former government agents who warned me that my life was in serious danger and that the perpetrators would have no compunction about assassinating me ('terminate with extreme prejudice') if that's what it took to silence me, assuming they could get away with it. I had been aware for a long time that this was the case, but the warnings I received served to corroborate what I already knew. I understand that there are complex reasons why they have not been able -so far- to 'terminate' or 'eliminate' me (the perpetrators' terminology). As to the nature of those reasons, my only comment for now is 'no comment'.

Mr. Tatum has publicly testified with me, giving detailed accounts of the methodology of the harassment that I and other targets have been subjected to, and has admitted to participating in some of the harassment and 'neutralization' campaigns against US citizens while still employed by the CIA. He has clearly stated that those designated as 'targets' would only be those who have 'insider' knowledge of the government's criminal malfeasance and/or refuse to cooperate with their agenda.

Mr. Tatum was also tasked with carrying out assassinations. I have seen some of the documents, shown to me by Mr. Tatum. One such document was signed by former US President (and ex-CIA director) George Bush, in which Mr. Tatum was instructed in no uncertain terms, to 'neutralize' a certain person; an American citizen, no less! The target's name was Ross Perot. Mr. Tatum refused to carry out the mission. Although the CIA officially claims they are "not in the assassination business", nothing could be further from the truth!

Mr. Tatum exposed CIA drug-running operations connected with the Iran-Contra Affair as well as other CIA illegal covert operations. When his own life was threatened because he refused to further cooperate in these operations, he made the documents public: Incontrovertible evidence that our own government is behind the drug-abuse epidemic in this country, which has laid waste to so many young lives. So much for the 'War on Drugs'.

Mr. Tatum paid for his 'indiscretions' by spending two years in a federal prison, after being convicted of 'treason'. Last year (1998) after exposing as much as possible of what he knew, Mr. Tatum left the country permanently. I have documented a large body of his testimony, including personal conversations between myself and Mr. Tatum, most of which I have not yet made public. Some of the information given to me by Mr. Tatum served as corroboration of my own experiences, being insider knowledge of CIA black ops in which he and I were both involved.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. If you want to know what's really going on in this country, I hope you will support me in my efforts along with other whistleblowers to bring forth this vital information. For those of you who already do know about the state of emergency in this country, through your own experiences and research, I think you might agree that the future of our country as a free and sovereign nation may depend on having such information made public. The CIA operates on a 'need-to-know' basis. But it's American citizens that have the REAL 'need-to-know'. What you don't know CAN and WILL hurt you.

I am a survivor of CIA MK ULTRA and PHOENIX Project, trained and utilized by CIA as a deep cover operative and professional CIA asset, under mind control programming, which the perpetrators of this mind control believed was 'guaranteed under National Security'. Any oaths of secrecy which I may have signed or 'agreed' to were under coercion and/or mind control.

Since 1996, I have gone public by exposing what I learned about these illegal covert operations through my own involvement and subsequent research, having been victimized and exploited by the US government since childhood.

Among the code names assigned to me and under which I was utilized were: Sleeping Beauty, Blue Rose, and Black Angel. These code names make references to esoteric symbolism which relates to the nature of the various black operations and to the missions assigned to me. I reveal these names because I believe that some of those reading this may recognize them and understand their meaning.

I am a law-abiding citizen. Any and all illegal acts I may ever have committed could only have been done under coercion and/or mind control by the CIA and not under my own volition. It is necessary for me to state this for my own protection. I will also state for the record that any and all activities I engage in for the purpose of exposing -and stopping- government corruption are within the parameters of the law, both state and federal and as outlined in the US Constitution.

Although I have documented volumes of information about these government-sponsored black operations, such information is beyond the scope of this letter. I am distributing this letter as one of a number of ways to attempt to protect my life, which has been under serious threat since I broke out of CIA black ops in 1994 and began to publicly expose information about government corruption in 1996.

In the event that my demise occurs before I am able to reveal all I know, I hope that I will be vindicated and that other concerned American citizens will take up an investigation which will validate my testimony and see that justice is done to hold the perpetrators legally and morally accountable for their crimes. I would also request that one of my family members file a wrongful death suit against the government. Many others who knew the truth and who were willing to stand up against this tyranny have already been assassinated in the efforts of these perpetrators to cover up their crimes against humanity. As God is my witness, everything stated in my testimony here and in other interviews and documents is the truth.


I was utilized against my will and in certain cases without my own knowledge or consent in CIA illegal domestic and foreign covert operations, otherwise known as 'black ops'. My life is in serious danger, due to the fact that I am in the process of exposing highly classified information about illegal and unethical violations of human rights by the CIA and other government agencies. These violations are infractions of established US national and international laws and codes, including the Nuremberg Code, the Geneva Convention.

My purpose in exposing this information is very simply my dedication to truth and justice and my deep concern about protecting the constitutional and human rights of American citizens. I also wish to make every effort to see that the perpetrators of these atrocities are held legally and morally accountable for the egregious abuses committed against myself and countless others.

These abuses include such things as: mind control using drugs, hypnosis and psychotronic technology; 'trauma-based' programming techniques; interrogation using coercion and torture; abductions; sexual abuse; blackmail; death threats to families and loved ones of the primary targets/agents should they fail to comply with the demands of the perpetrators; genetic engineering using certain 'elite' family bloodlines; human slavery; murder. As a result of my efforts to further investigate and expose this information, I have become a target of extreme harassment, political persecution and assassination attempts by agents of the US government and their international cohorts.

No matter what their spiritual or religious beliefs- or lack of them- I have to believe that most GOOD PEOPLE would agree that the activities of these perpetrators are at the very least illegal and unethical and a major threat to individual and collective freedom in this country. In my opinion and that of many others who hold similar spiritual convictions, they are flagrant crimes against God. If I know nothing else, I know what side I'm on: THE RIGHT SIDE. THE SIDE OF TRUTH, FREEDOM AND JUSTICE.

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