Insidious Activity completely disrupted our Lives

Dear Senator/Congressman ...

We represent a group of people who have come together to make you aware of an insidious activity that has completely disrupted our lives. We are ordinary individuals who come from a broad spectrum of backgrounds. We came into contact with each other in the process of seeking a possible solution to this disturbing situation. As individuals, our voices have not been heard, but as a group, we hope to make others aware that this is neither trivial nor imagined.

This problem has affected all areas of our lives. Many of us, who were once productive members of society, have lost the means to support ourselves. Important personal relationships that gave us a sense of community have been damaged or severed. Our health has deteriorated. One of the most devastating effects of this experience has been the utter violation of privacy and personal boundaries. Most of all, we have lost the sense of security we took for granted, along with the hope of planning for the future.

The one thing that all of us will tell you about this ordeal is that we never thought this could happen to anybody. Why?

· We did not believe that such technology existed;

· We did not believe that there was an organization(s) or individuals capable of perpetrating such acts against fellow human beings, let alone in such secrecy;

· We did not believe that we could become a target of this dangerous activity, simply because it was so beyond the confines of our ordinary reality, of any ordinary person¹s reality.

The following is a list of attachments we have compiled which detail our ordeal and help support the validity of our experience:

· Description of Harassment

· Our Goal and Contact Names

· C-A-T-C-H Brochure

· List of Targeted Individuals and Supporters

We hope that you will read the attachments with an open mind. Our goal is that something can be done to bring those who are responsible to justice.

This kind of activity must be exposed and a means developed to prosecute the perpetrators, so that no one else need experience such painful disruption in their lives.


Citizens Against Directed-Energy Weapons and Covert Harassment (CADEWACH) http://www.c-a-t-c-h.ca/

Description of Harassment

We are victims of organized stalking and systematic harassment. This insidious activity occurs on a daily basis, and some of us have been in this situation for many years. The relentlessness of this harassment and the severe emotional and psychological trauma imposed on the victims make this experience none other than torture. We have yet to ascertain a valid reason for why this is happening to us.

This harassment involves, 1) "non-lethal" or directed-energy weapons that use different types of energy including microwave radiation and sonic waves to cause harm, 2) being stalked by unknown individuals, and 3) vandalism and invasion of personal property. Below is a list of the more common harassment tactics targeted individuals (TIs) have reported experiencing in these three categories.

You may find that some of the descriptions below resemble symptoms of paranoia or other mental illness. We believe that this resemblance is intentional. It serves to discredit victims and suppress public awareness of these weapons and tactics. In some cases, TIs who have revealed their situation have been subjected to involuntary medical treatment for mental illness. This is both another way to harass, and a way to suppress, this unlawful activity.

1. "Non-Lethal" or Directed Energy Weapons including microwave and sonic weapons. Some of the descriptions below, we believe, are effects of being subjected to these weapons.

Sleep deprivation ­

Sometimes caused by excessive noise, this may be the most common symptom that targeted individuals experience. The effect of sleep deprivation on the victims include decreased productivity, reduced mental alertness and constant fatigue.

Tapping, banging, clanking or pinging noises ­

Inexplicable or startling noise seems to be a favorite tactic used to harass TIs. Noise can occur on just about anything including walls, plumbing pipes and furniture. We suspect that this is caused by a weapon that emits an energy pulse which can be aimed at any object from a distance to produce a sound.

Ringing in the ears ­

Often described as a thin, high-pitched electronic tone, it can be constant or intermittent, occurring in both ears or one ear. Sometimes it is loud enough to cause painful headaches.

Piercing or burning sensation on skin ­

Sharp pain on skin as if pierced by a needle or burned.

Having the sensation of being hit or punched ­

Many male TIs report having this kind of an attack. Often, it is directed at the head causing symptoms similar to a concussion.

Seeing a circular image ­

It looks something like an after-flash image that is moving in a circular pattern. Victims usually see this just after waking up. This image fades soon after it is detected and last about 30 seconds.

Manipulation of body parts ­

Muscles are made to contract involuntarily and can be used to control physical movement to a certain extent. Feet, legs, arms, and individual fingers can be made to move by sudden jerking motion or slow and controlled motion. Targeted individuals have observed their limbs moving involuntarily while fully conscious.

Itching ­

Many victims report frequent attacks of itching, sometimes severe, that cannot traced to a reasonable or known cause. It can be localized to a particular area such as the face or neck.

Sexual attacks ­

Many, both men and women, report the sensation of having their genitalia manipulated. Involves tingling, prickling, arousal and/or pain of the genital area.

Hearing voices ­

About half of the targeted people hear voices, often identified to be those who are perpetrating the crime. Current technology that can focus sound waves in the form of words and directed at an individual¹s head can create this effect.

2. Stalking

This usually involves many perpetrators working together to coordinate their attacks.

· Being crowded or mobbed by cars ­

When walking on a quiet residential street, for example, a TI becomes aware that there are many more cars passing him on the road than seems normal. Then he begins to notice the same cars are passing him repeatedly, sometime very fast and close to the side walk.

