Defense: Highway Shooter Heard 'Mocking Voices'

by Carrie Spencer

The Associated Press

("COLUMBUS, OhIo --- The man on trial in a series of highway shootings heard mocking voices from the television for years, leading him to drop lumber and bags of concrete mix off overpasses and then to buy a gun, his attorney told jurors Thursday.

Charles McCoy, Jr. "believed people could read his mind" and would use those thoughts to make fun of him, Mark Collins said as he opened the defense case.

McCoy's mother and brother-in-law said he complained that a newspaper ad had a phrase his parents used, and that Regis Philbin
mentioned a bandanna the day after McCoy wore one.

McCoy, 29, is charged with 24 counts in 12 shootings on and near, Columbus-area highways, involving vehicles, houses and a school, over five months in 2003 and 2004. One woman was killed.

The defense concedes that McCoy was the shooter but wants to convince jurors that he had severe, untreated paranoid schizophrenia that kept him from knowing right from wrong.

McCoy would be hospitalized if jurors accept his plea of innocence by reason of insanity, though the jury has not been told that.

He could face the death penalty if convicted of aggravated murder in the November 2003 death of Gail Knisley, who was shot while riding in a car on Interstate 270, which circles Columbus. She was the only person struck in the string of shootings.

Collins said he will show that McCoy became progressively bizarre and sometimes threatening to his relatives.

On a 0-100 scale on the severity of his paranoid schizophrenia, a psychiatrist will testify that McCoy ranks between 85 and 95, the attorney said.")

Does any of that sound familiar? This kind of thing seems to be showing up in the news more and more. Does anyone else see this in their area?

Bob D.



Do you correspond with Mr. Allman?

The reason I am asking is this; My original perpetrator was caught stealing equipment by Military Police on a Navy Base. (this man, though born in N.Y., has resided on the West Coast most of his life. He wasn't 'just' vacationing on an Alabama Navy Base.

Let me back up. After he started using the voice to skull equipment on me I hired a private detective to do a background check on him. So, I have his social security number, and DOB, etc... However, I also soon learned that private investigators are very expensive. So, I decided to start a little 'information' company of my own which I use to do foot work type investigations. (I also do free work for some of the other T.I's)

Because of my little company of 1, I can do Federal Criminal Back ground checks 'on-line'. There is a URL called PACERS which is a Federal Web-site for doing legal investigations.


Whatever you do, don't doubt the patency of this web-site. It's the real thing. There are 'some' discrepancies, but once I have the beginnings of a criminal paper trail I know how to follow it, or instruct others how to do the same.

Of the 4 people who have given me names of their perpetrators I have found Federal Court Records on the perps of all 4. Some of the T.I.'s still remain doubtful, but others "get it". Criminals have 'general profiles'. Which means they have set behavior patterns that don't change. In other words 'if' a person has a criminal paper trail, AND he has harassed you (for instance) then it is 'more than likely' he is a repeat offender. Very rarely does a real criminal 'only' offend once.

There are lawyers who can mitigate nearly anything. Parliament isn't set up like oursystem is, and neither is British Intelligence. Their Crown is their "legal glass ceiling". We don't have a 'legal glass ceiling'. Our barristers can litigate forever, and we have private checks, and balances they don't have.


P.S. I am still interested in seeing pictures of Mr. Allman's equipment. I need the part numbers, and what division of the military it was stolen from.

P.S.S. It is a Federal offense to steal government equipment; even something as small as a stolen jacket is grounds for legal military action.

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From: Kelly
Sent: Thursday, April 28, 2005 8:41 PM
Subject: From the ridiculous to the subliminal

Hello astutenuff

I think you may be taking this wrong or maybe I am taking you wrong. I'll explain a little here. I am happy for John Allman's work he is fighting for all of us. Mr.Allman was just using the device as a demo in order for others to understand. I hope he gains support of the people and most of all should have our support.

I too have the device that will do the same as Mr.Allmans and I also Demo it to get people to understand. Without something to demo with I get a lot that really do not want to listen. Now while using the device for a demo gets people to listen for one thing they are interested in the demo unit.

My device is a hypersonic sound system (HSS) mine is the Audio SpotLight from Holosonic Research Labs.

A lot of victims are set in there ways thinking the device is used on them as to torture and voices. I will say as a TI I am 100% sure HSS technology is Not used on me. I do agree with Mr.Allman that it is indeed obsolete and outdated technology compared to what is being used on us.

Kelly Taylor

From: astutenuff

Subject: From the ridiculous to the subliminal

This is terrific (though frightening) news. I wonder if we can contact
John Allman, and ask him for a picture of his equipment? We would have something to show law enforcement, and legislaters.

I feel like crying, and shaking all at the same time. Think of how many children we might save from this horrible torment if we could solve this mystery!

If someone volunteers to write a letter to this man I will pay the overnite postage. We could enclose a return overnite, and money for the picture.

I'm not a particularly skilled letter writer. So, whoever feels as if they are please speak up, and we should try co-ordinating it.

Thank you Susan for posting this. I feel very grateful, but the shock of initial public discovery is also frightening. The public should speak up in outrage over this. I wonder if it made AP, or Reuters?


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From: susan
Sent: Thursday, April 28, 2005 4:12 PM
Subject: From the ridiculous to the subliminal

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