· Risky driving behaviors directed at a TI ­

Being tailgated, being cut off suddenly, driving partly in one¹s lane. When a TI attempts to see who it is, the perpetrator(s) may drive off or shield his face.

· Being followed on foot ­

A TI may notice that a stranger appears to be following him. To test this feeling, a TI may cross the street and finds that the stranger crosses the street at the same time. When the TI walks back to the original side, the stranger again mimics his movement.

· Being crowded or mobbed by people ­

For example, a group of perpetrators working together may surreptitiously surround a TI in an already crowded setting such as a busy store and subject the TI to inappropriate sexual advances or comments.

· Antagonistic behaviors from Strangers ­

Sometimes manifested as smirky or cocky facial expressions, rude hand gestures or comments directed toward a TI without any cause.

· Bright lights directed at a TI ­

From oncoming cars or from neighboring houses. For example, a TI who goes to the gym at night may always see a car with its headlights shining directly at him as he is exiting the building. If the TI walks toward this car, it will slowly drive away.

3. Vandalism

Vandalism and other kinds of tampering can take place at home or in the workplace.

Disappearance of property ­

Items disappear on a regular basis (clothes, jewelry, kitchen utensils, books, knick knacks), usually of small to moderate value but with high sentimental or practical value.

Destruction of property ­

May find rips in clothes, pottery chipped or cracked and stains appearing on carpet inexplicably. These types of events occur too frequently and without a traceable cause to be able to readily dismiss them as chance happenings.

Computer problems ­

For instance, finding the computer hard drive on in the middle of the night for no reason, or clicking on a program to open it only to have a different program open. Regularly not receiving or delayed email sometimes up to several months.

Appliances turning on/off ­

Dishwasher, oven, and other appliances behaving in unpredictable or inexplicable ways. For example, the oven making beeping noises indicating that a certain temperature has been reached even though it has not been turned on.

Garbage found on TIs yards ­

A TI will often find garbage such as packing material, cigarette butts or pet waste on his yard, but notice that it isn¹t on neighboring yards.

Attacking pets owned by TIs ­

Pets getting sick repeatedly or dying of unknown causes.

The harassment tactics listed above are some of the more common ones sited by victims. How a particular TI is actually harassed, however, seems to be limited only by the imagination of the perpetrators. All of the conditions described in the three categories could occur by chance, although some less likely than others.

However, a targeted individual in this situation experiences a cocktail of these perplexing and disturbing events on an on-going basis, from the moment he wakes up to when he falls asleep, 7 days a week. For example, a typical day for a TI may begin something like this:

He is woken up by a loud banging noise on the wall just above his bed. He is extremely tired as he has not enjoyed a good night¹s sleep in a long time. Just as he is about to go back to sleep, his left arm jerks inward and his hand hits his face. His hand hits his face again a minute later, making him feel anxious and unable to go back to sleep. As he gets dressed, he notices a rhythmic ringing noise in his right ear which has been going on for several weeks despite having his hearing checked and not finding anything wrong with it. When he goes out to get the paper, he finds dog waste next to the mail box. While eating breakfast, an odd pinging noise from the toaster occurs at the same he picks up a fork or puts down a glass, making him feel anxious and distracted. When attempting to check his email, the computer has to be booted a few times to finally work. Although he uses the most advanced software to protect his computer including firewalls and anti-virus programs, an email he received a few days ago has disappeared, something that has been a regular occurrence for several weeks. As he drives out of his house to go to the grocery store, he again sees the white van that comes by each time he leaves the house. At the store, someone bumps into him, then turns around and smirks, as though the person is enjoying a private joke. When he comes back to the house, he finds dirt tracked through the kitchen even though the area had been clean when he left the house. It is the third time this month that this has happened. And on and on it goes, relentlessly, day in, day out.

This situation has placed a tremendous burden on the victims both physically and especially psychologically. While the harassment itself has had a great deleterious effect, the utter isolation and despair that one sinks into when encountering disbelief, amusement and even hostility toward our claims by people who are not targeted has been a profoundly painful experience. It is not surprising then that many of us suffer from social isolation, chronic fatigue and other physical illnesses, inability to hold a job, self-doubt and depression. Some targeted individuals who could not abide by the relentless harassment have succumbed to suicide.

Despite the awful pressures targeted individuals are subjected to, we strive to lead a law-abiding existence and struggle to be productive members of society, and to find meaning in this otherwise bewildering and threatening circumstances.

Our Goal

Victims exist in almost every state but we have been unsuccessful in obtaining law enforcement assistance because these crimes are new to the criminal justice system. As a new form of crime, there is confusion regarding issues of jurisdiction, an almost complete lack of relevant legislation, and a deficiency of proper investigative tools for establishing their occurrence.

We urge you to address these issues pertaining to this sinister problem. We will gladly discuss these matters with you at your convenience. Further, we have compiled a well-researched and documented file of information that we could make available to you upon request.

Source: http://tinyurl.com/76ddh

This is about the DEW. Have you been here?

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